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This is probably the most underrated adventure @ Yogyakarta

Yogjakarta Merapi Jeep

As we approached our last day in Yogyakarta we thought about what other attractions we wanted to visit. There are just too many places to explore but just too little time. 😕😕😕

We started to vote between Merapi jeep tour and Timang Beach. It was kind of a struggle as visiting Timang Beach was the reason why Jia Ying came to Yogyakarta.

Oh well…Till the next time…

Timang Beach Yogyakarta

Credit: TripCanvas Indonesia

Oh well, after some influence from our driver (Lashiman) and the villa owner (Meggie), they psychoed us to visit Mount Merapi. 😊😊😊

Yogjakarta Merapi Car Sleeping

While we are in the car, Lashiman gave us a brochure of the Merapi jeep tour. We didn’t really bother and all of us just fell asleep in the car.😆😆😆

Yogjakarta Merapi Brochure.
Hmm, I can’t really understand what is the difference of the package or where they will be bringing us as the words are in Bahasa Indonesian. Anyway, I just know that we will be on the Jeep for between 1-3 hours.

In summary, there are 3 types of package for the Jeep tour and price is based on per Jeep:

  1. Package 1:Short tour 1-1.5 hours- 400,000 rp
  2. Package 2:Medium tour 2hours-500,000rp
  3. Package 3: Long tour 3 hours-600,000rp

Yogjakarta Merapi Entrance

Soon, we arrived at the Base Camp of Mount Merapi.

For this Merapi tour, we were hesitating on the various package as we were afraid that we will be too boring and draggy if we choose the 3 hours tour.


Yogjakarta Merapi Base Camp

Since this will be our last activity for Yogyakarta  ,we decided to just whack and go for the 3 hours jeep tour. Kekeke😂😂😂

Here is us and our Jeep. Lashiman, our driver is also photobombed in this photo!😂😂😂

Yogjakarta Merapi Set Off

Hence, off we go to the active volcano in Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi.

Pit Stop 1: Museum Sisa Hartaku

Yogjakarta Merapi Volcano Eruption Museum

We arrived at Victim Merapi Eruption Museum named Sisa Hartaku. Sisa Hartaku  is a small village affected by the eruption of Mount Merapi in Kopeng Village in 2010. The museum has a range collections such as TV, Melted Bicycles, the skeleton of cows, and belonging of the people staying in the village. We were impressed with how they managed to dig them out!

Yogjakarta Merapi Volcano Eruption Remains

It is indeed scary to see how natural disaster can damage and destroy the whole village😞😞😞 

Yogjakarta Merapi Volcano Eruption Monument

As we walked around the museum, there is a clock that shows 12.04 and with the date 5 November 2010. We have no idea what this is as our driver can’t speak  English.

Luckily, we met with this nice Singapore couple that translated to us on the various display as well as the history of the eruption in Merapi. The melted clock marks the time of the eruption.

Pit Stop 2: Batu Alien

Yogjakarta Merapi Batu Alien Signboard

Next up we arrived at Batu Alien, but we had no idea what this was. The driver and guide tried to explain but dumb us had difficulty understanding. We interpreted it as …

The Alien vomit Mount Merapi during the volcano eruption forming a face looking alien on the rock.

Can you see the eyes, nose, mouth, ears on the stone?Yogjakarta Merapi Batu Alien

And here we are posing with the alien face. This really looks like a human shaped face with eyes, nose and mouth.🤔🤔🤔

Meme Freak Face

Towkaynew started to comment that this looks like the meme! Hahahaha😋😋😋

Yogjakarta Merapi Group Shot

We walked around and took a closer look at Mount Merapi which is on the right of our photo! Mount Merapi looks really far where we are standing. However, during the eruption, the lava flowed all the way till here.

Yogjakarta Merapi Photo Bomb


And of course, not forgetting our couple shot and photobombed by the blue people behind!!!

Pit Stop 3: Bunker Kaliadem

Yogjakarta Merapi Bunker Kaliadem

Hmm, this is just a square underground with nothing much inside. Most visitors just walk in and walk out.

This is a very important place for the local people as it is there to protect the people from the dust and volcanic heat during the eruption.   

Bunker Kaliadem


Yogjakarta Merapi Weird Pose

If you walk up a bit up from the bunker, you can see such a beautiful view of Mount Merapi.

