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Khao Yai Farm Chok Chai

Bored of Bangkok? Make Khao Yai your next travel destination.

Khao Yai🇹🇭 - Not many people heard or know about this place, it is not as popular as Hua Hin or Bangkok where most people heard about. Nevertheless, Khao Yai is getting popular nowadays with many cool and fun attractions to explore. It…
Khao Yai Panorama Resort

4 Reasons Why We Stayed at Khao Yai Panorama Resort!

Khao Yai is a 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok. It is a small town with many interesting attractions. There are also many unique accommodation in Khao Yai that you can stay for a short vacation.🏘 Thames Valley... Palio Khao Yai... Panther…