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Here’s why you should go to Wave House Sentosa Singapore

wave house sentosa flowrider

Wave House @ Sentosa has completely changed my perspective on surfing!

My First Surfing Experience @ Bali

It was back in 2014 where I took a surfing lesson at Bali Legian beach. The whole experience is one word and that is SHAGGED! I have to:

  1. Paddle the surfboard out to the sea against the strong waves
  2. Do a u-turn
  3. Ready for a big wave
  4. When the big wave comes, paddle a bit and do a mighty push-up then stand up
  5. Find your balance and stand

The problem is that I always fall off the surfboard after few milliseconds when I reached step 5 and I need to do step 1 to 4 again which is really body intensive! At the end of that lesson, I am completely exhausted with only memories of me falling into the sea.

I always dream that I can be like silver surfer, standing on the surfboard like some cowabunga dude. But this very first experience has demoralized me. 😖😖😖

Surfing Experience @ Wave House!

Candyce always wanted to go experience surfing @ Wave House but I was quite reluctant to go as I am still quite traumatized by the first surfing experience @ Bali. It is only when there is this 1 for 1 deal by The Entertainer App, that makes me pick up my courage once again and chiong for it! LOL! Okay lah, I am cheapo kia! Haahaha. 😆😆😆

wave house sentosa

Here we are at Wave House! We reached there at 5.20pm, so we decided to go for the 6pm slot as it is splitted into hourly session which means if we start at 5.20pm, we will still end at 6pm, not worth it yeah!

Plus it is surprisingly crowded for that day 5pm slot when we are there during weekday!

wedding rings

No hard objects on the body, including wedding ring! Sorry Candyce, I am single again during surfing! 😜😛

wave house sentosa welfie

Hurray! 6pm slot has only 1 more stranger joining us. Since there are only 5 pax, they only opened 1 lane at the flowrider for us to surf!

This is the place that you should not ask the whole village to join you. Reason is that more people and you have longer waiting time which is not very value for money! 😆😆😆

If your friends blame you for bo jio, you can tell them that it is intended this way! 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa jiaying

We first learnt how to balance on the board and obviously, Jiaying is very satisfied with herself being able to balance on it.

The beginner starting off point is from the side which is designed to have a gradual wave strength towards the middle. Hence, there are no sudden jerk which will make us off-balance and fall!

Needless to say, I do not have to do the legendary step 1 to 4. Haha! 🙂

wave house sentosa flowrider towkaynew

Next up, we learnt how to manoeuvre left and right by tilting our ankles forward and backward. We were given a rope to hold on and it looks really like a dog on the leash! LOL! 🐶

wave house sentosa flowrider fall down

Obviously, falling down is unavoidable but I dun mind cause I know I do not need to do the super shagged step 1 to 4. After I fell down, the wave is so strong that it pushed my body back to the cushion behind. It is like someone thrusting me against the wall.

wave house sentosa candyce

Candyce, another satisfied girl, with her victory pose against the sunset! 🌅

wave house sentosa cool pose

I also take my chance to strike a cool pose with Candyce as background! 😆

wave house sentosa flowrider

This time is Nic as background! 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa nic

The most epic moment of the day goes to Nic when he tried to balance after taking off from the front! LOL! I bet that you will stare at the GIF for quite a while! #TaijiMaster 😂😂😂

wave house sentosa magdelene

Thank you Magdelene for been such an awesome instructor! She is so gentle and encouraging to us! Making our lesson so fun! Gamxiahamita! 😍😍😍

wave house sentosa deals

When I noticed this board, I immediately called Nic to grab a complimentary carpark ticket! Then, we also realise that there is complimentary buggy ride! Free stuff, chiong ah! 🤑🤑🤑

wave house sentosa buggy


I strongly recommend you to have your first surfing experience at the Wave House! You will get to have the true surfing experience without tiring yourself too much! Goodbye legendary step 1 to 4! Silver surfer is here! 🏄🏻🏄🏻🏄🏻

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