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Hua Hin Ultimate 3 days Itinerary


Hua Hin is a pretty popular getaway place for locals and tourists. It is well known for its beautiful beaches and is located about 3 hours from Bangkok. As I am planning for a short babymoon getaway, Hua Hin seems to be the right chilling place to enjoy the serenity and a beachside resort. After much research looking at the attractions, we booked our flight to Bangkok – Hua Hin.

Getting to Hua Hin

We took a flight from Singapore to Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is a flight of approximately 2 hours. Upon reaching Suvarnabhumi airport, we took a taxi to the nearby hotel Panini Residence which is 10-15 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Store Front

The next day, we booked an SUV car(but they gave us a mini van instead! Woohoo) which drive us to Hua Hin and along the way and we stopped by some attractions. A non-stop drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin will take approximately 3 hours.

Accommodation in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Hotel

We stayed in a luxurious 2 bedroom private villa with swimming pool at Anantasilia Villa by the Sea. We booked this villa as we wanted to enjoy the peace and calmness in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Living Room

I was very thrilled by this villa as it feels so spacious and we can have the whole pool to ourselves. I have never stayed booked such an expensive villa as we usually go quite budget on our travel trip. I have decided to splurge a bit more since I will not be able to travel fly for the next 6 months or more.

3 days 3 nights Ultimate Itinerary in Hua Hin

Day 0: 5pm Arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport and Check In to Panini Residence

Bangkok Panini Residence Lobby

We arrived and check in at Panini Residence. We will be staying here for a night before heading to Hua Hin the next day.

Bangkok Panini Residence Room

The room is pretty spacious and clean.

Bangkok Panini Residence Bathroom

It is a good place to stay if you are looking for accommodation overnight as it is near to the airport. Upon putting down our luggage, we took a grab car to the nearest night market around that area.

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi night market

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Pink Plane

Opening hours: 5pm to midnight (Close on Monday)

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Huge Plane

This night market indeed surprise me as there are many interesting cool planes.

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Food Stalls

It is a very vibrant night market filled with food and some shopping. As it is not near the city, there are not a lot of people and most of the crowd are Thais.

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Baby Bump

We walked around the night market to take many photos.

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Bon Appetit

As it is dinner time, there are plenty of seats where we can just seat anywhere and get any food that we crave for.

Runway 3119 Suvarnabhumi Night Market Food Collage

We ordered lots of food. You can never go wrong ordering food where most people are eating. After dinner, we took a Grab back to our hotel to have an early rest as we will be waking up early the next day to head to Hua Hin and nearby attractions.

Day 1: Bangkok to Hua Hin


  • Maeklong Railway Market
  • Damnernsadauk Floating Market
  • Santorini Park
  • Cicada market
  • Tamarind market

1st Stop: 6.30AM – Pick up from our hotel to Maeklong Railway Market

Street To Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market is a very popular destination where I always wanted to experience. It is not the usual market that we see.

Maeklong Railway Market Train Coming

It is a market where the active trains running through the market and the store owners will have to keep all their items on the train lines. Most travel documentary would have featured this cool place but I still want to see it and experience it myself.

Maeklong Railway Station

There are a few timings where the train will run through the market. Trains will arrive station at 830am and 9am, 11.10am, 2.30pm, 5.40pm. I personally felt that the best time to reach is before 815am as the weather is not too hot and we can see the trains twice if once is not enough.

Maeklong Railway Market Train Passing By

As the train passed us in such a small confined space, we were really scared but excited at the same time. We happily waved at the people on the train and the people were waving at us. It was just such an awesome experience squeezing with the train in the wet market.

Maeklong Railway Market

Note: Maeklong Railway market is like any other wet market that sells fresh vegetables, food, fruit, seafood and many other things. Do watch your steps while walking on the tracks and looking at the huge varieties of items that they sell.

2nd stop: 1030AM – Damnernsadauk Floating Market

Damnernsadauk Floating Market Boat Waiting

We were pretty lucky for the perfect weather as it was not too hot. While waiting, we were served water, coffee or hot chocolate to enjoy.

Damnernsadauk Floating Market Boat

We boarded a sampan looking boat to bring us around the floating market to have experience of the past where most of the thai people carry out their marketing on a sampan. There are different types of package where you can choose a 1 hours (2000 Baht) or 2 hours (3000 Baht) tour along the waterway. We took the 1 hour tour which we think is enough for us.

