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What is Aura Reading and How it can tell your Fortune!

Jacelyn Phang With Towkaynew

My company SAP often organises lunch & learn sessions for employees. For me, attending such event is obviously for the free lunch! LOL! This time, we have the 2017 zodiac predictions and fengshui talk. As I was helping my employee engagement team with some logistics stuff so I missed the speaker’s introduction.

Master Emily Lam

After all the errands, I found a seat beside my colleagues and picked up the brochure on the chair. My first immediate reaction was:

Wah! You can become so slim after learning fengshui ah?

I asked my colleagues about this ‘fengshui slimming therapy’. They said no lah! The speaker is another person and her name is Jacelyn. Okay noted. They were very focus with the zodiac predictions, so I told the same joke to NOTCHBAD chat group and hopefully I can get more satisfaction! Trolololol!

Same Uber Chat

Steady, my lousy joke got appreciated! Thank you NOTCHBAD team for entertaining me! 😝😝😝

Fengshui Talk Singapore

One interesting part of the talk was when Jacelyn shared some insights of people born under different stars. For example, those born under the Ju Men (Huge Door) star are good at talking so they are suitable for jobs like educator, public relations etc. My colleagues immediately said I must have been born under this star. Anyway, I will never know until I do my 紫微斗數 (Zi Wei Dou Shu) aka Purple Star Astrology aka Emperor Star Astrology.

Well, here comes the best part of the talk. No, I am not referring to the free lunch lah! It was the free 1 to 1 fortune telling session with Jacelyn and her team!

Aura Reading

The type of fortune telling method they used are called ‘Aura Reading’ and it can predict things within these 3 months period.

Bag Of Crystals

First, I was given a bag of colored crystals.

Good Aura Crystals

It contains the good crystals.

Bad Aura Crystals

Needless to say, it also contains the bad crystals too and I was thinking:

Wah! Looks like there are lesser bad crystals wor! LOL!

Focusing On Bag Of Crystals

Next, I needed to hold the bag of aura crystals and focus hard on a topic of my choice. There were 4 topics to choose from:

  1. Career
  2. Romance
  3. Health
  4. Last one I forgot! LOL! 😝

I decided to choose career as the topic and yeah, I look constipated when I am focusing! 😂

Aura Reading

After focusing real hard into the bag of aura crystals, I will need to pick a crystal randomly from the bag and place it on the special table cloth. 😝

Fortune Telling

Unlike tarot cards where I can choose the position of my cards, I was directed to put the crystals in certain sequence.

Fortune Telling Aura Reading Labelled

Tadah! This was my aura crystals layout. Below were Jacelyn’s predictions based on the layout and my comments on how zhun (Singlish for accurate) the prediction is.

The green crystal at position 1 indicates that I will have career opportunities, like salary raise or promotion etc.

Not sure how true is this, but one thing for sure, my salary raise is coming soon lah. Hopefully is a significant raise, bopi bopi! 🙏🙏🙏

The pink crystal aka romance crystal at position 2 indicates that I have good interpersonal relationship with my colleagues and there are a lot of benefactors (贵人)helping me in my career life.

This is very true! In my team, I am titled CEO, chief entertainment officer as I organized many team events. There is always fun and laughters with my colleagues! 😍😍😍

However, there are clear crystals at the foundation position 3, 4 & 5 which indicate that I am still lost with my career life and I still haven’t found what I want.

This is very true! I am still searching inside myself on what I really want in my career life. I was an freelance actor, sometimes a youtuber, now software engineer and blogger. So my career life is still very fuzzy.

Clear crystal at position 6 normally indicates clear mind but since I also have clear crystals at foundation positions, it further indicates that I am really lost.

I am a lost sheep 😭😭😭🐑🐑🐑

Red crystal at heart position 7 indicates that I am passionate in what I am doing.

Yeah, I am really very contradicting. Lost yet passionate sheep! LOL! If my manager is reading this, dun worry yeah, I still love what I am doing now, although I am lost! LOL!

Purple crystal aka emperor crystal at throat/mouth position 8 indicates that I have leadership qualities and speaks like a leader. However, due to passion crystal at heart position 7, I maybe over-enthusiastic and speak like a boss. Jacelyn advised me to be mindful about my speech from being too over commanding.

This is really one important point that I should really take note as I am aware that I have this bad habit of speaking like a boss. That’s why I am TowkayNew yeah! LOL! But anyway, in order to maintain good relationships with my colleagues, I really should be mindful about this golden advice from Jacelyn!

Romance (pink) and Passion (red) crystal at position 9 & 10 indicate that I have lots of love from family and the love is burning with passion.

Thank you wife Candyce, my mum & dad, my mother-in-law, popo, sisters and sister-in-law Jiaying. 😍😍😍 Thank you to all my relatives and friends! 🏅🎖🏅🎖

Lastly, yellow crystal on the right side of the body at position 11 represents outflow of money.

😂😂😂 alamak, this is so zhun lah! As I am renovating my house, I am literally burning cash! I am broke, so please contact me if you wanna donate money to me yeah! 😝😝😝


Jacelyn Phang With Towkaynew

According to Jacelyn, predictions based on chinese zodiac are 20-30% accurate while this aura reading is 60-70% accurate.

I dare say that this is pretty accurate and you should give it a try if you have the chance! Some of my colleagues who went for this aura reading also find it quite zhun.

I find this aura reading is as interesting as tarot cards reading. Same same but different yeah! Amazing!

Jacelyn Phang

So after my makan, I decided to stalk Jacelyn’s instagram (Candyce, please dun be jealous, I am just following the law of guy’s human nature 😂😂😂) When I saw her instagram, I was like:

Wah siao! This gal is pretty (pun intended) famous wor!

Jacelyn Phang Instagram

Okay, sorry Jacelyn for not recognising you yeah! Paiseh paiseh, I miss your introduction part! And hopefully I didn’t speak like a boss to you due to my emperor & passion crystals at speech & heart position! LOL! 😂😂😂

This session of aura reading is conducted by 缘中秀 Yuan Zhong Siu.

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