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Natra Bintan aka The Canopi – A fun getaway for everyone!

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi Crystal Lagoon

Note: The Canopi has renamed to Natra Bintan, A Tribute Portfolio Resort.

Ever thought of bringing your kids/parents/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Aunty/Uncle to experience camping but realize it’s too much of a trouble? 😂 Especially when traveling with a group of people have different needs and wants! We found the place that both you, your kids, your friends  and even you parents (your whole village) can have fun! I am not a kid or a parent but I need both fun kiddy activities and some relaxing activities. It is always challenging to find a place with something fun for me and my parents. Here, your little and big ones get to have relax, have fun and enjoy! 👏👏

The Canopi at Treasure Bay is the perfect solution! It is only one hour away, passport needed! Besides the variety of fun and thrilling activities, the Canopi offers a unique glamping adventure! 🏕Glamping is technically ‘glamorous camping’, which basically means you won’t really sweat unless you choose to! But some activities are so fun that are worth the extra sweat!

Here’s what The Canopi has for you and your family!

Bintan The Canopi Glamping Accomodation

A getaway from skyscrapers.

At The Canopi, instead of usual hotel rooms, you live in tents suites! But don’t worry, these tents are pretty genius that it’s nothing short of a luxury hotel! Most importantly, it’s air conditioned! Hurray! These tents literally combine the best of both camping and luxury of the hotel room!

There are 5 types of tents – Garden Tent, Safari Tent, Lagoon View Tent, Lagoon View Deluxe Tent and Glamping Deluxe Tent.⛺️⛺️


With the stunning crystal lagoon right in the middle of Treasure Bay, it’s hard to resist not to book the Lagoon View Suite! Literally, you wake up to a whole ‘blue’ world with the crystal lagoon greeting you!🏝🏝Bintan The Canopi Glamping Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon At Treasure Bay The Canopi Bintan

We stayed in the lagoon deluxe tent and we really love it!

The Canopi Lagoon Deluxe Tent Suite Bintan

Our Lagoon View Deluxe Tent From The Outside

The Canopi Bintan Glamping Tent Suite Lagoon Deluxe

It’s glamping at its best.

From the outside, it looks like a hut but within it contains everything you need! I am really impressed and pleased with the room and I felt that it was so much more comfortable that normal hotels. I have no idea how they built it. Although it is meant for 2 Pax (supposedly romantic), the hut can comfortably accommodate a whole family of 4!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Lagoon View vs Lagoon View Deluxe

The Canopi Bintan Lagoon View Deluxe Suite Whirlpool Whirlpool The Canopi Bintan Lagoon Deluxe Tent

We were choosing between the Lagoon View and Lagoon View Deluxe Suite. The main different between the lagoon and lagoon deluxe is the whirlpool in front of your hut. We really love the whirlpool as it is like a private jacuzzi outside your room. The only disadvantage thing is that there isn’t hot water for the whirlpool. Having the private whirlpool means that you can jump into it before or after your day without having to share it with anyone! If we were to come here again, we would still choose the lagoon deluxe room!! Plus you can soak in the whirlpool at night while gazing out at the stunning night sky and stars!✨

But if you know you’re not going to use the whirlpool, save your money and go for the lagoon view tents!

Explore The Canopi @ Treasure Bay

Getting Around Treasure Bay The Canopi Bintan

By Foot or Electric Scooter?

The 6.3-hectare crystal lagoon can be explored on foot or with an electric bike. It’s really up to you, we did it on foot because we ‘bo lui’ (no money) hahaah. Nonetheless, we had a sneak try! Thanks to the friendly staff!🏃🤷🏻‍♂️🛵

The Canopi Chill Cove Getting Around Electric Scooter

Trying out the electric scooters!

Price: 1 round around the lagoon IDR 100k/scooter
1 hour – IDR 150k/scooter
6 hours – IDR 350k/scooter
12 hours – IDR 420k/scooter 

Activities at Treasure Bay for you and your kids!!

The Canopi @ Treasure Bay offers a plethora of activities suitable for everyone!! All you need to do is to book the accommodation and ferry tickets! No planning required! All the activities are in the resort itself!! There are so many activities to keep you active!

