Magnificent Temples in Yogyakarta – Prambanan and Sewu Temple

Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Group Shot

Yogyakarta is known as a place famous for their culture and heritage such as Candi (which means temple in English).

As soon as we know that Prambanan Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we know we have to check it out! Built in the 9th century A.D, this largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia is a place worth to visit, see see, look look and walk walk. 🚶🏻 🚶🏻 🚶🏻

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Signboard

As a Singaporean, temples to us basically means a building with plenty of Buddha statues. When we arrived at Prambanan it was gigantic! From the map, we realised that this whole place is so so huge that we wondered if we can finish walking.

TIPS: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes! Stay Hydrated!

Prambanan Temple

As soon as we touched down, we decided to check out this UNESCO World Heritage site-Prambanan Temple Compound as it is near to the airport.Prambanan Ticket Price

As you can see, student price is half the price of an adult! If you have your student card, do bring it! There are many other places with student price!

Welcome to Angkor Wat!

Opps sorry wrong

Welcome to Prambanan Temple!!

Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Group Shot

Prambanan temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia.🙂 🙂 🙂 Thus, there are many visitors at Prambanan temple visiting this magnificent Hindu architecture.

Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Jump Shot

Our entrance shot! This shot has been taken so many times as the camera is unable to capture all of us in the sky at the same time except for this photo. I know I look unglam but well, for the team, it is worth it!😁😁😁

Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta

I was amazed by the people mountain people sea that explored this place. We even had to wait for people to walk down the stairs before we walk up as it was pretty narrow.

Candi Temple Yogyakarta Group Shot

For me, I was impressed by the architecture and the culture in this temple where there are different hierarchy of the temple zone.💕💕💕

Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Entrance

Beware of your head for tall people, luckily, for Mysteryluck, he is just the right height to be able to siam this. Else, he may have knocked his head onto the top of this structure. But my sis and I definitely will not face such a problem! 


Candi Prambanan Yogyakarta

This is why you should visit!

It is interesting how the people managed to build this in the 10th century. They must have been real fit and meticulous! Furthermore, Prambanan temple was affected by earthquakes and volcanoes over the years yet they are still managed to restore the impressive architecture! 

A great masterpiece from the Hindu culture that are preserved till date.

That’s not the end! More activities!

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Archery

Walking out from Prambanan temple, there are many other leisure activities like archery, mini playground and go-kart.🎯🎯

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Playground

Here 2 kids are playing at this see-saw reminiscing the good old days.😉 😉 😉

They look like 5 years old kids, don’t they?

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Go Kart

I hope these two boys will grow up to become good friends just like the two boys from the see-saw. Kekeke…👬 👬 👬

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Tram

Beside the main Prambanan temple, there are many other temples in the compound!

This whole place is huge with 4 complexes of temple – Prambanan Temple, Lumbung Temple, Bubrah Temple and Sewu Temple! It’s a real compound temples. We took a tram around the complex for IDR 75.000 because it looks too frightening to do on foot! Choo Choo…🚂🚂🚂 Hehe lazy people!

Sewu Temple

Candi Sewu Yogyakarta

The tram bought us around and we alighted at Sewu temple!

Sewu Temple is a distance away from the Prambanan temple. We are glad we took the tram as the weather was so hot! Sewu temple is so much less crowded as compared to Prambanan temple. It is located 2km away from Prambanan temple.

Sewu temple is the 2nd largest Buddhist temple after Borobudur.


Sewu Temple Yogyakarta

There are many architecture and statues in Sewu temple. I personally prefer Sewu Temple as it has lesser people.

We can just take our own sweet time instead of worrying that we are blocking people.

Sewu Temple Yogyakarta Welfie

Say cheese!!! NOTCHBAD team definitely have to take a photo together with the Sewu temple.

Beautiful, isn’t it!

TIPS: Head to Temple Sewu for more photo opportunities! There are lesser people!


Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Coconut Stalls

Before you can successfully leave Prambanan Temple compound, you will be flooded with a row a food stall.

Eh eh look carefully, they are all selling the same food!

Seriously we are messed up! How is this possible that all the shops are selling the same thing! Even making a decision on which stall to get our coconut was a tough one! All we wanted was just coconut to quench our thirst.😫😫😫

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Coconut MadnessWe are really Stressed and shocked by the many stalls that confused us!  😕 😕 😕

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Drink Coconut

And finally, we just went to one lucky stall to get this coconut!😋😋😋

So refreshing to drink coconut on a hot weather like this!😍😍😍

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Shopping

In order to exit, you will need to pass by many of this street to be able to get to the exit.

We all looked happy as we had our coconut drink!

Prambanan Temple Compounds Yogyakarta Snacks


Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Notchbad

UNESCO World Heritage Site- Prambanan Temple checked-in! 

More to go!😄

Prambanan Temple and Sewu temple

Ticket Price

Adult IDR 234.000

Children (under 10 years old) – IDR 117.000 (US $9)

Student (with student card) – IDR 117.000 (US $9)

Combined Ticket Available for Prambanan & Borobudur (without Borobudur Sunrise) Valid for 2 Days

Operating hours 6am to 5pm

Price List here for your reference!

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