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How to watch a Baseball Match in Korea

Jamsil Baseball Stadium Korea

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Korea. Watching the baseball match is more than just a game, it’s the whole atmosphere of the field, sitting amongst the passionate fans cheering together was a whole new experience.

Korea Baseball Match

Buying tickets online in advance is hard for tourists as it is in Korean characters. Even after selecting the slots on the website, we are unable to make payment. The good thing is – you can buy tickets at the stadium.

Here’s how.

Firstly, you have to decide on the location and baseball team you support

Korea Baseball Match Schedule


There are baseball matches at various locations (Jamsil, Munhak, Daegu etc). Depending on where you are, you will then choose the one closest to you unless you have a particular baseball team you would like to support. We watched at Jamsil, it’s the most convenient in Seoul and we did not have any particular teams in mind.

We Bare Bears Doosan Bears Seoul

Next would be deciding on the Baseball Team you want to support. There will be 2 teams playing against each other, and supporters of each team are seated separately on opposite sides. We had no idea about the teams, so we just ask around and someone told us to support DOOSAN. DOOSAN had lots of supporters compared to its competitors as it is the home team.

Head to the Baseball Field Early

Jamsil Baseball Stadium Korea

For us, we went to Jamsil Baseball Field. The area can be confusing with Jamsillaru Station, Jamsil Station and Jamsilsaenae Station. The metro station to alight for the baseball match is Sports Complex Station.

We arrived at around 6:15 pm, the popular seatings were sold out but since it was a weekday we were able to secure the quite a good seats (section 209)

Head to the Counter to Buy Tickets

Jamsil Baseball Stadium Counter

When you reach the baseball stadium, head to the counter and you can buy your tickets.

Jamsil Baseball Stadium Seating

You have to tell them the team you are supporting and then the section. The seats are divided into 2 main sections each with supporters of different teams. So in this case, LG Twins supports are all seated on the right side. The prices range from VIP which cost ₩60,000 being the most expensive to ₩7,000 being the least expensive. In my opinion, the best seats to get are 206, 207, 220, 221 as these are where the cheerleaders are performing and you can get the best view of the mascots! These are the red seats and should cost you ₩16,000 (the amt we paid), less than ₩20,000. Even though you purchased the seats in the section but once you entire it is free seating within the section. So you still have to be early to get the better seats in the section. Don’t bother to get the cheapest seats because you won’t be able to feel the entire atmosphere or see the players since the field is quite huge!

After buying your tickets, grab Food and Drinks

Jamsil Baseball Stadium EateriesJamsil Baseball Stadium Food

After buying the tickets, you can buy food and eat while enjoying the match! You don’t have to buy them in advance. There are many many many food stalls outside the stadium from pizza to fried chicken. You can see at least 3 BHC around the stadium LOL! You can even chope your seats then come out to buy from the nearest shop.

Enjoy the Match

Doosan Bears MascotDoosan Bears FansDoosan Bears Jersey

Lastly, enjoy the match with the cheers and dances. It’s amazing how the people of all ages are cheering and singing together. There will be a different song and cheer for the teams at different segments of the match. They probably had different meanings but I could not understand. Koreans people are extremely passionate when it comes to cheering. I was really surprised by the amount of enthusiasm and excitement in them.



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  1. Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson says:

    This was a great article. Especially the specific sections that are best for purchasing tickets. I made a huge mistake (April 2024) buying seats in the wrong section 😔 (103)


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