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Day Trip to Ubud in Bali 

Ubud Balinese Rice Terrace View

Ubud is located in the middle of Bali. It is easily accessible by car from seminyak/kuta  and it takes about 1.5 hours to get there. 🚙🚘

For those that are “garang” and confident enough to drive in Bali, you can rent a car and explore on your own. But for those who prefer the comfort of having a driver, you can book a car with driver to tour around. For us, we had Mr Ayok to bring us around Ubud! You can get his contact at the end of the post! Feel free to let us know if you need any help in arranging transport!🚙🚕🚗

Most people visit this place to check out the beautiful rice terrace.  But there are many more places to explore!🤗

✨Here are some places we visited around Ubud!

  • Coffee and Co for a cup of coffee to start our day ☕️
  • Ubud Art Gallery to view an interesting collection of artwork
  • Ubud Palace where the Ubud royal family still lives here
  • Traditional Art Market where you can shop for souvenirs and lots of interesting local merchandise on sale
  • Warung Tepi Tebing for lunch in your own mini straw hut beside the pond
  • Visit the famous Balinese Rice Terraces which is the reason for many to visit Ubud
  • Alas Harum, Taste And learn about The World`s Most Expensive Luwak Coffee
  • Tegenungan Waterfall, enjoy the picturesque view of its waterfall🏞

Our first stop was Ubud Palace. Mr Jack, our driver, alighted us along Jl. Monkey Forest. We took a short walk along Jl. Monkey Forest to Ubud Palace. Along the way, there were many cool shops selling artistic items. It was a different experience from the city! It feels closer to the nature and local communities. It was a combination of feeling, creative, peaceful and fresh.😋

Experience Ubud Bali Day Trip

Along Jl. Monkey Forest

Coffee and Co

A good coffee to start the day.

Before reaching Ubud Palace, we took a break at Coffee and Co.

Coffee And Co Best Coffee Cafe In Ubud

Coffee and Co is a good place for anyone to relax and soak in the atmosphere with a good coffee.☺️

Ice Cafe Mocha At Coffee And Co Ubud Bali

Ice Cafe Mocha from Coffee and Co

Ubud is for coffee lovers. There is so many good and cozy cafe along the streets. We started our day with a cup of coffee at Coffee and Co. We took a sip and was shocked because this is really very very very nice! 👍

What a great start and we were convinced coming to Ubud was the right choice!😄

Art Gallery

We continue to head toward Ubud Palace after chilling at Coffee and Co. Again, we went off our track to the art gallery.

Ubud Art Gallery Near Ubud Palace Along Jl. Monkey Forest

Entrance of the Art Gallery

Ubud village is the artist colony and famous for traditional paintings.🖼🖼
Ubud Art Gallery Traditional Paintings Ubud Art Gallery Artist Artpieces Jl. Monkey Forest

Admission is free. This art gallery is quite small and hidden.

Ubud Palace

And here, we finally arrive at Ubud Palace.

Must Go Ubud Palace Bali Royal Family

Only when I was writing this blog, I realized the Ubud royal family still lives here. No wonder, it was quiet. As we step into the palace compound, it was quiet. We lowered your volume and begun admiring the statues, stone carvings, and ornament.

Ubud Palace Historical Heritage Bali

Attempting to do the thousand arm Kuan Yin Buddha pose.

Ubud Palace Peace And Serenity Chilling In Ubud Palace Bali

It was quite different from the palace that I imagined. The area open to the public was small, a 5 minutes’ exploration is all we need, mainly for photo taking of the historical heritage. There were people chilling in the palace and enjoying the peace and serenity.

Shopping at Ubud Traditional Art Market

Just across the road from Ubud Palace is the local market (Google Map: Ubud Traditional Art Market), lined with shops displaying a wide collection of local merchandise products on sale including souvenirs, clothes, home decor, painting and handcrafted goods.

As a tourist, this is a must visit! This market was also featured as in the Hollywood movie “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts.

Ubud Traditional Art Market Eat Pray Love

It’s quite a fun place as you can find all kind of different items from clothes, sarongs, drawings, statues, and handicrafts. If you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs, this is the place to come! Remember to ALWAYS bargain to get the best deal, otherwise, you will have to pay a lot more. A piece of top should cost around $3 to $4. Cheap thrills!😂

Local Market Ubud Bali Sovenirs Cool Shops In Ubud Traditional Art Market Bali

I really like this shop, it’s so colorful and filled with nice art quotes.☺️

Lunch at Warung Tepi Tebing

Lunch In Straw Hut Warung Tepi Tebing Ubud Bali

Photo with Mr Ayok, our awesome driver!!