Damnernsadauk Floating Market Welcome

We entered the floating market through the canals to enjoy the famous Damnoensaduak floating market. This floating market is well known for its maze of canals and considered one of the most popular floating markets.

Damnernsadauk Floating Market More Stalls

Along the floating market, we can see many souvenirs. As this is a tourist destination, the souvenirs are also of tourist price. We did not get anything as the items are at least 5 times more expensive than on land.

Damnernsadauk Floating Market Stall

Nevertheless, it was pretty fun to take the boat ride along the floating market and understanding their culture. After the floating market tour, it is time for lunch. We decided to try some authentic food in the area.

Lunch @ Pad Thai Tha Yang

Tham Yang Pad Thai Interior

I have read many google review that this cosy place sell authentic Pad Thai. As we sat down in the shop, we realised that all the items are in Thai and they do not have any English menu. I tried to use google to translate but as most of the words are handwritten, it cannot be identified. As such, we decided to use our body language to point what we want to eat and below are the items that we successfully ordered which we are proud of ourselves.

Tham Yang Pad Thai

The Pad Thai is small but so delicious with big prawns. I would definitely give a thumbs up for this dish.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Vermicelli

Vermicelli Fried noodles – Nicely fried and very tasty.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Balls

Fried Pork Ball- it is tender and never get enough as it is awesome.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Soup

Mix organ soup – the soup based with the various organs make the whole bowl really good.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Noodle

The noodle soup is very chewy and nice soup based.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Rice

Basil rice – This is a little spicy but the food is just so mouth watering.

Tham Yang Pad Thai Dessert

After the lunch, they have some desserts that we can order such as grass jelly, jack fruits and ice jelly sago which is very unique as it is our first time eating in this kind of casual restaurant. Overall, it was a very satisfying lunch which I still think of and hope to go back for more.

3rd stop – 2.30pm arrived at Santorini Park

Hua Hin Santorini Park Ferry Wheel

Santorini Park is a very popular attraction in Hua Hin. This shopping cum amusement park is inspired by the Santorini style in Greece.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Street

This is a very lovely place to visit as there are just so many places to have photos opportunities.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Miffy

There are also many shops that sell apparels, shoes, and some cute shops. We bought a couple of T-shirts as well.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Street Art

Every angle and every photo is just so unique while we took a stroll at Santorini Park.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Romantic

Enjoying our mini photoshoot.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Tuk Tuk Store

The best thing is that there is also not a lot of crowd which means we can just take our own sweet time to enjoy this place.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Hulk

Our cute popo is also having fun with the Hulk.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Miffy Cafe

As it is tea time, we decided to have a rest while enjoying our afternoon tea at Miffy Garden cafe with green tea latte and a Miffy cake. I would say the flavour and food here is quite delicious.

Hua Hin Santorini Park Inside Ferry Wheel

After eating, we took the ferris wheel to enjoy the view from the top. This ferris wheel is not the slow type, it turns 3 rounds and the whole ride will take about 15 mins.

Note: There is an entrance fee(150 Baht) which includes one ride of your choice.

Check in to our Villa

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Beach

Beach in front of our villa

After Santorini Park, we now make our way to our Hua Hin Villa at Anantasilia by the Sea for Check-in.

4th stop – 7pm hotel shuttle bus to Cicada night market

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Shuttle Bus

We took a hotel shuttle van to Cicada night market/ Tamarind night market. These two night markets are just side by side each other. The journey takes about 10-15 minutes ride.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market

Cicada night market is not the typical Thailand night market that we usually go. It is a very high end, stylish and clean night market filled with live music and art.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Paintings

There are many local artists with really pretty artwork, handicraft, souvenirs and DIY items.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Shopping Street

There are many selections of the items but are also more pricey as compared to the Thai night market. The atmosphere is really relaxing and a good place to enjoy and chill.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Food Street

There are many different types of cuisines at Cicada night market from Turkish to Western and also the local Thai cuisines. We are just spoiled for choice.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Coupons

We need to purchase coupons to buy food. Each set will cost 100Baht. For the unused coupons, you can return back at the coupon box for a refund.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Food

Duck noodles, duck jade noodles and pig trotter rice

Since we are in Thailand, ordering Thai food is still a must.

