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Unexpected First Encounter of Northern Lights • Iceland Ring Road Honeymoon Trip 6

Iceland Northern Lights

After visiting Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach, we continue to proceed north-east of Iceland where we spent a night at a town called Egilsstaðir.

Iceland Driving

Candyce was very happy as it is my turn to drive! 😂

Iceland Ring Road East

Sunsetting drive was so relaxing with the beautiful skyline to keep us company. As I drove, we notice a group of girls stopping by on the road. As a typical herd mentality human being, we look out to see what the girls are doing.

Icelandic Horse

The girls are actually taking photos with the icelandic horses. Being a city-dweller, we also never miss the opportunity to stop by and took a few snaps.

Icelandic Horse Candyce

Candyce, who was afraid that the horses will bite her 😂😂😂, stood at the most safety distance while looking good for the photo! 😄😄😄

Icelandic Horse Towkaynew

When my colleague told me that Icelandic horses were very friendly, I dun really believe it until I met them! They just basically run towards you and there was no sign that they are looking for food so they i assumed they just came over coz I am charismatic! LOL! 😆😆😆

Iceland Aurora Borealis Start

We then continued our sunset drive. While I was focusing in driving up a steep winding gravel road (again!), Candyce suddenly asked:

Why the sun still haven’t set huh?

I looked up and saw a hint of greenish light, then excitedly exclaimed:

That is not sunset! It is the northern light!

we 😱😱😱 for a moment and then without hesitation, pulled over to the side of the gravel road to have our very first experience of the legendary aurora borealis. 😍😍😍

Iceland East Northern Lights

We were really lucky because it was a night drive along a secluded road, therefore, there are not a lot of light pollution. Plus it was just the start!

Iceland Northern Lights

We celebrated with joy because some of our friends who came to Iceland did not managed to see the northern lights, so able to see them is really a rare sight!

Iceland Aurora Borealis Red Faces

Facing the camera, I realized our faces were too red like Guan Gong! LOL, this is because the backlight of the car is shining towards our faces! 😂😂😂

Iceland Aurora Borealis

We immediately moved our position to the front of the car and used the front light for additional lighting for our faces. Still notchbad right? 😂😂😂😍😍😍

Iceland East Aurora Borealis

It was freezing cold, so after around 15mins of photo taking and all the awe, we decided to continue our trip back to our accommodation where we get some warmth! LOL, Singaporeans are tropical animals yeah! 😆😆😆😝😝😝

Oh yeah, the view was so stunning that I lost one small tripod! We used the small tripod as position marker and I forgot to collect it back! LOL! We always joke that it was left there behind to continue to enjoy the beauty of nature! 😂😂😂 RIP my trusty Manfrotto PIXI, northern lights will keep you company! 🙏🙏🙏

Stay tuned as I will share with you my tips to hunt aurora borealis.

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