So many activities, 2 days ain’t enough for us!

Make a splash at the iconic crystal lagoon

This one kinda obvious! You definitely will not miss the Crystal Lagoon! This crystal lagoon is Southeast Asia’s first and largest sea-water Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan!

The Canopi Bintan Crystal Lagoon Treasure Bay

All kids love playing with water! This is the time you can treat your kids to a fun splashing date at the crystal lagoon! The crystal lagoon depth is up to 2.5 meters. Thus, the area that is suitable for swimming is clearly demarcated with boundaries.🏊‍♀️🏊

Wipeout Challenge

Treasure Bay Bintan Water Park Wipeout

Seems small but trust me, it’s enough to drain your energy!

Everyone knows the famous TV show “WIPEOUT”. 🥊Well there it is for you to try! The inflatable water park with obstacles is right in the middle of the crystal lagoon! Looks small rights. But it isn’t, the just shows how big the crystal lagoon is!

This inflatable water park is definitely the paradise for your little monkeys! Unlike the normal land adventure, playing on the water is so much more fun! You will definitely love it!  Mum and Dads can join the fun too – put your agility, stamina and balance to test!😉😉

The Canopi Floating Waterpark Bintan

Playing on the floating water sports park makes us feels like ninjas overcoming the obstacles! The only cons would be the never-ending climbing back up the waterpark after you fall into the water. It’s tiring.

The Canopi Fadil Watersports Park Staff

Thank You, Fadil!

Special thanks to Fadil for saving us when we fall into the water!🤗

Get crazy with unlimited slides for IDR 50,000 

Treasure Bay Water Slides The Canopi

Amongst all the activity, the slip and slide is undoubtedly the most value for money activity! 🤑🤑At IDR 50,000, you can play this super awesome slide for unlimited times! One can play and play and never get bored! Go for the highest slide with a spin to get the full experience of the slide! Just tell the crew to spin you when pushing you down! 🤣🤣

For mummy and daddies, not only would it keep your kids entertained for unlimited time, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to relax by the lagoon or even get a massage!😝😝

Bintan Treasure Bay Slip And Slide


The Canopi Bintan Slip And Slide

Safe Landing!

You’re never too old to slip and slide!

Mummies and daddies that are young at heart can also try this out! You may start with the shortest one as the two higher slides involve some crashing impact at the end before plunging into the water! Piak! The impact quite strong sia!💥

Be prepared to experience a short moment of concussion! Kinda scary, especially on the first try! So we recommend you to start with the lower one first!👍

For “Adrenaline Junkies”

For “Adrenaline Junkies”, hungry for more thrills, there is a huge variety of water sports available! You can try, cable ski, wakeboarding, jetovator! There is really lots of activities to try! Like us, you will be spoilt for choice!😊😊

The Canopi Bintan Water Activities

Jetovator and Underwater Scooters

This looks super awesome man! Wish we could try it! You can get to experience flying above the water with the Jetovator and dive into the clear crystal lagoon with the underwater scooters!😊😊

Chill Cove Canopi Wake Park Cable Ski Bintan

There is also a wake park! We wanted to try so many things, but we ran out of time (and money as well)! HAHA😂

For those that “just want to relax” 

And if this sounds too intense, you can take a leisure ride on the tricycle or solar-powered boat around the Crystal Lagoon!

The Canopi Relax Activity Crystal Lagoon

Pic Credit: thecanopi.com/

Or simply laze by the lagoon or take a float and ride around the crystal lagoon!

Bintan Crystal Lagoon Unicorn Float

That’s the most popular unicorn float!

With its pristine and calm crystal lagoon, you wouldn’t mind soaking in it the whole day.

Land Activities

Other than water sports, there also have a variety of land activity! There are ATV, Segway, Rodeo Bull, Wishing Sky Lantern etc..

👉👉A must do would definitely be the ATV/UTV(2 seaters).


Did you realize the ATV looks abit mini for them? These are mini ATVs for the kiddos!

Mini ATV For Kids Bintan Canopi Treasure Bay

Big kids here still stuck in their childhood!

