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Five things that Sunflower Animal Farm amazed us!

Perth Sunflower Farmstay With Cow

A trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without a farm stay. Thus, we planned the itinerary and left a space specially for a night at Sun Flower Animal Farm. We have no idea what to expect and even what a farm stay really means as we have never stayed in an animal farm before. All we knew was that it would be a great way to embrace simple living and there will be lots of animals!🐎🐇🐓🦃🐥🐣

Entrance Of Sunflower Animal Farm Perth Australia

Filled with anticipation and excitement I was looking forward to the accommodation and activities available! It was our first farm stay experience but also the best! I was truly amazed by the entire experience, check out what Sunflower Animal Farm Stay has to offer for your next vacation.

#1- Self-contained Farm stay units

No 5* star hotel, no problems. Sunflower Animal Farm Stay have 4 Self Contained units each facing a different direction. Each unit is equipped with kitchenette, microwave, fridge, bunk beds. Each self-contained unit can hold approximately, 5 to 9 people, making it ideal for big groups of friends or families (max 28 people).

Sunflowers Animal Farm

When we arrived at the animal farm, it was pretty quiet and we didn’t see any reception around.  We started getting worried that we have no place to sleep tonight. We parked our car and went to look for “SOS”. The reception is located on the right side and we saw a lady waving to us.

Dogs At Sunflower Farm Stay

Chilli, Lilli and Dizzi welcoming us excitedly!!

Together with her, there are 3 sheep dogs, Chilli, Lilli and Dizzi welcoming us!🐶🐶🐶

Sunflowers Animal Farm Shepherd Dog

The dog is welcoming us to the accommodation.

Our own private garden outside our unit with one of the dog! I am not a fan of dog but this dog is so adorable that I got close with.😄😄😄

Sunflowers Animal Farmstay Bedroom

Comfortable and cozy room for the night!

Sunflowers Animal Farmstay Bunk Beds

Filled with double decker beds

Sunflowers Animal Farmstay Kitchen

This is the kitchen that we will cook our dinner and breakfast. This farm stay has all the things we need to prepare our food.

Home Cook Meal In Sunflower Farm Stay Perth

With the kitchenware provided in the units, we managed to cook a feast for ourselves!🥂🍜🍛🍲

Sunflowers Animal Farmstay Bathroom

Lastly, a very clean toilet is very important! You need to bath, change, wash, pee and poo! KEKE.

This homely accommodation has everything we need. With only 4 people, we had 7 beds that day. There is a queen bed in the bedroom and 2 sets of bunks (including a double bed) in the big L-shaped dining room/kitchen. Very spacious for the 4 of us! Another advantage of living in a self-contained unit is that my husband, TowkayNew will be able to talk freely as he is very noisy and tend to speak loudly. We do not have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or even animals!😂😂😂

Oh ya, we are living next to the animals!😋😋😋

Sunflowers Animal Farm Kangaroo Joey

From our unit (east), we can walk to find Joey. This is something that you will not be able to experience in Singapore. Pretty cool, isn’t it! Joey posing for us to take photos.

#2- Experience the Tractor Ride

Sunflowers Animal Farm Tractor Ride

One of the highlights we had was the tractor ride which was exclusively for farm stay guest. We started our morning with the tractor ride which bought us around the farm. This whole sunflower animal farm is 315 acres (equivalent to 240 football field).😱😱😱

Sunflower Farmstay Australia Tractor Cow Feeding

moooo! me feeding the cows!

It was an amazing experience for us. The tractor bought us to the middle of the farm where many cows started running to us! And there we helped to feed the cows.🐂🐂🐂

Sunflowers Animal Farm Tractor Ride Cows

The animals are so carefree and have so much space to roam around.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Tractor Ride Cow Feeding

TowkayNew feeding the cows. Only through this super close encounter, I realized that cows have very long tongues. I may sound silly but their tongue was incredibly long – Today, I saw, I learned.🐄🐄🐄


The tractor ride is only available for overnight guest – another reason for you stay here!

