Very Unique Cinema Experience @ The Projector Singapore

the projector foyer

Been an anime fanboy, one of the items in my bucket list is to watch the movie ‘Your Name’. Since it is my birthday month, Candyce decided to plan a surprize for me! She told me:

“We are going to watch movie at Golden Mile Tower!”

golden mile tower

Golden Mile Tower? 😱😨😰😯😦😧😵

Yes, that is my reaction when i heard Candyce said it. All along, my impression of Golden Mile Tower is a place where:

  • you take bus to Malaysia
  • got nice mookata
  • lots of sleazy ktv
  • near army market
  • at beach road
  • quite a ulu place

I never knew you can find a cinema at such a place! 😱 As it is a surprize, I only know where I am going on that day and i cannot google it!

golden mile tower lift lobby

When I reached the lift lobby and saw the layout, i keep saying:

“Wah, you bringing me to Yangtze Cinema is it? 😏😏😏”

Candyce rushed to the lift and asked me to hurry up. Sad, hentai boy got ignored!

the projector singapore

When the lift door opened, my reaction is wahhhhhhhhhh, this place is so cool! It has such a nostalgic feeling!

Welcome to The Projector

Before The Projector, this place is actually a historical place called Golden Theatre and they still keep some of the old layout.

the projector box office

This is their box office! LOL! I thought some kind of cafe cashier counter sia! There are lots of ang moh hanging around this place, and I felt so ashamed that this suaku me only know this place until now.

the projector redrum entrance

Just nice, we made it in time and we chiong to the cinema door. What’s the rush yo? chill girl!

the projector redrum path

When we enter the door, we are greeted with more arty farty poster canvas. Quite atas yeah!

the projector redrum top row

Wow, old schoooool sioh! They still keep the old seats at the top section.

the projector redrum bean bag

Scanning to the bottom section and you can find bean bags! 😍😍😍 Wah, this place is very chill wor!

Now for the moment of truth! The truth behind why Candyce wanted us to go in early!

the projector sofa seat

Sofa seat! 😋😋😋 wahahahaaha so shiok! As this place is free seating, you can grab good seats of your choice if you are early!

Woohoo, sofa seat! Perfect for a romantic movie date! 😍😍😍 Just that you cannot lovely dovey lah coz the sofas are in the middle row! While stock lasts yeah!

the projector redrum sofa

Check out Candyce victory pose! Critical point secured, mission accomplished! Well done soldier!

the projector golden bar

After we have secured our critical point, i am sent on an away mission and that is foodie time!


Grab a beer first, then brainstorm what to eat! There are brunch, salads, appetizers, tapas, pizzas and desserts. This is almost like a cafe. I ordered the buffalo wings, a food that won’t go wrong! 😊

the projector welfie

Reporting back to madam at the base and take more photos of our winning territory! Wooyah!

the projector toilet path

Time to pee! more arty farty path to the toilet! Lovely wall art! 😊😊😊

the projector toilet

Wah! Toilet filled with indies movie poster! Look out for my favourite anime, One Piece movie poster! 😍😍😍 Sugoiiiiii!

the projector buzzer

Time to collect my buffalo wings! At first, when I received this buzzer from the cashier, i asked:

“Can bring this buzzer in the theater ah?”

Coz i scared the buzzer will ring loudly in the theater. But heng ah, this is not a buzzer. It is actually a vibrator!

the projector buffalo wings

Woohoo, got our piping hot crispy buffalo wings! The sauce is a bit spicy though, so don’t dip too much yeah! It also comes with small portion of sesame sauce salad! Nice, perfect snack for movie date!

Japanese Anime Movie “Your Name”

the projector screen 1

Alright, movie time! ‘Your Name’ is about a country girl and a city boy switching bodies when they are asleep. Oh yeah, you must be thinking it is like the same old j-drama or k-drama or hk-drama.

But this movie has a totally fresh plot. It is funny, full of mystery and plot twist! Awesome storyline! I almost cried because it is so touching in the end!

the projector screen 2

This anime movie is so well drawn that you should not miss any scenes and details. Every scene is like a jigsaw piece making the story clearer and clearer! At the end, you will have the eureka moment and realized why the movie title is called ‘Your Name’.

Another thing why I like this movie is also their soundtracks! Lovely songs in between major scenes!

the projector foyer

Woohoo done! Awesome movie with a total new cinema experience! Thank you Candyce for the lovely birthday surprize!

You should also check out this place yeah!

Check out information about this movie “Your Name”.

Golden Mile Tower Iconic Spiral Staircase

Golden Mile Tower Spiral Staircase

While waiting to enter the movie theater, you can also check out the spiral staircase right all the way in from The Projector’s hallway. It is really Instagram worthy yeah! 😁😁😁


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