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Why you should try out TCM and where you can find a good one in Singapore!

Tcm Preparing Herbs

Disclaimer: I am just voicing my strong preference over TCM and this does not mean that western medical is not good. We still need western medical for diagnosis and treatments that cannot be done by TCM.  Just that certain small illness, I still prefer TCM lah!

I am pretty sure my family is going to kill me when I publish this post about our favourite traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor. The queue there is always very long but fortunately, you can call and make appointment (walk-in is not recommended, coz have to wait nong nong). Sharing is caring yeah!

My Strong Vote for TCM! 🙌

Tcm Herbs

Caption: TCM photo from ShutterstockI always swear by TCM over ang moh medicine ever since a major illness during my officer cadet course days. Yes, you must be surprised, but I’m a top notch soldier hokay! However, I was diagnosed with a serious viral infection which caused me to have high fever for 2 weeks. One thing I hate about western medical is that when they cannot cure my viral infection, they just gave me panadols. Imagine me taking highest dosage of panadol for 2 weeks. I became lethargic after that, and since I have not recovered fully, I decided to opt out of my cadet course. 😢😢😢

As I was still not feeling well after months, a relative suggested my mum to bring me see TCM. And thank goodness, within a week of drinking herbal medicine, I was cured. Ever since this incident, I always believed in TCM as they can target the root cause effectively and prescribed herbs which are more of a natural healing and thus lesser side effects to the body! 👍🌱

My Favourite TCM – Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall

Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall Entrance

From the outside, it looks quite lao kok kok (old) and the ‘medical hall’ term always made me imagine Huang Fei Hong will jump out anytime! LOL! 😂😂😂 Good thing about the place is that it is wheelchair accessible! nice! 👍👍👍

Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall

Entering the medical hall, you will see a much modern interior design and there are staff picking herbs continuously from many rows of drawers. They basically can remember the location of hundreds plus herbs. Over there, I can smell the fragrant of herbs lingering the place. Smells good to me lah coz I love TCM, so the smell of this place can be subjective! haha. 😝😝😝

My Favourite Physician – Mr. Wong Chin Nai 黄进来

Tcm Feel Wrist Pulse

The legendary TCM physician here is Mr. Wong Chin Nai 黄进来医师. Why I deemed him as legendary is because when I go in his consultation room, I do not need to talk, just stretch out my hand and let him feel my pulse. After feeling my pulse, he will start to list out my illness symptoms e.g.

  • appetite not good,
  • cough a lot at night (😱😱😱 so accurate until have specific time),
  • stomach a lot of wind,
  • sometime cold sometimes hot (sounds like Katy Perry’s song sia),
  • long time never poo etc.

It can be quite creepy yeah. Just from wrist (radial artery) pulse, an experienced physician will know my body inside out. This is the main reason why I like about TCM; sometimes I am so sick that I dun feel like talking and this is the best place to be. Just listen to 黄进来 listing out all the symptoms and I just nod my head, so convenient!

Very heng (lucky) that western doctor dun do this, else I cannot geng MC (get sick leave when you dun feel like going to work #prayBossNeverReadThis).

Wong Chin Nai Calligraphy

While waiting for 黄进来, you will see a calligraphy saying 妙手回春 which literally means magical hands bring the dying back to life. And I do agreed, 黄进来 is really a brilliant physician! Plus he do not have fixed price for his consultation, you need to wrap an angbao with any amount of your choice. This is what I called a top notch medical ethics!

Legendary 3 bowls cook into 1 bowl

Tcm Preparing Herbs

While Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall provides powder version of herbs for consumption, my family still prefer to use the legendary TCM method of cooking the herbs with 3 bowls of water into 1 bowl of medicine (三碗煮成一碗). Classic yeah! 😂😂😂

Warning: TCM medicines are mostly extremely bitter, so have sour plums or preserved fruits by your side when drinking them! LOL!

Equally Good Pre-packed Medicines

Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall Medicines

Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall also have pre-packed medicines for sale and the price is very worth it. There are herbal packs for Cough or Flu & Fever which you just need to pour hot water to brew it. Personally, I think the Flu & Fever (orange packet) is very effective so I always have it by my side especially during travel. There are also herbal powder for gastric-related symptoms which I think is equally good as Po Chai Pills (保济丸).


TCM or Western Medical? Which one to choose depends on situation. For me, my advice for you is to seek western medical first and if you still have not recover fully after a while and need a second opinion, then give TCM a try! Oh yah, I really appreciate that my company SAP allows us to claim our TCM bills, this sure is one good medical benefit that I like about SAP! 😍😍😍

Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall

200 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Imperial Court, #01-02, Singapore 574424

+65-6251 3268


Comment below now on what you think about TCM and experience of it vs western medical! You can also share your favourite TCM physician as they are normally very low profile! Cheers! 👍👍👍

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