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Borobudur Temple – UNESCO World Heritage in Yogyakarta

Indonesia's Borobudur Yogyakarta Temple

After watching the Borobudur sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu, we headed to the vast Borobudur complex to see the magnificent Buddhist Statue and Temple. As the World’s Largest Buddha Temple and a UNESCO Heritage Site, Borobudur is on our must go list! 👍👍

Borobudur Temple Entrance

We waited very long to take a photo with the word BOROBUDUR!

It was so crowded from the entrance. This was the best shot we could take.😥

Borobudur Temple UNESCO

Finally, we managed to enter the Borobudur Temple Complex but here comes the start of another nightmare. It was over crowded, people mountain people sea! There were people everywhere! It was quite a shocking experience, far from the relaxing, spiritual temple that we were expecting.

Borobudur Complex Temple

The number of visitors at Borobudur was shocking. We wonder if the entire Indonesia population is here together with us.😱 What makes thousands of people travel just to see the masterpiece? Let’s check it out!

Borobudur Stairs To Top People


Here is the way up to reach the top of the Borobudur which is the main area. Really scary.  Almost become like prata liao so many people kiamping us.

But NOTCHBAD gonna share with you a secret!!😂


The Secret Way Up to Skip the Crowd!!

Borobudur Secret Entrance

What these people do not know is that there’s another route to reach the Borobudur top.

Hint! Those of you heading to Borobudur can check out the back of the temple where there is another stairway that brings you up. There is more than 1 way up! Don’t waste time squeezing with everyone in front!

Borobudur Ancient Temple PrayThere are 10 levels! The first to sixth level contains an array of six square terraces with the top 4 levels were in circular form!

As we walked up, somewhere between the first to sixth level, we found a peaceful spot to chill and take some photographs! 🎥

Borobudur Astounding Temple

And of course, some jump shots!

Borobudur Buddha Earthquake Merapi

On the way up, I noticed that some Buddha statue had missing arms or head. And here comes a stupid question from me.🤔

How come some of them got no hands some got no head? Is it purposely one ah?😅

I really thought it is the design! Sometimes I also wonder why I so dumb.

Actually, what makes it unique was that the Borobudur monument has survived for 1200 years and been through the Mount Merapi’s eruption, terrorist bombs and the 2006 earthquake. It is really astonishing that this Borobudur gone through so much but still stay strong! 💪 But of course, the temple undergone restoration between 1905 to 1910, and the last restoration was done in 1973 to 1983.

Borobudur Buddhas StupasBorobudur Temple Stupa

Finally, we reached the top of the Borobudur Temple and now we are back with the hundreds of people! But at least you can make your way up peacefully through the “backdoor”!

Boroudur Impressive Buddha Head

The top of the temple consists of countless huge stupas built on 3 tiers of the circular platform, with the monumental stupa at the top!

Indonesia Yogyakarta Borobudur Temple StupaBorobudur Temple Indonesia

Even though the complex was huge, there was hardly any spot where we can capture photographs peacefully. And all 3 top level was packed!

Borobudur Indonesia Unesco Site Temple

Using our bodies to block the people! Too many people!

Visiting Borobudur Temple

In the beginning, we tried to look for a perfect spot for photo taking. We walked around, we waited for people to leave, we tried everything. After some time, we gave up as it was impossible to take a clean shot without anyone in your photo. The crowd never stop flowing and the dozens of heads became part of the Borobudur Temple. Most of our photos failed because we had to block people or the Stupas or Buddha statues were blocked.

Indonesia's Borobudur Yogyakarta Temple

Just when we were about to make our way out, we found a corner with no one!😊😊

Here comes our chance!!

Borobudur Photos

Putting our yoga skills to practice!

Borobudur Temple Compound

BROMANCE! Nic and New!

Borobudur Indonesia Posing


At last, we managed to take some decent photos not too bad!☺

Mission Accomplished!

Borobudur Icecream Recharge Magnum

Smiling brightly because I have ice cream!!

After returning down, we were exhausted as we woke up at 3 am for the Borobudur sunrise! We had ice-cream to recharge ourselves!!WOOHOO! ☺☺

Borobudur Exit Street Stalls Souvenirs

To exit the Borobudur was another long walk! It was super far and we had to go through a long stretch of stalls literally selling the same thing. They sold Yogyakarta souvenirs, antiques, accessories, Buddha and stupas status, clothes etc. We felt that they are trying to trick us to buy something by making it compulsory to walk through the shops.

Borobudur Exit Stalls Endless Borobudur Souvenirs Stupas Buddhas Sales

The Borobudur Temple is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world.

The massive crowd proved that Borobudur is indeed among the most popular tourist attraction in Indonesia! As the largest Buddhist monument in the world, it should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Have fun and have lots of fun in Yogyakarta!☺

UNESCO World Heritage Site- Borobudur Temple checked-in! 

More to go!😄

Price List here for your reference!


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