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Blue Lagoon • Iceland Ring Road Honeymoon Trip 1

blue lagoon stunning view

Iceland is located between Europe and North America continent, around 11,000km away from Singapore. (My friend said I copied this statement from Wikipedia! LOL!)

Therefore, it was around 20 hour of butt-pain flight. But since this is our Honeymoon trip and we are going to one of the world’s most beautiful place, this journey is definitely worth it!

istanbul airport

Our first stopover, Istanbul!

heathrow airport

There are many ways to get to Iceland as long as the airport has IcelandAir stopping over. We decided to choose London as our ultimate stopover and round 2 of our Honeymoon trip. All thanks to Brexit, the pound drop drop drop like grapes.

icelandair plane

The moment we see Icelandair plane, we are all hyped and ready for our epic honeymoon road trip!

iceland lonely house

Fast forward (coz I am a lousy blogger and forgot to take photo of Keflavik International Airport plus the weather was so cold, i basically had a brain freeze).

So from Keflavik International Airport, our car rental company fetched us to their office nearby. As a typical suaku who have just landed on a foreign land, we started taking photo of anything we can see while waiting for our car.

icerental4x4 suzuki car

Woohoo! Finally got our car! We rented a 4×4 car as it is autumn which is rainy season. Since the car plate starts with “JY”, I named this car as “Jiaying“. LOL! But the real reason why we took a photo of the car plate is so that we can remember and find this car! 😂😂😂

iceland driving

Candyce drives faster than me (a lot faster! LOL!) so she took on the wheel to ensure we can reach the next destination on time before sunset! Chiong ah!

iceland jump shot

Woohoo! Reached our first attraction in Iceland! Guess what?

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon! Most of our friends who went Iceland recommended this place and we are going to check it out why! It is a geothermal spa, therefore, a perfect place to relax after a long flight plus it is very near to Keflavik International Airport! Shiok ah! Oh yeah, before you rush in and jump into the water, below are some important tips that you die die must remember! 

  • Stay hydrated. You will get dehydrated for staying long period in warm water, so remember to drink lots of water before and during your visit.
  • Use conditioner. The water will not harm your hair but it will make them dry. So use plenty of conditioner before and after the dip.
  • Remove the jewellery. The water can affect items of jewellery so keep them safely in your private locker.
  • Skip the goggles. You cannot see beneath the surface so goggles and underwater cameras are unnecessary.
  • Bring sunglasses. As sunlight reflects strongly off the water, it is highly recommend to wear sunglasses on sunny days!

Blue Lagoon Day Time

Check out the awesome view and our awesome smile! The view is real while our smile is fake because it was freaking cold outside (around 5-10 degrees)! 😂😂😂

Behind the scene for this photo

TowkayNew: Come take photo, very nice! lai lai!

Candyce: Dun want! so colddddddddd!

TowkayNew: Faster! wait you regret!

*** Photo taken ***

Both of us jumping around, shivering and chiong into the water!

Anyway, don’t worry if it is too cold outside. You can enter the hot water from inside and slowly make your way out of the building.

blue lagoon stunning view

Candyce was so happy to be inside the hot water (around 37 – 39 degrees) that she can finally do all kind of poses for the camera! 😂😂😂

Since my camera is not waterproof, I need to run back to the locker, kept my Sony RX100m3 and whipped out my action camera, SJCAM SJ4000, so pardon the low quality photos below.

Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask Welfie

Other than dipping in the hot water and enjoy the lovely scenery, there are other stuff to keep us occupied like applying the silica mud mask. After applying the mask for 15mins, you can rinse your face with the water. At first, I thought the water is white due to all the visitors washing mask off their face in the water.

But the real reason why the water is white is because it contains silica, algae & many other minerals. The water is so white that it reflects the sky and make the lagoon blue!

So, the water is white not because it is dirty yeah! The water renews itself every 40 hours so it is actually self-cleansing! How convenient!

Blue Lagoon Legs Shot

Footselfie time! Wow I coined a new word hokay!

Blue Lagoon Drink Bar

We bought the comfort package, so we are entitled with a drink each. Can claim drinks, of coz take the most expensive one lah! We took apple cider, my favourite!

Blue Lagoon Night Time

My RX100m3 is out again to take some epic night shots! I strongly recommend going Blue Lagoon around sunset time so that you can enjoy both day and night view of this stunning place! It is two different experience! Night time is like having a pool party! Yo ah yo!

bye bye blue lagoon

Woohoo! Nice hot dip in Blue Lagoon is surely the first thing you should do after you touch down in Iceland, especially after a long flight! It is so relaxinggggg!

After this, we proceed to our first airbnb. Again, lousy blogger forgot to take photo of our first accommodation in Iceland! Trololololol! 😂😂😂

Check out our next day in Iceland where we explore the Golden Circle.

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