#3 Animal Feeding

Feeding Session at 10 am.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Joey Feeding

We also had the chance to feed Joey during her feeding session at 10 am. It just feels like feeding a baby. We get to go close to Joey while she is drinking her milk. We were told to be really careful and not pat them too much as well!🍼🍼🍼

Sunflowers Animal Farm Kangaroos

Sunflowers Animal Farm Kangaroos Lazing Around

After the feeding session, the little Joey are back to lazing and resting in the farm, enjoying the rest of the day.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Ducks Feeding

Walking into the farm, we have free buckets of animal food. In the buckets, there are many different types of food from carrots, lettuces, grains and wheat bread. For each animal, there will be a card to indicate what these animals like to eat and we will feed them accordingly.🥕🍞🌽🍼

Sunflowers Animal Farm Alpaca Feeding

That’s a hungry Alpaca that can’t wait to eat and just put its head into the bucket. Guests staying at Sunflowers Animal and Farmstay enjoy unlimited access to Sunflowers Animal Farm and free buckets of animal food.😋😋😋

#4 Opportunity to pet animals that you have never touched before!

Sunflowers Animal Farm Guinea Pig Play Pen

TowkayNew and Jia Ying with the cute little Guinea pig


In this farm, you really interact with the animals, you will be able to pat and carry some of the smaller animals.🦆🐥🐭🐹


Sunflowers Animal Farm Guinea Pig

Jia Ying holding the guinea pig by herself.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Ostrich

New brave enough to feed the big Ostrich.

In order to be close to animals, just like babies, animals will come to us when there is food and this is how we attract the animals to get closer to us.

#5 Unlimited access to a variety of animals!

There are over 350 animals at Sunflowers Animal Farm including kangaroos, lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, alpacas, dogs, pigs, cattle, llamas, goats, chickens, ducks, ostrich, turkeys, sheep, geese, shetland pony, horse, and birds.


Sunflowers Animal Farm Chicks

Tried to catch a chick but failed haha

Sunflowers Animal Farm Birds

Birds crossing the paths.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Llama Grace

Llamas posing for a photo with my mum!

Llamas are native to South America. They have one interesting yet yucking behaviour.  🙃🙃🙃

Llamas do spit on each other from time to time. It’s their way of expressing irritation or displeasure with other llamas.

What is worse was they actually spit at me!!! I hope they don’t see me as their other llamas.🤣🤣🤣

Sunflowers Animal Farm Alpaca


And the animal lover, TowkayNew managed to sayang the llama and continue to feed it though it spit onto me!!!😏😏😏


Sunflowers Animal Farm Llama

After some petting and feeding the llama, TowkayNew managed to take a close-up photo with llama kissing him!😘😘

Sunflowers Animal Farm Llama Feeding

Me on the other hand, was upset by the llama as it spits onto my hair! It was just so unbelievable! I wonder to myself, am I so lucky!!!

My mum kept laughing at me and didn’t want to clean the mess that got onto my hair.. eeeks!!😖😖😖

Poor me!😕😕😕

Sunflowers Animal Farm Llama Jiaying

Guess they only will spit one time, as we got closer to the llamas, seems like they also love to take photos and pose for us too!!! Kekeke

Sunflowers Animal Farm Horse


There are also other animals such as horse and pony in this farm.

As we are city kids, it was such an awesome close-up experience for us.

Sunflowers Animal Farm Ducks

Ducks trying to eat the food that we are feeding.

This place is very suitable for people of all ages especially animal lovers. You will be able to have a unique experience out in the farm from the tractor ride to feeding of animals. Though I am not a fan of animals, this farm made me closer to these animals.

So for your next vacation, why not try a different place, a different lifestyle. Feed the cows, kangaroos, ducks, llamas. Learn a little bit about the animals and meet the wonderful staff at Sun Flower Animal Farm Stay!👍👍👍

Sunflower Farmstay Tractor Ride Experience

Thank You Sunflower Animal Farm for the wonderful experience!


Sunflowers Animal Farm
5561 Caves Road
Margaret River, WA

For more information, you can visit their website:


Standard Opening hours:

9 am to 5 pm Monday to Sunday

Day entry: AUD $12.50

Food bucket: AUD$3

There are only 4 fully self-contained units. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Surfers Point

Surfers Point Sunset Australia Perth

Surfers point is 10 minutes drive away from Sunflower Animal Farm! A perfect place to watch the sunset and you may catch some surfers in action!

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  1. Angel Ng
    Angel Ng says:

    Thank you for the nicely written review of the place. I have decided to make booking for our trip with the kids there. I hope I have no regrets…


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