Hua Hin Cicada Night Market Dining Area

All in all, the Cicada night market is a well organised market with great food, vibes, crowd size, and shopping options. This is an awesome place to bring family, friends for a new experience.

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market

Just across the road will be Tamarind market, this is the traditional Thai night market where things are cheaper than Cicada night market.

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market Food Street

Just like most of the Thai night markets, they have almost everything from clothes, shoes, art and craft to the interesting food.

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market Quail Egg

There are many local delights which TowkayNew loves and he could not resist the temptation but to order even though we already had our dinner at Cicada night market. Oh well, just enjoy first since we are on vacation!

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market Noodles

We also ordered Shrimp with Glass noodles as we don’t usually get to eat it in Singapore. Singaporeans just like to eat and that’s our hobby!

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market Thai Ice Milk Tea

And of course, who can resist the temptation to Thai Iced Milk Tea? Sometimes I don’t know if I have the pregnant craving or TowkayNew as he is always hungry and looking for food and drinks. Hahah…

Hua Hin Tamarind Night Market Games

Other than shops and foods, there are also traditional shooting games for kids to enjoy.

Personally, I enjoyed the high end Cicada night market but I prefer Tamarind night market for the local atmosphere and feel. Tamarind night market is less commercialised and the food tends to be more authentic. As it is getting late, we took a Tuk Tuk back to our villa to have a good night rest after a long day.

Day 2: Shopping @ Hua Hin

As it was supposed to be a relax vacation, I wanted to enjoy the private pool and soak in the water. As I wake up from my bed, I realised that it was raining. Sobs sobs…
Nevertheless, we found out from the reception that there is free shuttle service to the Bluport Huahin resort mall, market village or clock tower.

Bluport Huahin Resort Mall

Bluport Hua Hin Resort Mall

We arrived at Bluport Hua Hin resort mall. This is a fashion mall surprises me as it is very pretty and looks really new.

Bluport Hua Hin Resort Mall Toilet

The toilets are not the ordinary toilets but they have art prints and are nicely designed.

Bluport Hua Hin Resort Mall Interior

The mall is really spacious and there are many shops such as Uniqlo, H&M, crocs and departmental stores with high end gourmet markets. We bought some nice towels and rompers for our baby.

Hua Hin Market Village

Hua Hin Market Village

After exploring the fashion mall- Bluport, we took a tuk tuk to Hua Hin Market village.

Hua Hin Market Village Interior

There are many retail shops, food courts and a supermarket. It is a great place to shop, dine and can have a massage at a reasonable price.

Hua Hin Market Village Food Court

We went to the food court for our lunch which has a wide varieties of the different Thai food from Tom Yam soup, beef noodles, pork knuckles, seafood and mango sticky rice. There are many tourists and locals eating in this food court.

Hua Hin Market Village Massage

After lunch, we shopped around the mall and ended up in this massage shop for a foot massage and body massage. It was a refreshing and comfortable experience. We were lucky to have pretty good masseur to do the massage for us as I always felt that massage is heng suay depending on the masseur we get.

Hua Hin Market Village Supermarket

Lastly, we went to the supermarket to shop and buy dinner and snacks as we can cook a simple dinner in our villa and enjoy the last night in the private villa.

Back to our Villa

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Private Pool

We then took a tuk tuk back to our villa and the rain has stopped. We went for a swim in our private pool.

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Baby Bump

We also tried to take many baby bumps photos as we really want to create memories on this pregnancy.

Hua Hin Anantasila Villa By The Sea Private Pool Baby Bump

It was kind of fun Swimming in the pool during pregnancy. It is a very different experience.

Day 3: Hua Hin – Bangkok Airport

1st Pit Stop: Hua Hin Train station

Hua Hin Train Station

Hua Hin train station is one of the most beautiful architecture and has a very retro feel.

Hua Hin Train Station Welfie

It is still a working train station and there are train services available to other parts of Bangkok. As TowkayNew likes to see trains and train stations, this is a MUST visit place for us! Check out his super happy face!

Hua Hin Train Station Group Shot

Hua Hin train station has a unique building style and every angle is just so pretty and calm. We took many different photos during our visit and we love this place as it is not too crowded and we felt very relaxed.

Hua Hin Train Station Cafe

There is also a small coffee house to enjoy a cup of coffee or look at the interesting cute items for sales.

