Goa Jomblang – Cave with Heavenly Light

jomblang cave heavenly light wow

Goa Jomblang aka Jomblang Cave @ Yogyakarta is a place where I was awed by the beauty of mother nature! On top of this, I was amazed by the power of humans!

All I know about Jomblang Cave was to seek out the heavenly light, but little did I knew, it was a big adventure ahead!

Bumpy Ride

trip to jomblang cave

The journey to Jomblang Cave was a long, winding and bumpy drive in. There were upslopes, downslopes and sharp turns, plus the usual non stop horning. It is impossible for you to eat or sleep in the car. Jiaying described this ride as ‘kingkongkingkonkingkingkong’. LOL! 😂😂😂 #WeirdSoundEffects

jomblang cave registration

Finally, we arrived Jomblang Cave registration point at 9am and we were surprised to see so many people! During the journey in here, we didn’t see any cars, and suddenly these cars and people were like appearing out of nowhere! LOL, like magic sia!

jomblang cave queue number

We were queue number 10 and I noticed the wording below:

The queue number down

At first, I thought the wordings were telling us that the queue numbers were in descending order and I was like wth obviously!

jomblang cave waiting area

Although there were already lots of people, we still had to wait for 1 hour before we set off at 10am. The ideal timing to look at heavenly light is 10.30am to 11.30am, so we were praying hard that we could get there in time! 🙏🙏🙏

jomblang cave cleaning area

The whole journey will be very muddy but thank goodness, boots were provided! Yeah, no need to wash my shoes! 😆😆😆

jomblang cave boots collection

Great Singapore Sale ah! Chiong ah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave boots

We really need to be fast and unleashed our true Singaporean kaisu spirit else we won’t be able to get the boots size that fits. Unfortunately, Candyce and Jiaying’s legs are too small and their boots were a bit too big for them.

jomblang cave boots collected

We looked like fishmongers after wearing our boots. Excuse me sir, salmon one piece, the freshest one, thank you!

jomblang cave waterproof phone

Equipment check! One part of the cave is quite wet, so better safe than sorry, all phones in waterproof pouch yeah! 👍👍👍

Thrilling Descending

jomblang cave descending spot

After our boots collection and toilet breaks, the guides leaded us to the descending spot and my immediate reaction is wahhhhhh 😱😱😱 siao liao lah! 😂😂😂

The guides wasted no time and started to prepare the equipments while all the visitors were all checking out what they had signup into! #NoTurningBack 😂😂😂


jomblang cave sinkhole

Closer look at the pit! It is awesomely huge! To be exact, this is actually a 400m sinkhole created thousand of years ago! In order to see the heavenly light, we need to descend around 60m where the cave resides.

jomblang cave descending queue

Now the wordings ‘the queue number down’ made sense! We are the 10th group to go down this seems-like-bottomless-pit sinkhole.

While waiting, a lot of questions came into my mind and the most concerned question I had was how we come back up after going down! LOL! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave villagers

Then Candyce pointed to the back and said:

Neh! This group of people will pull you up!

😱😱😱 Wah siao! You must be kidding sia! 😅😅😅

jomblang cave descending queue wait

Okay breathe in breathe out! Mr Humji Kia TowkayNew smile and relax okay! Dun be afraid! 😂😂😂

The girls feedback that they are talking to us (the boys) but we are not responding to them. They said that I am silent throughout. But I am meditating okay! #IntenseFocus 😆😆😆

jomblang cave descending expression

Tips to people who are afraid of heights, don’t look down first and trust your harness. Lean back slowly and once you are hanging freely, you will know you are safe! And then you can look down to enjoy the view! 😜😜😜

jomblang cave descending view

We are going down! waaaaaaaah, ancient forest, here we come!

Good thing about this tour is that they will lower you down, so you do not need to do abseiling. Heng ah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave descending down

For the girls, they kept screaming. According to them, it was not because of the heights but because their harnesses were too tight and painful!

Tips: Don’t ask them to tie the harness too tight else the consequences is painful sia!

