10 Reasons Why Natra Bintan aka The Canopi is a perfect Glamping spot in Bintan!

Crystal Lagoon Bintan With The Canopi

Note: The Canopi has renamed to Natra Bintan, A Tribute Portfolio Resort.

It is because of The Canopi that I learnt about this term called ‘glamping’. Apparently, glamping is a play of words between glamorous and camping. My immediate reaction is:

Oxymoron sia! How can camping be glamorous?

Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

As usual, Candyce is the one who planned for this trip (to celebrate Mother’s day). And been the usual me as a sleeping partner, I did not research much about The Canopi at all.

Candyce: Let’s go The Canopi!

Me: Where is it?

Candyce: At Bintan!

Me: Okay noted! 😆

Here we are at Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal and immediately, I have created an epic moment. The custom officer out of the sudden asked me where I am going and my reaction was:

Urmmmm, urmmmm, urmmm

While I was urm-ing, I look up down left right for clues of where we were going! 😂😂😂 Thank goodness Jiaying was at the custom counter next to me (but still quite a distance). She mouthed the destination name from afar and took me around 2mins before I got it! 😂😂😂 Thank goodness, I was still not too suspicious else this blog post will be about ‘how I stucked in Bintan custom’ 😂😂😂 Morale of the story:

Know where you are going even though you want travel surprises but not this kind of way! 😆😆😆

The Canopi Pickup From Bintan Ferry Terminal

Upon reaching, there is a pretty lady waiting for us. My immediate reaction is:

Atas sia!

Long time never has such a welcome in Bintan since our last visit @ Club Med Bintan.

Treasure Bay Bintan Bus

Boarding time! The bus was labelled with ‘Treasure Bay Bintan’ as The Canopi resides in a recreational spot called ‘Treasure Bay’.

Treasure! That is what you are! 😂😂😂

Inside Treasure Bay Bintan Bus

Nice comfortable bus! However, the ride was less than 10mins. So do not sleep yeah, coz ain’t nobody got time for that! 😂😂😂

The Canopi Bintan Lobby

Upon reaching, I was like:

Wow! That is a huge swimming pool! 😱😱😱 Sugoi! 😍😍😍

But little did I know, the moment I stepped foot into the lobby, it was already the start of my glamping journey! Here’s 10 reasons why! 😋😋😋

1 ) Gigantic Blue Crystal Lagoon

The Canopi Bintan Crystal Lagoon

So without second thought, I whipped out my camera and dashed towards the ‘swimming pool’! Lo and behold, it is actually a crystal clear blue lagoon almost like the one in Iceland except for the weather lah! 😆😆😆😱😱😱

Crystal Lagoon Bintan

The view is absolutely stunning! This is Treasure Bay most iconic attraction, the Crystal Lagoon, which is 6.3-hectare big (equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools 😱😱😱).

Crystal Lagoon Bintan With The Canopi

We immediately took more photos with this awesome view. Check out The Canopi behind! 😍😍😍

Crystal Lagoon Solo Shot

This lagoon is filled with salt water so it is almost like a mini ocean without waves and fishes! LOL! Plus the water is lukewarm even during rainy days! Nice! 😇😇😇

The Canopi Check In

Checking in time!

2 ) Huge Luxury Tents

The Canopi Bintan Tents

And yes! This is what I call a true glamorous camping (glamping) experience. Huge luxury tent which can accommodate 4 pax is awaiting us to discover! 😍😍😍

The Canopi Bintan Glamping Tent Suite Lagoon Deluxe

The moment I entered the tent, i was amazed by the interior and ambience. It was just too romantic, a perfect spot for honeymoon. Nice big bed with cosy lights.

The Canopi Bintan Sofa Bed

Since we have 4 people, there is a sofa bed for another 2 people to sleep on. Check out the vintage luggage on the right, it is actually their fridge.

The Canopi Bintan Interior

The study table is also designed to look like a vintage luggage. Coupled with bronze metal fan and lamp, the whole theme becomes a hybrid between safari and steampunk feel.

3 ) Private Outdoor Bathroom

The Canopi Bintan Toilet

Checking out their toilet. It is actually a private outdoor toilet just like those vacation villas.

The Canopi Bintan Shower Area

Not forgetting their steampunk styled rain shower! 😍😍😍 Living in this tent is just like living in an 5🌟 hotel sia! 😍😍😍

4 ) Relaxing Whirlpool Tub

The Canopi Lagoon Deluxe Tent Suite Bintan

Now, time to check out the exterior of our tent.

The Canopi Bintan Outside Area

Since ours was a ‘Lagoon View Deluxe Tent’, it was slightly elevated on higher ground so that  we can enjoy the scenery towards the lagoon.

