Happymodel Moblite7 Mobula6 Elrs Dragonball Fusion

Happymodel Mobula6 ELRS & Moblite7 will be awesome whoop builds just by swapping their FC! Thanks to Angry Don FPV!

[Updates on 12th Oct 2021] Thanks Angry Don FPV for the tips when migrating CrazyF4 ELRS FC to Moblite7. Now, you can finally build Angry Don FPV true Mobulite6 ultralight tiny whoop since Happymodel has finally released all the…
Happymodel Moblite6 Vs Moblite7 Tiny Whoop

Happymodel Moblite6 & Moblite7 is based on Mr ShutterBug’s Formula but we should not blame them for doing it!

[Updates on 17th Dec 2020] Runcam is unable to produce Nano 4 lite in time so Happymodel will ship Moblite series with Runcam Nano 3. [Updates on 15th Dec 2020] Added comments from Facebook which you can find them right after the summary. [Updates…
Happymodel Moblite7 Vs Betafpv Meteor75
BETAFPV Meteor65 Vs Happymodel Mobula6
Happymodel Moblite6 Vs BETAFPV Meteor65
Happymodel Moblite6 Vs Mobula6
Betafpv Beta75 Vs Beta85 Pro 2 Whoop
BETAFPV Beta75X Beta85X Beta95X Vs Digital Whoop