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Our Fun-filled 3D2N Staycation at Shangri-La Singapore with Our Two Toddlers!

Shangri La Singapore Jacuzzi

Searching for the perfect family-friendly staycation in Singapore led us to the luxurious Shangri-La Singapore. This renowned hotel offers a variety of amenities and activities that cater to guests of all ages, including our little ones. In this blog post, I’ll share our personal experience during our 3D2N staycation at Shangri-La Singapore in the Tower Wing Deluxe Room with our two toddlers, aged 1.5 and 4.5 years old, highlighting the hotel’s family-oriented facilities, dining options, and entertainment offerings that made our stay truly unforgettable.

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Shangri La Singapore Frontdesk Lobby
Photo taken by friendly-staff Wincy! 🥰

Our Accommodation:

Shangri-La Singapore has a range of elegant and spacious accommodations to choose from. Due to our purchase of Aptamil milk powders, our Tower Wing Deluxe Room was complimentary which is the most assessable part of the whole premise.

We experienced a late check-in but were offered complimentary drinks at The Lobby Lounge to make up for the delay. This thoughtful gesture helped us relax and start our stay on a positive note.

Shangri La Singapore Lobby Lounge
Shangri La Singapore Kids Goodie Bag
Kid’s Goodie Bag Items given during Check-in 😍
Shangri La Singapore Color Pencils
Activity Book and Color Pencils are provided to keep the Kids occupied during late check-in 😮‍💨

Upon checking in, we were slightly disappointed not to find a bathtub in our room. We mentioned it to the staff, only to later discover the bathtub was cleverly hidden right behind the toilet door on the blind spot side of the bathroom! We couldn’t help but laugh at our oversight and appreciated the hotel’s efficient use of space. The bathtub had sufficient hot water and filled up very quickly, making bath time enjoyable for our little ones.

Shangri La Singapore Bathtub
😅😅😅 Bathtub finally found! 😅😅😅
Shangri La Singapore Bath Tub Fun
Our kids always enjoy their bubble bath session 🥰

The hotel’s tranquil surroundings and lush gardens created a serene environment for us and our children to unwind and relax, which was exactly what we needed for our rejuvenating staycation.

Shangri La Singapore Tranquil Surrounding
Shangri La Singapore Bed

During our stay, toddler Haley had trouble sleeping, so Papa New took her for a night stroll to explore the hotel grounds. They discovered the beautiful gardens and various facilities, making the most of their late-night adventure.

Shangri La Singapore Night View
Shangri La Singapore Tower Night View

Family-friendly Facilities:

One of the standout features of Shangri-La Singapore is its impressive array of family-friendly facilities. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool with a dedicated children’s play area called Splash. Our toddlers loved splashing around and having fun under the watchful eyes of the attentive lifeguard Elaine, who even helped us find a toddler life jacket for Riley. The swimming pool is constantly at room temperature, and the Jacuzzi is warm, providing a comfortable experience for the whole family.

Shangri La Singapore Splash
Shangri La Singapore Splash Toddler Pool
Toddlers Pool! 👶🏻
Shangri La Singapore Splash Kids Pool
Water Playground for bigger kids! Love the adequate sun shade at the area! 😎
Shangri La Singapore Happy Baby
Shangri La Singapore Toddler Slide
Toddler slide is still safe for Riley to play on her own! 🥰
Shangri La Singapore Hot Tub
Jacuzzi is nice and warm for the kids! Love it! 😍

Additionally, the hotel offers a well-equipped indoor playroom called Buds by Shangri-La, designed specifically for children. Our little ones spent hours exploring a world of imagination and creativity with age-appropriate toys, games, and educational activities, all under the supervision of the hotel’s professional staff. The neon painting experience at Little Buds was particularly enjoyable and worth the cost. Since we are Tower Wing Deluxe Room guests, we enjoyed a discounted price of $36 for each staying child per 3-hour session at Buds by Shangri-La. If you’re planning to bring your kids to Buds by Shangri-La every day, we recommend booking their Deluxe Family Room, which includes one playtime session at Buds per night of stay.

Shangri La Singapore Buds
Shangri La Singapore Buds Stage
Entrance to the Stage! Photo Time! 🤩
Shangri La Singapore Buds Muddy Lights On Family
Our most favourite area in Buds called Muddy where the kids can get dirty and keep painting! 😍
Shangri La Singapore Buds Muddy Lights On
Shangri La Singapore Buds Muddy Painting
The only place where the kids can paint on the wall! 🤩
Shangri La Singapore Buds Neon Painting Family
Lights off! Neon Painting Time! 🥳
Shangri La Singapore Buds Neon Painting
Everything is glowing in the dark! Our kids are so excited! 🥰
Shangri La Singapore Buds Neon Party
Parents can also join in the UV blacklight Party Fun! 🎉
Shangri La Singapore Buds Playground
Gigantic ball pit! 🤩
Shangri La Singapore Buds Net
Adults are not allowed in the net area but this area is well-supervised by the Buds staff. 😗
Shangri La Singapore Buds Tunnel
Shangri La Singapore Infant Area
Infant Playground
Shangri La Singapore Buds Infant Ball Pit
Shangri La Singapore Buds Kiddy Ride
Our kids can keep playing with the kiddy ride without us constantly inserting coins! 🤩

During our stay, we sadly missed the soap-making workshop, as the information was only available on the bulletin board outside Buds. We were disappointed that the front desk staff did not inform us about this activity when we checked in with our kids. To avoid missing out on complimentary goodies like we did, be sure to check the bulletin board outside Buds during your stay.

Shangri La Singapore Buds Bulletin

Dining Options:

Shangri-La Singapore caters to the diverse needs and tastes of its guests, including our young ones. The hotel offers a range of family-friendly dining options, such as The Line, which features an extensive buffet. Our children were delighted with the variety of child-approved dishes available, and the restaurant provided high chairs for our convenience. The breakfast buffet included a wide array of Singaporean local delights, perfect for travelers looking to savor the authentic flavors of the country.

Shangri La Singapore The Line

However, our dining experience was not without its challenges. The staff were not always attentive to the needs of families with children, and we were assigned to a dining area with stairs that were not accessible by a stroller. When we requested a more convenient dining area, our request was declined. On another occasion, a staff member removed our baby seat without asking. Despite these hiccups, the variety of food options ensured that our stomachs were satisfied.

Shangri La Singapore Haley Eating
Shangri La Singapore Riley Eating

The Ambiance:

Shangri-La Singapore offered a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that we all felt at home during our staycation. The attentive and friendly staff went the extra mile to cater to the unique needs of families with young children, making our stay both enjoyable and hassle-free. Special mention to customer officer Paul Cheng who lead us all the way to The Splash which is in the far end of the hotel. This warm gesture really made us feel very welcoming especially when we have two little monsters to attend to.

Shangri La Singapore Koi Pond

Final Thoughts:

Our 3D2N staycation at Shangri-La Singapore with our toddlers was an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and joy. With its elegant accommodations, impressive facilities, and thoughtful amenities, Shangri-La Singapore proved to be the perfect destination for a rejuvenating family getaway. However, the hotel’s management should consider improving the dining experience, as it plays a significant role in shaping guests’ overall impressions.

Shangri La Singapore Checking Out

We’ll definitely be returning to this wonderful hotel for future staycations in Singapore, and we highly recommend it to other families looking for an unforgettable, fun-filled escape in the heart of the city.

Shangri La Singapore Riley Check Out

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