Jalan Malioboro – Musical Bustling Street of Yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro

After a sunset dinner at Ratu Boko, we proceeded to make our way to Jalan Malioboro for some shopping.

Jogja Sunset

On our way, we could not help but to take more photos with the lovely sunset

Yogyakarta Sunset

As the sun set, we took a quick nap while our mini-van “fast and furious” through the busy street of jogja. It was too dark to take photo, but our ride that day was really relaxing as we could lower down our seats to near flat position so falling asleep was really a breeze.

Jalan Malioboro

Battery fully recharged! 😂😂😂 And here we were, at the busy street of Jalan Malioboro.

Jalan Malioboro Crowd

There were really a lot of people here! 😱😱😱

Jalan Malioboro Horse Carriage

One of the main attractions here is to take a ride on a horse carriage but we never take the ride as it was more convenient and carefree to explore the street on foot! 😊✌

Jalan Malioboro Shirts

There were lots of cheap jogja-themed t-shirts for sale and i personally think that some of the designs were quite cool as they are infused with some modern arts. It is not those cliche ‘I ❤️ Jogja’ tees yeah! They were so cool that we decided to buy them as our team t-shirts but to our horror, they are all free-sized! 😱😱😱 How can tops be free-sized? 😵😵😵 We decided to abort mission and we joked that maybe jogja people are all same size! That’s why! 😂😂😂

Jalan Malioboro Shopping

Most of the time, we were just doing window shopping and fooling around with our (the boys’) weird fashion sense like Nic above. LOL! 😂 For us, there were not much clothes that caught our eyes. I was the only one who managed to bought a pants over there and been crowned the biggest shopper of the day within the group! bwahahahaha! 😂😂😂

Jalan Malioboro Tibits

In Indonesia, we always remember to grab some sinful but yummy snacks to keep us company throughout the trip! Do drink lots of water yeah if you are munching on these snacks! 😉😉😉

Jalan Malioboro Street Performance

My favourite attraction at Jalan Malioboro were the street performers. There were basically only one type of street performances over there and that is live pop musics played using Indonesia cultural instruments like gamelan and angklung. The coolest thing is that they make the angklungs like a piano and using it to play famous pop songs really intrigued me as the familiar tunes were rendered with Indonesia’s cultural flavor. My body grooved along to the music as we weave through the busy crowd along Jalan Malioboro.

Jalan Malioboro Welfie

Before we walked back to the meeting spot with our driver, a final welfie was taken! 📸📸📸

Jalan Malioboro Street Food

Oh yeah! On our way back, we found a bbq corn stall. As our stomach started to growl after the walk, we ordered one corn for a quick bite.

Jalan Malioboro Bbq Corn

We could smell the fragrant of the corns which are placed almost directly over the hot charcoals. This cuisine is not for those with weak stomachs! LOL! 😂😂😂

Jalan Malioboro Waiting For Food

Using our eye power, we prayed our corn could be cooked faster! 😂😂😂

Jalan Malioboro Bbq Corn Done

Woohoo, finally done! Really love the bbq corn! The sweetness of the corn with the saltiness of the bbq sauce were such a perfect blend! Yummy!


You should check out Jalan Malioboro to have a feel of the bustling nightlife of jogja. And if you do not have a weak stomach, you should try out some of their street foods to have the full local taste! Plus nice music to keep you company! Awesome! 😇😇😇

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