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Kalibiru – The Most Instagram Worthy Spot in Yogyakarta!

Kalibiru National Park YOGYAKARTA

From Borobudur, our next destination is Kalibiru National Park! The journey from Borobudur to Kalibiru was 1.5 hour. Notchbad loves to play, eat and sleep! So after eating, we slept in the car!  hehe! We were really tired as we woke up super early to watch the Borobudur Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu. 🌅🌅

Located at Menoreh Hill, west of YOGYAKARTA, Kalibiru National Park is more than just a park! Kalibiru offers a beautiful view of mountains and lakes from afar. In addtion, it offers a unique photo taking experience! Anyone who have taken photos at Kalibiru would definitely post it on their social media!

If not for instagram, Kaibiru would still be an unknown hidden gem! 

Kalibiru National Park

After an hour of drive, we woke up because the ride was too jerky. In fact, there was no proper path to Kalibiru. There are also no road signs to show the direction. On the way there, Lasiman, our driver asked the people we met in the street for direction. We really respect Lasiman for his driving and navigation skill! But this ulu place caught us by surprise!

When we arrived, the first thing that shocked us was that

The carpark was full!

There was totally no car when we drove in!

Where did all these people come from?

How to get to Kalibiru?

Kalibiru is 450 m above sea level and getting up there was the highlight for us!

We alighted from our car as we cannot go further up. We was super lost after alighting. Are we supposed to walk up?

Kalibiru National Park How To Get There

We got directed to the scooter (motorcycle) rental. After deciphering the bits and pieces of information in Bahasa Indonesian, we guessed that the motorcycle will bring us up to Kalibiru National Park. We followed and got on to the motorcycle. As there are limited parking and road access, so we had to take the motorcycle up.🏍🏍

Kalibiru National Park Indonesia How To Go

This seemingly normal ride made all of our heart skip a beat. It was what makes Kalibiru National Park memorable for us! 😂😂

Kalibiru National Park Scooter Motorcycle

I am pretty adventurous and love the excitement of being on a motorcycle. But the road up Kalibiru National Park was the most exciting, thrilling and dangerous ride of my life. It was not only steep, it was narrow and filled with sharp curves. My motorcycle was going at supersonic speed and overtook many other motorcycles! It was frightening, really scary!😰😰

Kalibiru National Park Scooter Motorcyle

There is oncoming traffic ride beside you and the cliff on the other side.It was so near to each other that Candyce motorcycle’s side mirror hit onto the side mirror of a vehicle! That being said, I am not stopping you from taking on this adventurous ride up to Kalibiru National Park. It is worth the experience! But now that it’s over! I was glad to have experienced it!😊

Kalibiru Motocycle Ride Up

The moment we alighted from our motorcycle in one piece! 😅

The Notchbad team survived so can you! At least, you would be more prepared unlike us!

Welcome to Kalibiru!!

Kalibiru National Park Entrance

We bought our entrance ticket at IDR 10.000 per person!

Kalibiru National Park Directions And Maps

Even though the entrance ticket was only IDR 10.000, each attraction inside was individually priced.

Kalibiru Flying Fox

What attracted us to visit Kalibiru was the flying fox! We went straight to the flying fox and told them 4 people and their reply was

4 jam

WHAT? The waiting time was 4 hr? It was insane. It was 11 am and if we want to play, we had to wait until 3 pm! 😱😱

Kalibiru Long Queue

All I could do was to watch from afar…

Did we play? Sadly, we gave up! 😭😭

YOGYAKARTA Kalibiru Menoreh Mountain

Since we cannot play, we only can take picture of people playing lor..

After checking out the flying fox, I didn’t reject not playing! The flying fox was super duper short. Personally, I wouldn’t consider it as a flying fox but more of a hanging photo taking spot! For adventure lovers looking for flying fox and rope courses, check out Umbol Sidomukti! Over here, you can enjoy the flying fox across the panoramic view for Rp. 20,000!! We love this place and I miss the flying fox there!!

Kalibiru National Park Direction Photospot

Besides the flying fox, there was also many photo taking point with breath-taking viewpoint!

But again, you need to pay. Plus you need to queue.

Kalibiru Flying Photo Spot Tree Kalibiru YOGYAKARTA PhotospotThe photo taking spots are wooden platform built halfway up the tree where you can take photos with the stunning view of the national park. Here is the opportunity for you to capture instagrammable photos, the kind of stunning photographs where you are in the air. If you enjoy people watching, you can spend hours just watching by watching people getting photographed! You will get to see all kind of poses, lots of funny, weird, crazy poses! ☺☺

We had to give it a miss!😥 The waiting time makes it practically impossible. There were so many people in the queue. Furthermore, there was no time limit as to how long one can spend on the platform.

This is the spot for lovers! ❤Kalibiru National Park YOGYAKARTA

Kaliniru Couple Lover Photo

This is our version of love photo spot hehe 😂

Fortunately, it not just the photo spots that you can take capture nice pictures! You can take great photos anywhere!Kalibiru National Park Menoreh MountainEnjoying the view of Mount Menoreh!Kalibiru View Of Mountain

The Suicide Swing

Kalibiru National Park Menoreh Mountain View EnjoyWe call this the suicide swing! If you swing and let go of your hand, you will fall off the cliff! 😬

There goes your life! 😖

While we were admiring the view, Towkaynew was busy with something else.

Kalibiru Nationa Park Animal Owl

Mission Accomplished! Towkaynew satisfied with his photo HAHA!

Since we are not able to take photo at the photo spot, the only thing he can take photo with is the OWL!

How you get up is how you get down!

Kalibiru National Park Exciting Journey Up

Safely back down! 😅

In the end, the highlight of the trip is the start and the end! Else, it would be just an ordinary mountain with a mini flying fox and lots of photo taking spot with lots of people! HEHEHE because we didn’t have enough time to play!😅😅

Kalibiru National Park is a nice place but it was too crowded when we visited. We love the nature and adventure that this place has to offer but we went on the wrong day! Just don’t visit Kalibiru on weekends or public holiday and be as early as you can! If you are at Kalibiru and there is no queue, I would recommend you to try the spot high ropes at IDR 35.000! We wished we had the chance to play!

Feel free to comment below to share with us your experience and adventure at Kalibiru National Park!😊🙂

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