Izakaya Ittoku Nanjo Okinawa Welfie

On our search of traditional Okinawa local delights, we found 居酒屋 いっとく. It wasn’t really clear what they serve or how the food is going to be. There were only 4 review and 2 photos on Google. With extremely limited information, we decided to give it a try since the review seems to be quite […]

Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine Amulets

Hiroshima is home to 2 of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Although Hiroshima is a pretty small city, these 2 sites make it a pretty nice place to visit over about 2 days. Plus, the best thing is that all of the places within Hiroshima City and Miyajima Island, better known as Itsukushima Shrine, are […]

Western Australia The Pinnacles

This is one of our most exciting day trip from Perth. 😍😍😍 We will be going to experience sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes and visit the Pinnacles desert. 🏜🏜🏜 As there are findings on self-driving to Lancelin sand dunes and Pinnacles desert, we got a little worried about the road condition. 🛣🛣🛣 In addition to […]

Feng Jia Night Market

Finally, after much planning for the Taiwan trip. It was time to set off! Time for HOLIDAY! Shall start by boarding the plane.. felt like you can travel away from all the stressful environment and get a break! We arrive at Singapore Changi Airport at around 1pm as our flight is at 3.45pm. We are able […]

Farmland Australia Marbled Ribeye Steak

I have always been searching for a nice beef steak to cook at home as it is more economically friendly. 😆 However, selecting a nice one is really very tough for me. Some of the dilemmas I have are: Wagyu vs Angus? But these premium grade beef are very expensive! 😭 Sirloin vs Ribeye? Till […]

Manificent View Of Taal Volcano In Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the favourite destination among the local tourists and weekenders from Manila. Since Philippines is a tropical country, the scorching sun will be too much to bear at times. The weather in Manila could hit as high as 37 degree celsius.🌞🌞🌞 To escape from melting under the heat, many will head to Tagaytay […]

Bag Of Beans Tagaytay Featured

Bag of Beans is a famous dining and bakery cafe in Tagaytay. It is definitely a place not to be missed when you are here! We had seen many positive reviews about this place and we decided to visit the main branch. We felt the cosy ambience upon entering the cafe. It just felt like a sweet […]