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Bitcoin Tarot Cards

Wow! Time flies and one year has passed; It is time for another zodiac talk (a lunch & learn session provided by SAP Employee Engagement team). Last year, I managed to have a free aura reading session and this year, I had a free tarot cards reading session! 😍 Woohoo, lucky! 🍀

How it all started?

Master Daniel Ong Fengshui

This year, the zodiac talk was conducted by Master Daniel Ong. The session was fun and everyone had a great laugh while learning their zodiac’s new year fortune all thanks to Master Daniel’s good humor.

Master Daniel Ong Profile

As usual, been the biggest mouth in SAP, I managed to answer a question correctly and won a free tarot reading session! While I was thinking of a question to ask, Master Daniel shared his history of been in the finance and investment industry for over 15 years. So Eureka! I am going to ask:

Should I invest in Bitcoin?

Okay, when I told Candyce and Jiaying about this, they thought I’m pretty dumb for not asking a personal question. But I’m pretty sure MysteryLuck will support me coz this is yet another Mars vs Venus issue. 😂😂😂

Bitcoin Price

This tarot reading session happened during the panic phase when Bitcoin had a major market crash or maybe correction. 🤔 Anyway, the market sentiment now is:

Is this the right time to buy bitcoin?

Oh, by the way, a colleague of mine who also won the free tarot reading, asked a personal question and feedback that Master Daniel’s reading is very accurate!

So here goes my reading!

Tarots Reading – Should I invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Tarot Cards

My initial 5 cards spread

First, Master Daniel asked me to pick out 5 cards and here was his comment:

The spread over here says that I am seriously and passionately considering investing in bitcoin but I have not yet made any choices.

Eight of Swords:

This card indicated that I am interested in investing bitcoins but I have many mental constraints. I am thinking whether the investment in bitcoin will achieve my goals or not. This fear and mental challenge are self-inflicted. Just like the eighth of swords, I feel that I am blinded and cannot see the future. My major challenge is that I am afraid that I will lose money and result will not turn out the way I want.

This is actually quite true about me but isn’t this same applies to everyone? 🤔

Bitcoin Tarot Reading

Right side of the spread

Ten of Pentacles:

This development card indicated that Bitcoin is already expensive, even till now. For the recent development, it could be due to many people already in this space. Since a lot of people have already invested, therefore the price is not cheap, even at the current price level.

The Star (XVII):

This card indicated that this is a potential investment. However, this potential can only be realized when more people invest in this financial instrument. The stars is a 50:50 card, not exactly 100%. Therefore, only prospects when things happen. So if I were to invest, I must take the risk that this prospect may or may not materialized. To Master Daniel, this is considered a weak card. It is still a good card comparing to other cards but relevantly weak comparing to the rest of the good cards.

Master Daniel then asked me to pick another card from the deck of tarots.

Page of Wands:

Wands represent the element of fire. This card indicated that if I want to do short-term trading, the near-term prospect, Bitcoin can expect some increase from the current level but may not be long-term, only short-term! An example is investing in $1, and a return of $1.20 will be good enough. Fire is temporary, there is movement that it may appreciate so if I still want, I can invest but don’t get stuck.

Bitcoin Tarots

Middle of the spread

I noticed that Master Daniel did not explain about the 5 of Cups and I asked about it. Upon hearing my question, Master Daniel asked me to pick another card and I got 😱 The Death card 💀

Five of Cups:

This challenge card indicated that I am afraid of losing money; 3 cups down 2 cups up. It is this internal challenge that I need to overcome in order to reach the outcome that I want.

This is quite true too, coz I am quite a low-risk investor and Bitcoin is really a high-risk investment.

Death (XIII):

Do not worry about the picture. The death means that if I were to decide on this investment, I need to make drastic and permanent changes to my mindset. There is something bothering me from going forward.

Yes, I must overcome the fear of losing money and evolve into a high-risk investor. 😝

Bitcoin Tarot

Final spread

Overall Summary

Since the risk is very high, I can do short-term investment. As it is no longer cheap now, it may be cheap for years to come. So if I really wanna do it, invest small and short-term. And the mental challenge is that I am afraid of losing money though I am still interested. So, the only way for it is that I need change my mindset so that I can achieve what I want!

The five of cups means I am worried about disappointment. And this fear of disappointment is not unfounded because it is already very expensive (ten of pentacles) at the current level and it only offers me a prospect. But I can do short-term, fast in fast out, make the money and leave. Or wait for the time when it is much lower than the current price.


Master Daniel Ong With Towkaynew

So what do you all think? Comment below now!

  • If you are a tarot reader, what is your interpretation of my spread?
  • If you are a Bitcoin investor, what is your investing strategy?

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