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***Founder Introduction***
Yes, FPV(First Person View) it was very exciting. I fell in love with it. I started to play FPV from the end of 2011, the first is the use of fixed-wing with the map and the camera to fly, to now play a small four-axis through the race, to now have 5 years, I now enjoy this activity.

***Original Intention***
Flight is always the dream of mankind, we are no exception. We hope to meet the young people for many years of flying dreams, so set up. Hope that through years of experience accumulated, the development of a number of high-quality products, we love to fly, love FPV friends bring convenience and benefits.

***Future Outlook***
The development of science and technology will often lead to a subversion of the industry. In the future, we think there are a lot of products that can be developed. For example, the frame is lighter, more rigid. The efficiency of the motor can operate more efficiently, the transfer map clarity and transmitting distance have a qualitative improvement, the flight control system more intelligent and so on.
Let’s look forward to it!

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