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Ancient Palace in Yogyakarta – Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko Pendopo

After Prambanan temple, we went to Ratu Boko. I would recommend going there on the first day as it is near the airport!

Honestly, we had no idea what this place is but since it is considered as an attraction we didn’t want to miss anything!

Our best friend Trip Advisor says

Ratu Boko Temple is ranked #7 of 233 things to do in Yogyakarta!

Some people call it Temple Ratu Boko while some call it Palace Ratu Boko. Ratu Boko Temple is located at the top of the hill. In the past, being located at a higher ground means you are of a more superior status than others. This is also why most of the temple or palace are built on hills. Thus, Ratu Boko is considered a place with luxury and victory.

Boko Sunset Resto View
From 200 m above sea level, we can see the city of Yogyakarta as well as Prambanan temple that we just visited!  The view was pretty nice and beautiful!

Ratu Boko Garden

Before entering the Ratu Boko complex, the surrounding feels a little like garden city with many greenery.🌲🌲🌲

Ratu Boko Performance

Check out the guy at the back without clothes, he looks cool with the paints on him.🤣

As we walked further in, just right before the entrance of the temple, there is a group of “local” villagers performing!  They played the traditional instrument while singing and dancing to welcome us! It was really welcoming HAHA!

Ratu Boko Entrance

And finally, we arrived at the Ratu Boko gateway! The walk from the ticket counter to the main Ratu Boko Temple takes around 10 mins! 

Ratu Boko

Does this look familiar? This is the spot that claims to have the best sunset! It is recommended to visit during sunset as the view will be magnificent. Many photographers take from this view but our photos seem so different without the sun! PS wrong timing, we came too early!🌅Ratu Boko Top ViewRatu Boko is an archaeological site which used to be a palace in the past. The entire area is a very spacious place covering about 16 hectares. Our driver told us that this is actually the resident of king and Queen in the past! Indeed the area is big but I think if I’m the queen I wouldn’t wanna be here! It’s so huge that we didn’t know where to go!

Ratu Boko Platform

We continue exploring Ratu Boko while we discovered many unusual structures! There are many things that we didn’t know what it was. Interesting set of ruin… Ratu Boko Pool Group Shot

The old pool still exists. This is a pool ruin which I have been looking forward to seeing with my own eyes. However, it doesn’t look as good as the photos.😭😭😭

Ratu Boko Pool

It’s okay, I will learn to appreciate the past! Admire and enjoy this moment then!😃😃😃

Ratu Boko Bath

We chance upon this pool, which we are not sure if it is a pool or a well or a bath tube…😂😂😂


Ratu Boko Pendopo Entrance

Check out the two monkeys🐒 🐒

This is the audience hall entrance in the palace which is known as Pendopo.

Ratu Boko Pendopo Middle

Me and TowkayNew trying to be romantic and reminiscing of wedding photoshoot.

Pendopo is a square stone with stone walls from the 4 corners (North, South, East and West). 

Ratu Boko Pendopo Exit Girls Shot

Me and my sis at one of the 4 walls of the square!

Ratu Boko Pendopo Exit Boys Shot

And the brothers trying to imitate us!

Ratu Boko PendopoAfter exiting the audience hall, we saw many people taking photos and we followed HAHA


Boko Sunset Resto

Don’t forget dinner is inclusive for the sunset ticket! The restaurant is outside the Ratu Boko Temple Complex.

For dinner menu, you can choose Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng or Goreng Pisang and a drink(Coffee or Tea).🍸

Mee Goreng

Boko Sunset Resto Mee Goreng

For us, we chose mee goreng and Goreng Pisang.🍜🍌

Yummy yummy!!!The food is very delicious and suits our taste bud.😄😄😄

Goreng Pisang

Boko Sunset Resto Banana

This goreng pisang is quite different from the ones we had in Singapore. It is topped with chocolates and cheese.✌🏼

Sunset Dinner

Boko Sunset Resto Sunset View

A very lovely sunset view to enjoy our dinner.🌄🌄🌄

The sunset means that our day is ending soon!

Follow us on our other adventures during our trip!

Ratu Boko Entrance Fees

Normal Entrance Fee: Rp165,000(comes with a drink)
Sunset entrance fee (3-6pm): Rp 110,000 (comes with dinner and a drink)
Tip: Bring you student card to get half price. Only applicable for Regular ticket and Combo ticket, not for sunset ticket.

The ticket was a bit confusing as we visited Ratu Boko at 4 pm so we had to purchase the sunset ticket. We didn’t want the dinner. But it didn’t have any option. HAHA same price for dinner and no dinner so we had dinner 2 times today! Fatty bombom!

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