Dji O3 Vs Dji Fpv Air Unit

After 3 years, DJI has finally came out with the new FPV digital system. Let’s compare the new beefy specifications of 2022 O3 air unit versus the very initial air unit that launch in 2019 which shook the whole FPV scene and transit the community from analog FPV to digital.

Happymodel Moblite7 Mobula6 Elrs Dragonball Fusion

[Updates on 12th Oct 2021] Thanks Angry Don FPV for the tips when migrating CrazyF4 ELRS FC to Moblite7. Now, you can finally build Angry Don FPV true Mobulite6 ultralight tiny whoop since Happymodel has finally released all the parts needed in the market. Unfortunately, there are no BNF/RTF of such build in the market yet. […]

Happymodel Moblite6 Vs Moblite7 Tiny Whoop

[Updates on 17th Dec 2020] Runcam is unable to produce Nano 4 lite in time so Happymodel will ship Moblite series with Runcam Nano 3. [Updates on 15th Dec 2020] Added comments from Facebook which you can find them right after the summary. [Updates on 12th Dec 2020] Happymodel Official Pilot Angry Don FPV (Don […]

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