This place is so nice that we started taking photos before settling down and ordering our food!😋

Unique Dining Experience In Ubud Bali At Warung Tepi Tebing

And of course, one with our food!

After shopping, we made our way to Warung Tepi Tebing for lunch! Warung Tepi Tebing is a restaurant that offers a unique dining experience that is exquisitely Ubud. Over here, you can enjoy a sumptuous meal in your straw house beside a pond. So at the same time, you can enjoy the view of the pond and enjoy your food.☺️☺️

Food At Warung Tepi Tebing Lunch

Here’s what we ordered!

Prices are slightly pricey but the atmosphere is something you can’t find anywhere else!

After lunch, we went to check out the famous Balinese Rice Terrace!😊😊

Balinese Rice Terraces

Famous Rice Terraces In Bali

View from Rice Terrace Cafe.

A visit to Ubud is not complete without the most famous rice terraces in Bali. It was also what attracted us to come here. We enjoyed the view of the rice terrace and took photos from the lookout point. We decided not to enter the rice terraces because of our aching legs from the climb up Mount Batur. HEHE😅

Amazing Balinese Rice Terraces Ubud

Satisfied with our trip to Ubud! Rice terrace checked!

Note: There is no fixed entrance fee but sometimes you may be asked to pay a fee to enter or to park at the car park. So means, they see you happy you pay less, they not happy they ask more. Bali style 101 scams to whack tourist money! HAHA

Just a few minutes away from Balinese Rice Terraces, we visited Alas Harum which is a place for free coffee/tea tasting☕️☕️

Taste And Learn About The World`s Most Expensive Luwak Coffee at Alas Harum

You must try luwak coffee.

We have been hearing it a lot since we arrive in Bali. And so we are here at this Coffee restaurant/plantation where you can understand the process how this expensive cat poo coffee is produced.🐱🐱

Alas Harum Luwak Coffee Cat Poo

Hi, I am the cat that produces the most expensive coffee in the world!

Alas Harum Luwak Ubud Bali

Drink my Pooooo!

That’s how the luwak coffee come from!💩💩

Ubud Alas Harum Free Coffee and tea tasting

After learning the process of the Kopi Luwak, we got to try 14 different kinds of teas and coffee. Plus, a cup of luwak coffee at IDR 50k.

Most of them tasted very sugary. And some really strange tasting tea/coffee.😧😧

We also tried the legendary luwak coffee.

Alas Harum Luwak and Robusta Coffee in Ubud

Even though we don’t really drink coffee, we decided to try a cup of famous “poo” coffee (luwak). We were served two different cups to taste the difference.

Bali Ubud Alas Harum Luwak and Robusta Coffee

Lynn: I still like the coffee from our hotel breakfast.

Our conclusion was….This is not our cup of tea coffee HAHA.😬😬

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall In Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Waterfall Tegenungan Waterfall

Our final stop for the day was the Tegenungan Waterfall!

While there are many people soak in the refreshing waterfall, we only go there to admire the gorgeous sight of nature! We were not prepared for this and didn’t get our swimsuit on! The people in the water look like they are having a real great time playing and splashing around! If you have the time and energy, do get in the waterfall to enjoy a swim or refreshing bath!

Tegenungan Waterfall is a great way to end our day trip to Ubud! What a nice place to explore!😊😊

Stairs To Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud Bali

Oh ya! The waterfall is situated at the bottom! Be prepared to descent an endless series of steps to reach the base of the waterfall and of course the same way to get back up haha.😅😅

Entrance Fee: IDR $10,000 per person

Ubud Bali Rice Field Nature Beauty

On the way back to Bali, we drove past plenty of rice field! Ubud is really a beautiful, interesting and relaxing place to explore! It shows you another side of Bali and we were really glad we made the choice to explore!☺️

Bali Driver Recommendation

Bali Driver Tour Good Reliable

Note: If you are looking for drivers to tour around Bali, you can contact Mr Ayok (I Nyoman Arya. W)! He is really super enthusiastic about Bali and shared with us many places! We found him super friendly and reliable! 👍👍Highly recommend him to anyone who would be visiting Bali and wants to explore more!

📱✉️ You can contact him via facebook (Arya Wijana ),whatsapp him at +62 8123605394 or email him at ndraputu@gmail.com for a NOTCHBAD tour around Bali!🚗

Safe Good Reliable Bali Driver

Thank You Mr. Ayok for bringing us around Bali!☺️

👇Feel free to comment below if you need any help!👇

Happy Travelling!

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