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A Day Trip to Yarra Valley: Gateway Market, St Hubert’s Winery, and Yarra Valley Dairy

St Huberts Winery Vineyard

If you’re looking for a delightful day trip filled with scrumptious local produce, fine wine, and artisan cheese, Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia, has you covered. This stunning region is home to a variety of attractions that cater to food and wine enthusiasts, making it the perfect destination for a day of indulgence. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore three must-visit locations in Yarra Valley: Gateway Market Yarra Valley, St Hubert’s Winery, and Yarra Valley Dairy. So, let’s dive in and discover the mouthwatering delights that await you on this unforgettable day trip, Melbourne.

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Yarra Valley Vineyard

Gateway Market Yarra Valley:

Begin your day trip in Yarra Valley with a visit to the vibrant Gateway Market Yarra Valley. This bustling marketplace is a treasure trove of fresh, locally-sourced produce, artisanal goods, and delicious prepared foods. Take your time to explore the stall, sampling the mouthwatering offerings from local farmers, bakers, and specialty food purveyors.

Gateway Market Yarra Valley Entrance
Gateway Market Yarra Valley
Gateway Market Yarra Valley Beehive
Gateway Market Yarra Valley Honey

From seasonal fruits and vegetables to freshly-baked bread, gourmet cheeses, and tempting sweet treats, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Don’t forget to stock up on some of the market’s unique offerings, such as local honey, jams, or handmade chocolates, to take home as a delicious souvenir of your day in Yarra Valley.

Gateway Market Yarra Valley Vegetables
Gateway Market Yarra Valley Local Produce
Gateway Market Yarra Valley Shopping Cart
Gateway Market Yarra Valley Shopping

St Hubert’s Winery:

Next, make your way to the picturesque St Hubert’s Winery, a renowned Yarra Valley establishment that has been producing exceptional wines since 1862. As we approached St Hubert’s Winery, we were immediately captivated by the lush green vineyards and the enchanting landscape. We couldn’t resist taking advantage of the numerous photo opportunities that the winery offered, with the vibrant greenery providing a perfect backdrop for our family pictures.

St Huberts Winery Roof Top
St Huberts Winery Vineyard Blue Sky

Our children enjoyed running around the vineyards and exploring the winery grounds, while we took our time to admire the scenic views and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

St Huberts Winery Vineyard Riley
St Huberts Winery Vineyard Slope

After the tour, indulge in a wine tasting session, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample a selection of St Hubert’s award-winning wines. From elegant Chardonnays to bold Cabernet Sauvignons, each wine showcases the unique flavors and characteristics of the Yarra Valley terroir.

St Huberts Winery Beer Apple Custard

Yarra Valley Dairy:

Complete your day trip with a visit to the iconic Yarra Valley Dairy, where you’ll discover a world of artisanal cheese made using traditional methods and the finest local ingredients. Enjoy a treat your taste buds to a cheese tasting session, where you’ll sample a variety of Yarra Valley Dairy’s renowned products, including their creamy farmhouse cheese and tangy goat’s milk cheese. Pair your cheese tasting with a glass of local wine for a truly indulgent experience.

Yarra Valley Dairy Shop
Yarra Valley Dairy Family Photo
Yarra Valley Dairy Cheese Plater
Yarra Valley Dairy Sheep Outside
Yarra Valley Dairy The New Family
Yarra Valley Dairy Cow

The Ambiance:

Throughout your day trip, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality of the Yarra Valley region. From the bustling atmosphere of Gateway Market Yarra Valley to the idyllic charm of St Hubert’s Winery and the rustic elegance of Yarra Valley Dairy, each destination offers a unique and memorable experience.

St Huberts Winery Wine Vineyard

Final Thoughts:

A day trip to Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Australia, offers a delightful combination of mouthwatering local produce, fine wine, and artisanal cheese. With visits to Gateway Market Yarra Valley, St Hubert’s Winery, and Yarra Valley Dairy, this unforgettable journey is sure to captivate and inspire your taste buds. Be sure to add this delectable day trip to your Melbourne itinerary for a truly indulgent adventure.

Yarra Valley Dairy Lovely View
Yarra Valley Tired

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