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Goa Pindul Cave Tubing and Rafting Oyo Adventure

Nicholas Lim

After an exhausting morning hiking down to Jomblang cave to witness Heaven’s Light, we were looking forward to something more relaxing. Thankfully, our next activity was Pindul Cave Tubing.

Entry tickets to Pindul Cave – Rp 10,000 each

WELCOME to Pindul Cave

Our driver brought us to this vendor called TripGoaPindul. It was the most colorful stall front there. You can check out their website here (no English though).

TripGoaPindul offers a variety of activities. Jasa Foto sure sounds like Just-a-Photo TROLOLOLOLOL!!!

We decided on Package A (Rp. 80,000) as we had enough of hiking for the day and just wanted to chill. We had to wait for a while and our dear Candyce wanted to try the Bakso stall outside. I just realized I’m in the picture as well hehehe.

After a short 5 min wait, we were ready to set off. The only equipment required for this activity is the tube itself along with a life-jacket (both provided). Cave tubing is so safe that I wouldn’t have any qualms getting my grandmother to do it. All you need to do is sit your ass inside the circular tube, simple as that. They even have safety ropes tied across the bottom of the tube so that you have something to sit on. As with all water activities, a waterproof pouch is the most important thing you need to bring so that you can capture all your awesome memories without fear.

Candyce and Jiaying spoilt for choice

Now that’s one way to carry your tube. Talk about using one’s head lol.

All set and ready to go!!

Pindul Cave Tubing

Off to the start of Pindul Cave Tubing. To be honest, all caves look the same to me so I wasn’t overly thrilled as we floated through the cave.

Forming up in a neat row

Random hole in Pindul cave. Seriously didn’t find it that interesting oops.

The end of our relaxing Pindul Cave Tubing

Still alive and happy 🙂

We got to see some bats but that’s about it. After a peaceful 20 min ride through the entire cave, we finally got out into the sun and made our way back to the starting point. Nothing fancy, but relaxing nonetheless. Thinking that we were done for the day, we approached our driver and told him to unlock the car for us. Funnily enough, he shot us a questioning look and mumbled something in Bahasa. Sensing that we understood nothing of what he was trying to say, he took it upon himself to find our vendor.

Rafting Oyo

Guess what! There was ANOTHER RAFTING OYO ACTIVITY waiting for us. What a pleasant surprise! HAHAHAHAHA!! And there we were all ready to head back to our villa. Super clown sia!! We were transported to the start of the river in pickups which gave me the feeling that we were prisoners of war being deported. Within 5 minutes, we had to alight and slowly carry our tubes to the start of the river.

River crossing machiam back in army again 😨😨 Have to be careful as it gets pretty slippery. “When floor is wet, the slipper will slip” – saw this sign in a Taiwan toilet before lol.

The Happy Trio 👨‍👩‍👧 Almost can’t tell who is who (referring to the sisters)

Ready to go but first…. LET ME TAKE A SELFIEEEE!!! 📸

This was the start of many EPIC moments!! Firstly, New was trying to act like a soldier saluting me while walking down the wet rocky steps with his tube. Being the klutz that he is, he slipped and nearly fell flat on his back but avoided the mishap with some quick re-balancing lol 😂 As we reached a nice plateau with enough space for all 4 of us, I suggested taking a photo. New, Candyce and I were all ready for the photo but out of nowhere, we heard Jiaying’s crying for help “Help!! Help!! My slipper!!” We turned our heads in the direction she was pointing and to our amusement, one of her slippers was slowly but surely getting swept away by the current.

I was about to react but New valiantly stepped in front of me and bounded after the slipper to no avail, nearly falling down in the process lol. We watched longingly as the slipper got washed away further and further from us. From the corner of my eye, I spied our guide walking across the plateau. Lo and behold, there was an abrupt turn in the current and the slipper magically drifted towards the guide. This guy really knows his river man hahaha. He probably thought we were retards but he handed the lone slipper back to Jiaying, much to her relief.

My turn – Lowering myself into the tube, I was the first to enter the river. Once Candyce entered as well, we were off. The initial few seconds were enjoyable. There I was enjoying myself spinning around in the river, soaking in the beauty of nature and slowly taking my phone out of the waterproof pouch. Unfortunately, this feeling of serenity was short-lived. My tube flipped as it went over a hump and before I knew it, I was underwater!! MAN OVERBOARD!! MAY DAY MAY DAY!!! At that critical moment, my first thought was not how to save myself but whether my iPhone was wet since I was in the midst of whipping it out just before I flipped. I immediately grabbed the waterproof pouch and tried my best to hold it above water. My shades were somewhere on my face and I struggled to get my head above water. Can you imagine someone underwater being swept away by the current and still holding up his waterproof pouch? Yep, that’s me lol. Thankfully, I somehow managed to spot a rock to stop my momentum and braced myself for impact. Luckily, the rock wasn’t sharp so there was no pain at all. I quickly gathered myself and inspected my iPhone. PHEW! iPhone was still in the waterproof pouch. No water went in at all. Second thought – where the hell was my tube?!!?!?!? I shouted to Candyce (who seemed to be floating away and enjoying the spectacle) asking her where my float was and she pointed behind me. Ahhhh. So maybe humans travel faster than tubes in the current hahahah. 🤔 As soon as it floated by, I grabbed the tube and made my way towards Candyce. Once I met up with her, I handed her my waterproof pouch, shades, and slippers (thankfully they were still on my feet) and finally got myself back on the tube. What an epic adventure!! Little did I know, New and Jiaying were having their own little adventure back at the start of the river as Jiaying capsized as well. We found out later after watching the video that it was the same hump. Hahahaha. What a bunch of CLOWNS man. Thankfully, we both escaped unscathed.

That moment when Jiaying capsized 😂😂😂


We soon drifted towards a cliff jumping spot. There was a 3 metre one (where the boy is standing) and a 5 metre one (far right of the picture), and a bunch of brave young kids were already queuing up to leap off the cliff. Our guide beckoned for us to get our asses out of the tube to go join in the fun. But due to old age (lol), we decided to give this one a miss. The guide gave us a knowing smile and shook his head. Think he must have been really disappointed with our lack of enthusiasm hahaha. BUT we already experienced enough adrenaline rush from capsizing earlier!!! Give us a break, please hehehe.

There was something that we didn’t mind trying though. And that was getting our body massaged by a very strong waterfall pouring down. You should definitely remove your spectacles or shades before going under the waterfall as it is really powerful. It is nice and refreshing to feel the seemingly ice cold water raining down on you 👍👍 

About 5-10 more minutes of being swept by the current and we finally reached the end. Final word of advice – just clip your slippers to your life-jacket or you might end up walking home barefoot 😝

Slipper check!!

We made our way out of the river and hopped onto the waiting pickups. A bumpy but fun ride ensued.

Minutes later and we were back with our favorite driver! We were all very hungry and it was time to head back to our villa for dinner 🙂 BUT FIRST.. ONE LAST SHOT WITH OUR AWESOME RIVER GUIDE HEHEHE. He sure looks rugged alright. All in all, Pindul Cave Tubing and Rafting Oyo was a really nice, cheap and enjoyable experience. Big thanks to TripGoaPindul! Highly recommended!!

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