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How to remove fog inside camera lens?

Camera Lense Internal Fog

Note: You can also use this method if you dropped your smartphone into the toilet bowl! 🚽😆😂

Sometimes camera lenses will fog up internally due to a few reasons:

  1. change of environment from cool to warm humid place or
  2. clumsy accident which causes water to seep in the camera but luckily not enough to destroy your camera.

Camera Lense Internal Fog

For my camera, if i ask my friends which is the cause, they confirm plus chop will choose number 2.

And yeap! If you chose 2 like they did, you are correct. A cup of tea spilled over my camera which causes a small amount of liquid to seep in the lens area.

Jackie Chan Meme

This was my immediate reaction.

Holy shit, my RX100m3 😭

After meditation, I managed to calm myself down and think of a solution.

I recalled that I managed to revive my action camera SJ4000 which was infiltrated by water when it was not in its waterproof case (yes, I am that destructive).

Bag Of Rice

And the answer is rice!

Camera Lense Fogged

I turned on my camera and took out the battery. Doing this, the lens will stay in a protruding position (please read with your most innocent mind).

Camera In Sealed Bag With Rice

Then I put the camera with the rice in a sealed tight bag and leave it as long as I could until the fog is completely gone!

Camera With Lesser Fog

After days, I saw the fog was disappearing and I could see a tunnel of light.

Camera Fog Disappear

Voila! The camera lens has been revived! I can take photo again! Amen, hallelujah! 😂😂😂

You can also use other water absorbing items like silica gel (use brand new one please, not those that you found in tibits 😂😂😂). But personally I like to use rice, because they are very accessible to me plus the number 1 reason is…

It is freaking cheap! 😆😆😆

Hope this tip helps! Cheers! 🎉🎉🎉

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