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Our first movie in 2017 – PASSENGERS 

Passengers is an odd but interesting movie.

We had strange, mixed feelings after watching.



Image Source: Wikipedia

Taking some time to blog about Passengers because after the movie we started discussing the storyline, cast, scenes in the movie. And later on this movie got us thinking.



Passengers Spaceship. Image Source: IMDb

5,000 passengers and 259 crews were on a spacecraft travelling to a distance colony planet known as “Homestead Colony”, a journey that takes 120 years to begin a new life. Unfortunately, an incubation malfunction awakens Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a mechanical engineer, 90 years early. While all passengers and crew are still in their hibernation pod, Jim was the only human awake in the starship. Waking up in the middle of space alone, with 90 years ahead before arriving to the planet Homestead II. Jim realises his life is screwed and is certain to be dead before arrival anyway. He explored every possible means to put himself back to sleep but to no avail.

Candyce: Stupid la! The hibernation pod can put people to hibernate cannot re-hibernate.🙄

On second thought:

If it is possible to return back to hibernation, how will the movie continue?

Then no more movie liao. 💡


Hibernation Pods in Spaceship. Screenshot from Trailer

Tremendously panicked, there were no one to help him, not even a single human. The entire spaceship is fully automated. In the movie it actually seems pretty cool! But in reality, not at all man! 😂

Jim tries to break into the crew cabin but he doesn’t have the right security clearance and all the crew are also in their hibernation pod.  Jim attempted to send a help message back to Earth, he was told that the reply will take 55 years.

😭 This is really gg.com 😫

Stranded on the spaceship, 90 years away from his destination.

During this part of the movie, we just kept saying:

Jialat sia! Really very sad life. So lonely 😭😭😭


Chris Pratt in Passengers. Image Source: IMDb

The loner in the movie, Jim then met Arthur (Michael Sheen), a bartender, in the spaceship. Just when he thought that he found a companion, someone in the same boat as him, he finds out Arthur was an android bartender 🤖 . But a really cool one! He speaks and act like a real human.

Chris-Pratt-and-Michael-Sheen-in Passengers

Michael Sheen, the android bartender in Passengers. Source: Sony Picture

Jim lives alone in isolation with automated food and entertainment systems available, and a robot human for a year. In fact, the spaceship machaim like some star cruise with restaurants, sports, video game and a swimming pool that looks out onto the star.🏊 🏀🏊‍♀ 🎮🌠 🎶

Sounds ideal for a holiday right! But this couldn’t possibly last him for 90 years.

Towkaynew: Walao, he very lonely sia!

No wonder need Jennifer Lawrence to accompany him! 😛😂😝


Image Source: IBTimes UK

This is where Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) begun to appear.

After a year living by himself, Jim realised that he could wake up someone else. He spotted Aurora, a journalist and was attracted to her. He began fantasizing over her. Jim desperately alone, makes a stupid decision. He wakes her up from the hibernation pod. This essentially means taking her life as they will only arrive the planet in 8o years = destined to die. And yet, Jim doesn’t tell her why she’s awake, making her believe that her pod malfunctioned too.

Jim Preston: [from the trailer] We were woken too soon… Ninety years too soon

Aurora: [shocked] We have too go back to sleep

Jim Preston: [solemnly] We Can’t!

This kick starts the rest of the story!Chris-Pratt-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-Passegers

Obviously, they fell in love lah!💖


Will she know the truth?


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in Passengers. Image Source: Sony Picture & IMDb

Ultimately, Aurora finds out the truth from Arthur the robot bartender and screams at him.

“I don’t care what you want! I don’t care why you did it! You took my life!”

Imagine the person next to you, your best friend, best partner betrayed your trust.

How afraid you’d be of you. How lost you’d be of you.

While all of this is going on, the story continues with the ship malfunctioning, having multiple problems in the ship’s system and experience severe failure each day.

In the end….

Alright! I shall stop here about the plot because if you want to know what happen, watch it yourself yeah!

And if you have seen it, let us know how you find the movie!

Feel free to comment below! 😊😊


The situation in the film are surreal delusion, but its emotion and situations are entirely human and relatable. There were also many breath-taking visuals that we enjoyed such as gorgeous swimming pool that looks out to the stars and those scenes where they spacewalk while tethered to the ship!🌠🎇🌏 🌌 🚀Another super cool scene was the gravity loss part where Aurora was trapped in the floating pool. It’s nice to watch and enjoy, but not good if you are Jim or Aurora. 😂😂😂 As a two-hour long movie, they succeeded in capturing the audience attention at least for us. I found the movie completely engrossing from beginning till end. The movie was slightly draggy, very slight nia but this reflects Jim’s isolated lonely life and perfectly portrays every stage of his life. The director probably wants you to empathise with Jim.  If you are stuck alone like Jim, that’s how slow, lonely,exhausting and depressing life is ☹ 

We also like the combination of both romance and action. In the start, Passengers may be a romance (or nightmare for Aurora), but later on it is also a sci-fic film with plenty of awesome actions scenes. It’s surprising that the entire movie goes around 2 main cast: Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane. Chris Pratt as Jim Preston. Yet, the movie was so engaging and exciting!

Personally, I find this a unique movie with a nice plot!👍

Notchbad!👍 Worth watching! 😊

Our Imaginary Plot Ending

We actually also gave the passenger an alternative ending which Candyce came out with! We thought that it would be interesting if Aurora and Jim had a baby and they could tell the world about their experience of travelling thousands of years to the colony. Or maybe, it was too unrealistic to give birth on the spaceship.


So, this movie set us to thinking!

Question is, if you woke up in space and knew you’d be alone for the rest of your life, what will you do? If you are Jim, what will you do? Will you accept your fate? Will you wake another person up to be your companion knowing that are you effectively condemning them to die with you??

Towkaynew answer was

I think I will have problem waking someone up!

Quite logical, because Jim has mechanical background. We probably need a YouTube tutorial video on how to open the hibernation pod. And provided, there is YouTube available on the spaceship HAHA! No YouTube means no choice you gotta be alone liao! 😆😆😆

How about Candyce? Candyce is the sleeping beauty among us. She can sleep anytime, anywhere. 😴 😴

Team Notchbad commented that Candyce will continue sleeping for the next 90 year even if her hibernation pod malfunction. HAHA

Candyce response was

I think Towkaynew will keep blogging about his Iceland trip! He even dreamt about blogging in his sleep!
I hope there is Viu premium there so that I can spend my whole life watching shows.

Team Notchbad guessed that Nicholas Lim will wake a team of passengers up so that he can play soccer and basketball together!

Here’s Nicholas response

I will write a book with all my memories and thoughts for people who wake up to read.📖📚📒

Will you wake someone up?

If everyone on the spaceship is stranger, I won’t wake anyone. Because I know I can’t make life choices for them. So I won’t, but if is people I know, for example you, i will wake you up because i know u won’t want me to be lonely hehehe.

In the passengers, Gus Mancuso – the deck crew chief said an impactful quote to Aurora

A drowning man will always try to drag you down with him

It makes sense, right?

What would anyone do in his shoes? Feel free to comment below! 😊😊


In conclusion, this movie is 

It’s about human. It’s about life. It’s about humanity.


*This story will not be a happy ending if a pretty girl is stranded with TowkayNew 😆😆😆*

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