The Golden Circle • Iceland Ring Road Honeymoon Trip 2

Kerið Crater Lake

After a relaxing hot dip at Blue Lagoon in Day 1, we had a good sleep with no jet lag at all. Aiyah let me tell you, when you are travelling, there is no such thing as jet lag one lah!

Before we set off to the Golden Circle, which is the most popular tourist route in Iceland as it is very near to the capital Reykjavik, we have our awesome breakfast at our first accommodation, Jonna Guesthouse.

Jonna Guesthouse Breakfast

Yes, Jonna is a guy, haha but i always call him Joanna! 😂😂😂 He prepared all these breakfast items especially homemade jams! We also try something special which is smoked horse meat, it tasted a bit like deer meat and also have the same smoky smell as mutton.

Jonna Guesthouse

Time to set off! Golden Circle, here we come!

The Golden Circle

It is about 300km round the uplands east from Reykjavík which contains the most tourist spots. It is a must-visit route if you have only few days in Iceland. Since we are travelling further east instead of making a round back Reykjavík, it is only Golden Semi-circle for us! LOL!

Kerið Crater Lake

Kerið Crater Lake

Kerið is a beautiful volcanic crater with a nice blue lake and lovely greeneries! The correct pronunciation should be kerid, but I always call it as kay-rio. LOL!

One cool thing about Kerið is that its volcanic rock is red instead of black which blends well with the green vegetation.

Kerið Crater Lake Slope

There is a much gentle slope on one side of the crater, and over there, you can find a path to the lake. As we are slackers plus we have walked round the crater, we didn’t walk down! 😜

The entrance fee for Kerið is 400 ISK (as of November 2016).

Þingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Iceland wordings is really interesting. At the first look at the name of this national park, I thought someone put a emoji in front of the word 😛

Anglicised the word, it is know as Thingvellir National Park which has the largest lake in Iceland.

This is the place where you can scuba dive and take photo between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. But the water looks cold, so we didn’t go for it yeah! LOL! 😆

Thingvellir National Park Althing

You can find The Althing in this photo which is really small in order to test your eyesight!

There is also The Althing which is the national parliament of Iceland that was established in year 930! This makes Iceland one of the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy. Truly historical place yeah! That is why this place is called Thingvellir which means assembly field! 😊

Thingvellir National Park Lake

This place is really huge, so do prepare that you have to walk a lot over here! Many photo opportunities too so make sure you have enough storage memory yeah! 😉



Woohoo! This is my favourite attraction of all, Strokkur, which is a fountain geyser. This geyser erupts once every 6 to 10 minutes of up to an average of 20 meters high.

It is very interesting to see everyone staring hard at the boiling water and anticipating the eruption of the geyser! LOL! 😂😂😂

strokkur geyser

Everyone’s reaction is like us! Wahhhhhhh! Seeing harmless explosion is really damn exciting!

This attraction is a must-go in Iceland as it is one of the most stable natural geyser that erupts frequently! 👍👍👍


Gullfoss top view

A visit to Iceland will not be completed if you didn’t visit any waterfall. Gullfoss, also know as Golden Falls, is one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland!

I strongly recommend exploring the top trail where you can have an eagle eye view of the spectacular waterfall.

Gullfoss close up

Next, we walked down a series of stairs to take the bottom trail where you can be up close and personal to the waterfall!

The strong splashing of cold water from the waterfall is really a ‘refreshing’ experience! LOL! 😂😂😂

Gullfoss rainbow

With rainbow appearing at the end, we ended our golden semi-circle trip and headed towards Southern Iceland before we sleep over at Vík.

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