Now, we are getting even closer to Mount Merapi. As we walk, we can feel that it is getting very dusty. 🗻🌋


Yogjakarta Merapi One Piece

And of course, we will not forget to take photos of such lovely view. This is a good place to take photos as there are not many people that we need to siam to take nice photos. Our One Piece Pose!😄😄😄

Yogjakarta Merapi Couple Shot

And here we are trying to point at the peak of Mount Merapi! It took some time before New could carry me on his back! I always believe is not because I am heavy! Naninanipupu!😛😛😛

Pit Stop 4: Photo taking


As our 4WD jeep is really cool and looks fierce due to the tiger stripe, we decided to take photo with our Jeep. I personally really love this photo that we have taken. Felt like we are posing for some outdoor activity club poster!😃😃😃


Yogjakarta Merapi Jeep Front

So far, we have enjoyed the jeep ride with the bumpy and windy trip, it has been so much fun. You can stand or sit, stand left or right. Just make sure you hold tight and don’t fall off.

You can see from our happy faces that we had fun on the jeep ride. 🎉🎉🎉

Yogjakarta Merapi Stand On Jeep

And Nic practicing to be the minister on the Jeep while holding on really tight with one hand so that he doesn’t fall off the Jeep! Can you feel his enthusiasm?  😆😆😆

Pit Stop 5: Former Village Petung

Yogjakarta Merapi Village Wide View

This is my eye view of the village. This is a small village for makan and toilet break.

Yogjakarta Merapi Village

In this village, we can see the damage caused by the eruption and the leftover items after the event. We can see that the materials are buried during the eruption in Mount Merapi in 2010.

Pit Stop 6 ‍‍‍‍‍-Water Jeep Roller Coaster

The 3 hours package included the Jeep splashing in the water! This is the most anticipated adventure of the Jeep Tour!

We highly recommended activity and you cannot miss!

When we book for the tour, we had no idea what we are going for.

Warning – Please hold on tight with both hands and waterproof all your items.

Yogjakarta Merapi Driver Seat

We had loads of fun thanks to our super cool driver!!!👍👍👍

Yogjakarta Merapi Jeep Water Splash

The highlight of this activity is that with the skillful driver, and full speed, we dive the whole jeep into the water, what is best is that the splash is so great and strong that all of us were drenched!😅😅😅

The ride was really beyond our expectation!! As we did not expect the impact to be so strong, we started off with our camera and phone on our hand. I think the driver was laughing at us not knowing what is going on.  But we realized, the splash was for real and everything also kenna wet too! Now become scary-cat, we started keeping all our gadgets! OMG! This is even better than Roller Coaster! There is no seat belt to ensure we are safe in the Jeep!  I was holding on so tight as I almost flew out into the water! 😲😲😲 And for one of the splashes, another Jeep behind gave us a big splashy, splashing and wet up down left right top and bottom!


Yogjakarta Merapi Jeep Water Splash Cool Pose

Phewww, lucky I didn’t fly out of the jeep! That is what I thought to myself when the jeep is parked at the side. 😂😂😂



Yogjakarta Merapi Water Splash Welfie

This is so much of a cheap thrill ride that we love it so much! Everyone is wet but we are so satisfied with this Water Jeep adventure!!!

A crazy and exciting time on the Jeep ride! 🙃🙃🙃

We kept going round and round and round and round till it is time to go back!!! 😍😍😍

This jeep ride give the NOTCHBAD team an adrenaline rush to end of our day!💯💯💯

Tips- Hold on to all your barang barang from the start till the end. And really all the way until u return to the starting point. After we completed the most challenging exciting splash, we let our guts down and started relaxing but who knows the journey back continues to be hilarious.

As we were heading back to the base camp, Jia Ying hat suddenly flew out during the bumpy ride and all of us burst into laughter! Indeed clown by nature!😅😅😅

Yogjakarta Merapi Water Spash Aftermath

We all thought that Merapi Tour was just a boring volcano but we were al wrong. Check out New’s sandy shirt that is all wet due to our jeep roller coaster water adventure! 😲😲😲

When u think sitting in front is the safest think twice. Look what happen to Towkaynew for sitting at the front during the Jeep ride.

I love this Merapi Jeep Lava Tour expedition that drove us around Mount Merapi. We don’t need to walk by foot and what best is that we can see the nice scenery from the mountain. We can also see, experience and feel the people in Merapi.

What’s best is the Merapi Jeep water adventure which was an exhilarating 15 minutes roller coaster adventure ride! Woohoo… 🎢🎢🎢

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