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The Talad Drink Thai Kitchen Toa Payoh Best Thai Food (4)

The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen – A Back Alley Undiscovered Thai Stall in Toa Payoh

With more and more Thai eateries opening in HDB area, The Talad Drink and Thai Kitchen is another new Thai Stall hidden around Toa Payoh HDB hub! I was expecting it to be just another ordinary Thai Eatery. But I was wrong it was an authentic…
Singapore Thai Soi47 ToaPayoh3

Soi 47 – Hidden in the Heartland of Toa Payoh’s HDB estate

Thai Cuisine is something we can never get bored of. Candyce and I concluded that we are boring people as we can’t stop eating Thai! Non-stop hunt for Thai food! So do let us know if there are any good Thai restaurants to check out! Just…