This would be perfect for the young ones who seeks thrills and want to drive on their own! Start training from young so they can get their license at 18!🚗🚗


Another option would be the UTV which can sit 2 people! Great for families and couples!

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi UTV 2 Seaters ATV

We took the UTV as our mummy didn’t want to drive! Hehe so it works both ways either, you drive your kids or your kids drive you! Having two people means double the fun!🤣🤣

UTV Adventure At The Canopi Treasure Bay Bintan

Super fun!

The UTV was perfect for us! We had lots of thrilling and exciting moments together!🤗

Classic Car Fun Ride

Chill Cove Ford Model T Classic Car Fun Ride Vintage

This vintage car caught our attention! Don’t you feel like it’s a luxury to be seating inside! Like some tai tai from the past!😅😅

Go for a soothing massage at NIBBana

And of course, after a physical activity indulge in a relaxing and soothing massage at NIBBana Massage! For massage, there are 2 options, The Canopi Spa & NIBBana Health Massage. The first one is inside The Canopi, the other on outside the treasure bay entrance.

Treasure Bay Bintan Best Massage Cheap Canopi

As usual, our universal rule applies. We went for the cheaper one which was NIBBana. NIBBana is located outside the entrance of Treasure Cove.

To get here, go to the activity center and exit the Treasure Cove.

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi NIBBana Massage

NiBBana Health Massage and Spa is Grace mummy favorite place. 😍 A paradise for tired souls. My mom had 4 different massage in 2 days, she automatically got upgraded to a VIP customer liao. During our 2D1N stay at The Canopi, we tried the skills of 13 different masseurs and each time we leave NIBBana refreshed and satisfied.☺️☺️

Treasure Bay Massage NIBBana Canopi

Note: NIBBana Massage is situated outside the treasure bay and payment is done separately by cash.

Stargazing at a myriad of stars

And lastly, end your day by enjoying the sky full of stars!🌙🌟

Stargazing At The Canopi Bintan Treasure Bay

Time to say goodbye…

The Canopi Bintan Best Resort Farewell

Waving Goodbye…

Treasure Bay host a variety of activities suitable for you and your kids but we simply did not have the time to try them all! But one thing for sure, this place will keep you entertained throughout and you can never get enough! Kids, teens, and adults alike will love them all!😍😍

Friendly and welcoming staff always there for you!

Friendly Staff At The Canopi Treasure Bay Bintan

Selfie with the Friendly Staff!

Oh ya, one more thing! The staff here are really fantastic! Throughout our stay, they were super friendly and polite! Most of them can speak English and some can even speak Chinese!👍👍

With so many awesome and exciting activities, it’s time for you to book your next getaway – The Canopi at Treasure Bay. My mom is already planning for the next one before this post could be completed. This shows how much my mum love this place. The massage was the key factor for her hahaha!😂

Thank You Canopi! We will be back!

What to Eat at The Canopi

Before the trip, we were quite worried that there would be limited food choices or that it would be expensive! Don’t worry, there are different types of food that you can enjoy at Canopi Resort depending on your craving and your budget…🍜🍲🍕🍥

Here are 3 places to eat in The Canopi

  1. Cheap and Delicious Street Food @ Treasure Bay🍜
  2. Hook On Seafood @ Treasure Bay🍤🦀🦐
  3. The Palio Bar and Restaurant @ Canopi the Resort🍕🥘

What To Eat At The Canopi Treasure Bay Bintan

How to book The Canopi

The Canopi Pickup From Bintan Ferry Terminal

Take a ferry to Bandar Bintan Telani (Lagoi) and friendly staff from The Canopi will be there to pick you!🛳

Bintan Resort Ferries Ferry Schedule TMFT BBT

You can book your suite through booking.com and ferry from Bintan Resort Ferries.

The Canopi Resort

Treasure Bay Bintan, Jln Raya Haji, (Right Beside Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

Lagoi, Riau, Indonesia 29152

Still not convinced? Check out 10 Reasons Why The Canopi is a perfect Glamping spot in Bintan!

Do share with us your experience when you’re there!

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