What it is like to Sandboard at Parangkusumo Gumuk Pasir, Yogyakarta 

Yogyakarta Gumuk Pasir Sandboarding

Sandboarding in Yogyakarta sounds unusual right? 

It might be the last thing anyone will think of finding in Indonesia!

When we found out that you can sandboard at Parangkusumo, we hesitated for a while before deciding to give it a go!

Let’s check if it is worth a visit!

Gumuk Pasir Yogyakarta Indonesia Sanddune

The first thing that came to our mind after we get out of the car – it is scorching hot! 🌞This is when we start to feel that snowboarding is better than sandboarding!☃️❄️ How I wish we can snowboard now! Notchbad is aiming to snowboard at the end of this year (either in Niseko or Hakuba)! Our goal for 2017! 🏂

For those of you stuck in the sunny Singapore, you may wish to check out SportQuest a place for you to get cooled! You can try snowboarding too!🏂🏂

Information on Gumuk Pasir Barchan

Gumuk Pasir Sanddune Sandboard Information

What makes Parangkusumo sand dune unique is the type of sand dune! Barchan is the type of sand dune. The occurrence of sand dunes or sand bank is considered an unusual phenomenon in an area that has a very high rainfall. It is different from other sand dunes in the world. Based on studies conducted by experts, this sand dune results from the eruption of Mount Merapi whereby the sediments are carried by rivers into the South Coast. This is probably why the colour of the sand is greyish!🌋

Exploring Parangkusumo Sand dune on foot!

Exploring Gumuk Pasir On FootGumuk Pasir Sanddune

A smarter way to view the whole area is to see from the top!

What Is At Gumuk Pasir

HUH? Are you sure? 

Stable anot?

Here we are!Gumuk Pasir Tower Sandboarding Sanddune

This tall structure would be the first thing that anyone would notice at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo. It is out of nowhere, and we also don’t know what is it for! If you ask me, I would think it is probably a viewing point! It doesn’t look tall but standing on top made us shiver especially when the wind blew!

⚠️ Climb at your own risk! Slightly shaky and unstable! 😨

View from the TopSand Dune In Yogyakarta Gumuk PasirGumuk Pasir From The Top

From the top, we can see the entire Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo.👀Gumuk Pasir Desert In Java

We are shaking on top!

Gumuk Pasir Sanddune OverviewIt was quite scary to be up here! You can see we are holding on tightly to each other as it doesn’t seem too stable!😧😧

Gumuk Pasir Jogja TopTowkaynew was forced to come up and we had to take this photo!

His face and behavior was just too epic!😵😵

Chilling At Gumuk Pasir Yogyakarta Sanddune

Chilling like the locals!

After nuaing, we decided to get into action! Where’s the sandboards!?😅

Getting ready! 

Gumuk Pasir Sandboard Rental

Two maids renting the sandboard

We rented a sandboard at IDR 140.000 to play for unlimited amount of time! There were no price list as to the sandboard rental or any indication. We felt a bit cheated and most probably we got cheated la. Because it seems like they anyhow say the price. Where got so expensive one sia?? 😱😱 So if you get a cheaper price, you can laugh at us liao!! Hehe 😂 happy can already😅


With our boards ready, let’s go! It was our first time sandboarding! But luckily, there is someone to guide us!

Gumuk Pasir Sandboard Instructor Waxing

The key to smooth sandboarding is wax the board to reduce the friction. Else you will be stuck halfway!

Wet VS DryYogyakarta Gumuk Pasir

There was two option given to us! Dry or Wet! Basically, at the end of the slope, there is a mini lake. If you want to get a bath, you may slide in and have a quick shower! HAHA just kidding! But just so you know that there is a puddle of water at the end of the slope and there is a risk of getting wet! Make sure you recce the area thoroughly before sliding down!


Sandboarding At Gumuk Pasir

Sand Gumuk Pasir

Oh ya actually, there is a big sand dune beside us but it was too hot! So we seek shade and sandboard in the forest area!
Sandboarding Down Gumuk Pasir

We stayed away from the water! HEHESandboarding Adventure In JogjaWe managed to slide down smoothly after a few tries! It was not too scary lah!  Gumuk Pasir SandboardingSandboarding success!!👏👏Yogyakarta Gumuk Pasir SandboardingThanks to our friendly instructor who taught us sand-boarding!😄

Sandboarding In Gumuk Pasir

Personally, Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo would be only worth a visit if you have never been to one before. If you have been to a desert or done sandboarding board before, I think it is not necessary to visit Parangkusumo Sand dune as it may be a bit disappointing! The sand dune appears smaller, less photogenic than in photos. There is no wave pattern or whatsoever. It is less impressive but pretty good and still fun to play.😉😉

Before you add Parangkusumo Sand dune into your itinerary, here’s 5 things you need to know!

  1. Sandboard Rental Rates
    Sand board rental price are not fixed. So it would be up to them to decide the price. If you can’t speak Bahasa Indonesian, like us, you will probably just accept whatever they say just like us HAHA!
  2. You will get tired! You slide down, you climb up!
    From our experience, one board is enough for 4 people! Sharing is caring! You will get shag from climbing back up after you slide down!
  3. Pay attention to your kids
    You have to pay attention to your kids, just like anywhere else! The area is huge, free for them to run and play around! Do keep a lookout for them! It’s normal to fall and roll around the sand dune but make sure they do not swallow the sand!
  4. Bring a set of extra Clothes if you are a clean freak!
    After sandboarding, we were covered with sand. You may want to bring an additional change of clothes! Anyway, we are all dirty together HAHA!
  5. Hydrate yourself
    Make sure you drink up and stay hydrated while having fun!!

Have fun and have lots of fun in Yogyakarta!☺️

Stay tuned as we will continue to share more adventures!!

Feel free to comment below to share with us your experience and adventure at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo !😊🙂




4 replies
  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    Looks like you had loads of fun. Is the sand fine? cos it looks a little dark lol can you see the sea from here? Just wondering… Thank you

    • Jiaying
      Jiaying says:

      Hi Christine, the sand is not the finest but still okay for sand boarding! You might be able to see the sea from mini tower (viewing point) that we climbed. Not sure how stable it is. The sea is behind Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo, you will see it on the other side when you are on the road! Hope it helps! Happy holiday!


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