I would definitely recommend visiting this place if one is in Hua Hin as it is worth to explore for about 15-20min around the train station to see the architecture and some cool pictures.

Pit Stop 2: Mercado de Plearnwan

Mercado De Plearnwan

Mercado de Plearnwan is a retro shopping village. While we stepped into the village, we felt like stepping back into time. There is a nostalgic feeling. Best of all, there is no entrance fees to enter this retro shopping village.

Mercado De Plearnwan Shop

There are many shops selling many different items. Some of the items includes the snacks and old school toys of the old days. We were pretty amazed by the items that were sold as we don’t really get to see them a lot in Singapore anymore.

Mercado De Plearnwan Crepe

Crepe with TowkayNew’s fave anime: One Piece!

Mercado de Plearnwan is not only a shopping village but also has foods such as Thai food, crepes, pancakes and ice pops. As we find that the charcoal crepe looks good, we decided to order and try. The presentation of the crepe is full marks but the taste of the crepe is only average.

Mercado De Plearnwan Ferries Wheel

As we continue walking, they also have a little ferris wheel ride that people can take.

Mercado De Plearnwan Truck

This little shopping place is a good location to have nice instagrammable photos. It is very colourful and pretty.

Mercado De Plearnwan Food Collage

As we are hungry, we decided to have our lunch here and ordered Thai food such as wanton noodles, roast pork rice, pig trotter noodles and Thai fish cake. We also had a bingsu dessert. The food is a little pricey but it is delicious.

Mercado De Plearnwan Bingsu

This bingsu took some time as the store owner was very meticulous in decorating the items on the bingsu. In such hot weather, it is very shiok to have bingsu.

Mercado De Plearnwan Alley

In such a nice instagrammable place, we of course need to take a photo with our little baby in my tummy as this is a baby moon before I deliver in Nov.

Mercado De Plearnwan Entrance

This is the entrance to Plearnwan. It may not be noticeable as it looks totally different when we are inside.

Pit Stop 3: Venezia Hua Hin

Venezia Hua Hin Entrance

This will be our last attraction in Hua Hin before we head back to the airport and fly back to Singapore. Time flies and it is coming to the end our our babymoon trip.

Venezia Hua Hin Bird Cage

Venezia is a themed shopping village with some attractions. There is an entrance fee and this includes Choo Choo train ride, trick eye museum, mini animal farm and many more. As we have a time constraint, we bought the cheapest entrance ticket.

Venezia Hua Hin Train Ride

Here we are touring Venezia through the Choo Choo train ride. It has been a kong while since we took a mini train ride.

Venezia Hua Hin 3d Artwork

After the train ride, we went to the trick eye museum where we took lots of photos with the cool effect which look real and fun!

Venezia Hua Hin Trick Art

This is one of my favorite of popo with TowkayNew at the edge of the cliff.

Venezia Hua Hin Boat Ride

This is the small canal where people will have a boat ride around this place. We did not take the ride as we prefer to have a stroll to see more things.

Venezia Hua Hin Bridge

It is a good place to take nice photos though this place is actually pretty small. Now, it is time for us to get back to the airport.

Back to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Yeah, we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport on time.

Bangkok Flight Delay

However, we were told that our flight was delayed. Luckily, they gave us some meal coupons to ease our disappointment.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Restaurants

Thank goodness, Suvarnabhumi Airport has quite a number of restaurants. Time to feast!

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Food Court

If you want a cheaper option, there is also a food court available.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Mango Sticky Rice

Before we bid goodbye to Thailand, having the dessert mango sticky rice is definitely our must! 😛

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Massage

And since we still have a couple of hours to wait, we also went for a quick massage session. Surprisingly, the massage skill there is quite good.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Shopping

And lastly, while we are waiting, it is time to stock up some yummy goodies and souvenirs for our family, colleagues and friends!


Hua Hin is really a nice place for a quick relaxing getaway and that is the very reason why I choose this location for our Babymoon trip! If you are a seafood lover, this is also a good place where you can have a nice affordable seafood feast. However, since I’m pregnant, it is safer for me to avoid seafood!

If you are planning trips outside Bangkok, other than Hua Hin, you can also check out Khao Yai where there are many lovely theme hotels and the weather there are nice too! Hope you enjoy this post and keep traveling! 😉

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