In the end, we are the noisiest group coming down. We had no idea why the rest could come down so calmly and peacefully. The 4 of us were like clowns HAHA. 😂😂😂

Dark Cave Trail

jomblang cave forest

Through the ancient forest, the trail got muddier and we really appreciate it when boots are provided in this tour.

Above facial expression of the girls are not real! LOL! They were actually struggling with their huge boots, so their legs kept coming off! Wahahaaha!

jomblang cave entrance

Beneath is the entrance to the dark cave! Walk slowly yeah, it was really slippery!

jomblang cave entrance with forest

Posing time! The epic clown Jiaying’s hands flipped back and almost hit the people behind but she was really focus in posing for the photo!

Tips: Keep safety distance yeah! 😂😂😂

jomblang cave inside

This is the dark cave trail and there are stone steps which makes the muddy path a lot easier to walk!

jomblang cave view outside

This is one of my favourite view in this tour. Nice greenery transitioning into dark lonely cave.

jomblang cave view inside

Torchlights were not provided to us however the guides setup some lighting points for us to see clearer.

Tips: Bring your own torchlight just in case! 👍

When we saw lights ahead of the dark trail, we knew that we are reaching our ultimate destination!

Heavenly Light

jomblang cave

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Beams of lights shining from the hole above brightening the dark cave! As there is an underground river, the water sound is like a melody to this spectacular natural phenomenon. There must be heaven up there! ✨✨✨

jomblang cave heavenly light welfie

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Lots of photo opportunities! As the cave is quite dark, you will need to use flash and be prepared for some post editing of photos yeah!

Goa Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta

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Do take as many photos as fast as you can before the heavenly light disappear!

goa jomblang

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We were really lucky to catch the magnificent view of the heavenly light! As we spent our time there, the light started to fade and became less visible.

jomblang cave flowstones

After taking a series of photos and poses with the heavenly light, we proceeded up to check out the flowstones.

jomblang cave flowstones big

The flowstone are created beautifully by the water dripping from the top. This area is really wet and slippery, so be careful yeah!

goa jomblang inside

After all the awe and excitement, it was time to go back up to the surface.

Exciting Ascending

goa jomblang ancient forest

While we were waiting for our turn to ascend, we started to check out the aftermath of the muddy trail.

jomblang cave muddy boots

Mud on my boots all the way up to my pants!


jomblang cave muddy shirt

Candyce was obviously not impressed!

jomblang cave ready to ascend

Our turn to ascend, this time, I was not so afraid anymore!

jomblang cave ascending completed

Final pose before we bidded farewell to Jomblang Cave.

Gym Workout

jomblang cave ascending method

Once we were on top, we were surprised to see so many people. They were the guys working hard to pull us up yeah!

jomblang cave ascending pulling team

We stayed on to check out the power of humans!

jomblang cave ready to pull

After seeing them like having fun when pulling up the visitors, Nic and me decided to help them out!

jomblang cave ascending pull

This work requires lots of strength, no wonder there were so many people pulling.

jomblang cave after pull

After the pull, we felt like we just had a gym workout. Check out our muscle! Wooyah!

jomblang cave back

On the way back to the washing point, We (the boys) kept saying that the pull was very heavy. However, the girls kept hushing us because the two visitors that we had just pulled up were right in front of us! Opps! haha! LOL! 😜😜😜

jomblang cave lunch

After washing up, we had our lunch which were included in the tour. There are fried chicken (hell yeah), tempeh (yummy) and vegetables! Just in time as we were very hungry after the journey!


If you love nature and adventure, I strongly recommend to check out Jomblang Cave Tour when you are in Yogyakarta. It costs IDR 450,000 (inclusive of lunch) per pax and it is definitely worth it. Do remember to bring a good camera in order to take a nice shot of the heavenly light! 

Very notchbad (means very good lah)! Thumbs up!

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  1. Chua Xuan Yi
    Chua Xuan Yi says:

    hi! really enjoyed reading this post and had a good laugh at what you had blog. I was planning to go to this cave as well. would you please share with me the booking / toue details?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    xuan yi

  2. Jia Hou
    Jia Hou says:

    Hi! Where did you make the booking for this tour? As there are any many providers, we’re not sure which to go for?


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