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Taiwan 台湾 Day 1: Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市

Feng Jia Night Market

Finally, after much planning for the Taiwan trip. It was time to set off!
Time for HOLIDAY! Shall start by boarding the plane.. felt like you can travel away from all the stressful environment and get a break!

Singapore Changi Airport

We arrive at Singapore Changi Airport at around 1pm as our flight is at 3.45pm. We are able to see our plane through the glass panel! YAY, you know you are about to flyyy!! As we were waiting, we manage to see the baggages loaded on the plane and some planes preparing to take off. If you are at the airport, do take some time to observe the environment and see how things operate as it can be quite interesting.

Plane Flight To Taiwan

Amazing sights from our plane!

Since we took an afternoon flight, we manage to see some really beautiful skyline from the plane window. They are incredible! Apart from sleeping on the plane, we couldn’t bring our eyes away from the amazing view. As the sunset set, the color tone changes gradually. The view of the cloud and sunlight is really breathtaking! A nice sunset always makes for a good photo.

Besides the view from the plane, we also need some good food to fill our stomach! Operated by Taiwanese, Tigerair Taiwan provides local delights on the flight. There are two special dishes on the menu, 滷肉飯 and 金瓜米粉 which are both famous main dish in Taiwan. The 滷肉飯 is traditional minced pork with rice and is very popular in the night market. However, we decided to try the stir-fried pumpkin tanghoon 金瓜米粉. Maybe it was because we are hungry so it tasted really nice! You can check out this blog post from holidayssg.com for more info!

Bus From Airport To Taichung

Journey to Taichung!

Upon arriving at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, we proceeded to Taichung. From Taoyuan to Taichung, we took Ubus 1623 from the bus terminal at Taoyuan Airport and it goes directly to Taichung. It cost 240 NT/pax , approximately S$10. The duration is around 2 hrs 30 mins.

When we arrived Taichung, it was almost 12 am. One day of traveling but don’t worry because you won’t go hungry in Taiwan. We will be visiting Taiwan largest night market Feng Jia Night Market in a while.

Feng Jia Inn

We took a cab to Feng Jia Inn, a local taxi driver tour guidebook this Inn for us. It is a small room on the second level, overall it is clean, looks new and good for short stay. There are a small TV and fridge.Free internet access. For those of you who want to shop at FengJia Night Market for all the nights you stay in Taichung, you can try Feng Jia Inn. You pay when you reach there. It cost around 1100NT ($50) per night. (Do note that Feng Jia Inn is different from In One City Inn) In One City Inn is on the same road as FengJia Inn. Most of the taxi drivers will not know where Feng Jia Inn is, as there are no signs to indicate this place. The easiest way to find it is to alight at a cafe known as cloud forest. it is directly above cloud forest.
Feng Jia Inn
Address: No.31 Lane 138, Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung 407, Taiwan

Feng Jia Night Market

After putting down our luggage, we decided to explore around FengJia Night Market to grab some bites before the day is over. So waste no time and let’s go for food hunting! From FengJia Inn to Feng Jia Night Market is around a 5 mins walk. Just a sneak preview of how it looks , the crowd is moderate not many people maybe because it is already 12 am . The street was filled with food and retail shops. We had to maintain our excitement and pull ourselves back because our focus was to get some food and leave shopping for tomorrow. Most of the snacks were still open, we taobaoed the food as we wanted to relax in the Inn. We brought some favourite snacks, cuttlefish!!Mushroom!! And 懒人吓 known as lazy people prawn. Exactly as the name reads, it is for lazy people because you do not have to peel the prawn as the feelers and legs of prawns will be clear when doing the process of barbecue. It taste really good, there is many seasoning flavours for you to chose, but they are all in Chinese hahaha do get someone who can read Chinese to tell you what they are if your Chinese is poor!

Went back to Feng Jia Inn for food tasting! OMG They are delicious!!!
It’s only the first day, the beginning of this trip, we started to eat and eat! The food is incredibly nice!! If you visit FengJia Night Market, you really have to go with an empty stomach to eat all the delicious snacks! You will regret if you don’t try them! We were so happy and satisfied with the super nice food!

So that’s day 1 in Taiwan, looking forward to day 2!!

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