The Canopi Bintan Whirlpool Tub

Most importantly, this tent is equipped with an outdoor whirlpool tub! 😱😱😱

Note: It is not hot tub, so the water can be quite cold for some people (colder than Crystal Lagoon water). You might want to bring electric kettle to make it into a hot tub! 😂😂😂

Whirlpool The Canopi Bintan Lagoon Deluxe Tent

Enjoying the awesome view in the whirlpool tub is basically glamping to a whole new level! 😍😍😍 Shiok sia! 👍👍👍

5) Relaxing Stargazing

Stargazing At The Canopi Bintan Treasure Bay

When the sunset, we got to enjoy another different awesome view and that is a sky full of stars! Cue Coldplay’s song

Cause you’re a sky cause you’re a sky full of stars 🌟🌟🌟 I’m gonna give you my heart ❤️❤️❤️

The Canopi Bintan Stargazing In Whirlpool Tub

To up the glamping level, soak yourself in the whirlpool tub while enjoying the lovely sky filled with glittering stars!

The Canopi Bintan Stargazing

Stargazing is always the highlight of camping. And now in The Canopi, you sure can do it in the most glamourous and relaxing way! 😍😍😍

6 ) BBQ under the stars

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi BBQ

Campfire burning, campfire burning 🎵🎶🎵🎶

The only way to have ‘campfire’ in The Canopi is to order their BBQ package 😂😂😂, which comes with a special hanging bbq pit. However, above bbq pit belonged to our neighbours’ coz we had opted for an even more relaxing dinner option. LOL!

7 ) Seafood Dinner

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill

A Bintan trip won’t be completed without a nice seafood dinner. Thank goodness, to our surprize, Treasure Bay has one nice seafood makan place! 😍😍😍

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Welfie

Check out our wholesome seafood dinner. To add a bit of Indonesian flavor, do remember to order a bowl of nice piping-hot oxtail soup! Mama Mia! 😋😋😋

Dunno what to eat at The Canopi and Treasure Bay? Check out our food review post of this whole area here!

8 ) Lots of activities to do

Tents With Blue Lagoon Bintan

Within the calm water of Crystal Lagoon lies many thrilling activities to do e.g. cable ski and ATV.

Treasure Bay Canopi Chill Cove Attractions

There are also less thrilling activity like solar boat or their private mangrove tour.

The Canopi Bintan Swing

Been a cheapo, this is the cheapest option of activity that I have found! 😂😂😂

The Canopi Bintan Fall Down From Swing

But do not let this cheap thrill get over your head else you will be like me falling off the slippery swing! 😂😂😂

Treasure Bay Mega Slide

Next, I strongly recommend the water slide as the most-worth-it and fun activity. For just IDR 50k/pax, you get to have unlimited rounds of slide which is around 3 storey high! 😱😱😱

Treasure Bay Water Slides The Canopi

I guarantee that you will have a splashing good time! A must-do adrenaline rush activity! Chiong ah! 👍👍👍

Wonder what other activities that you can do in The Canopi and Treasure Bay? Check out our activities review post of this whole area here!

9 )  Vintage Car pick-up wherever you go

The Canopi Bintan Vintage Car

We sure were living a glamorous lifestyle at The Canopi when there were chauffeurs driving electrical vintage car to bring us around Treasure Bay. How relaxing is that? 😍😍😍

10 ) Buffet Breakfast

The Canopi Bintan Buffet Breakfast

A normal camping breakfast will be bread with canned food and one cup of milo (which is still notchbad lah 😆😆😆). But for glamping, there are buffet breakfast for us! 😍😍😍 With a variety of food, we were really spoilt for choice!

The Canopi Bintan Breakfast By The Lagoon

Plus the dining experience was amazing as we had a table facing the lagoon. Imagine sipping a cup of hot coffee looking at the awesome view, total relax level to the max!

Reason No. 1 Revisit – Relaxing Stroll by the Lagoon

The Crystal Lagoon is simply too beautiful. We had a nice relaxing stroll around it. By the time we had realized it, we have taken lots of instagram-worthy shots! Lovely! 😍😍😍

Crystal Lagoon Bintan Sunset

Nice lukewarm water. No more hesitation when going into the water.


Treasure Bay Bintan

Tower which is actually restricted access but I insist of climbing it 😆


Crystal Lagoon Bintan Boat

Stranded Boat 😂


Chill Cove Bintan

Wefie time


Blue Lagoon Bintan Jump Shot

Not forgetting a jump shot!


The Canopi, We will miss you 😢

Bintan The Canopi Glamping Accomodation

The only thing that we were sad about this place is to realize that weekend passes by so fast and we need to go back to work! 😭😭😭

We Love The Canopi

Thank goodness this was such a relaxing retreat. I am fully rejuvenated for Monday Blues! 😂😂😂

Bye Bye The Canopi

Bye bye The Canopi, we will miss you! 😢

How to book The Canopi

Bintan Resort Ferries Ferry Schedule TMFT BBT

Take a ferry to Bandar Bintan Telani (Lagoi) from Singapore and friendly staff from The Canopi will be there to pick you!🛳

You can book your suite through booking.com and ferry from Bintan Resort Ferries.

The Canopi Resort

Treasure Bay Bintan, Jln Raya Haji, (Right Beside Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

Lagoi, Riau, Indonesia 29152

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