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Warung Mak Oni – Nice Cozy Cafe in Bali

Bali Warung Mak Oni Indonesia Food Mee Goreng Nasi Uduk

You all want to go to Sari’s restaurant?

Huh in my mind I was like who’s that and where is this place!Bali Warung Mak Oni All I knew was Francine sounded soooo excited! So, here we are at Sari’s restaurant but it’s not called Sari’s restaurant. It’s actually called Warung Mak Oni, a nice little restaurant set up by Sari’s and her family! And Sari is Francine’s close colleague! Now I know what is going on! They instantly hug when they met so cute! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩Bali Warung Mak Oni Seating

Bali Warung Mak Oni Wallpaper Eating

Interesting Artwork on the wall

Warung Mak Oni’s Menu

Bali Warung Mak Oni Menu Bali Warung Mak Oni Menu (4) Bali Warung Mak Oni Menu (3) Bali Warung Mak Oni Menu (2)

This place seems to be catered towards the tourist as the menus are all clearly described in English. You won’t have problem knowing what is that! Simple and understandable menu! And if you are lazy, aiyah just flip to the last page for pictures or ask the staff what is nice!😂

Remind me of when we were eating in Semarang, we had a table full of fried stuff because all we knew was “goreng”(fried), so everything also fried! We had Mee Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Ubi Goreng… but here you won’t face this problem!☺️

Oh ya and they can speak English! How awesome is that right! Sometimes it just sucks if you can’t speak and understand what they are saying!😔

Dinner Bali Warung Mak Oni

We were looking forward to try the food because Francine sounded so excited hahah she was really delighted to meet Sari haha! They hugged when they met super cute! Plus we were really hungry because our KLM Flight was delayed for various reasons. It was our first meal in Bali!!☺️

Bali Warung Mak Oni Avocado With Chocolate

The drink was served first to quench our thirst! We all got fruit juice as we were too thirsty after the plane. In need of some juice to replenish our water!🍹🍹

Bali Warung Mak Oni Avocado Juice

Avocado Juice IDR 20,000

Avocado Juice – my favourite Indonesia fruit juice! Sadly, it was plain and diluted. We ordered the avocado juice with chocolate and without chocolate. The one without chocolate was tasted really bad, the avocado was either too young or just abnormal. It just didn’t taste nice. Subsequently, we added chocolate to make it taste better. Wouldn’t recommend this!😰

Warung Mak Oni Rock Melon Juice

Rock Melon Juice IDR 18,000

It was sweet but the water to juice ratio was too much. After a while, we could see the water being segregated from the juice. It tasted like sweet plain water.

👉For coffee lovers, you can try the special Aceh Coffee made in the traditional way.

Bali Warung Mak Oni Snacks

Complimentary Cracker served while waiting for the food! I like this!👍


Nasi Uduk & Mee Goreng 
Bali Warung Mak Oni Indonesia Food Mee Goreng Nasi Uduk


Nasi Uduk IDR 33,000

The popular dish at Warung Mak Oni is Nasi Uduk! We thought it was just chicken with rice but this dish was made with much effort! This simple dish consists of coconut rice served with chicken, fried vermicelli noodle, tofu and potatoes stew in sweet soy sauce & telur pindang! 😛 Not an easy dish to prepare, they need to prepare 5 items to complete this dish! But the chicken was abit small as compared to the portion of Rice and tofu. Remember to eat it with the chilli!


Mee Goreng IDR 33,000

Somehow Indonesian always can make Mee Goreng more tasty and yummy! Never underestimate the “Maggie mee” in Indonesia! It isn’t too salty as well! Quite a perfect Mee Goreng with chicken satay, egg and keropok! If rice is not for you, then get the Mee Goreng!

Bali Warung Mak Oni Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang IDR 30,000

Instead of a bowl of beef rendang which was what we thought, the beef rendang is served with rice. 🍚We never read properly in the description haha! Unlike the coconut rice, the rice was very soft and had a jasmine grain aroma. I used ‘Japanese rice’ to describe the rice served with the beef rendang! It’s like Indonesia version of Lu Rou Fan (braised pork rice) using beef rendang! This simple ordinary looking dish makes quite a hearty meal!  An interesting dish for us and we find it quite nice!👍

Bali Warung Mak Oni Gado Gado

Gado Gado IDR 33,000

Gado Gado is one of the well-known dishes from Indonesia. Mixed vegetables with homemade sauce served with lontong and potatoes! You can’t see the mixed vegetables inside because we ate too quickly!! The sauce is made from mixing peanut, shrimp, cashew nut -very delicious! The Gado Gado at Warung Mak Oni is so tasty that you will make crave for more!👅

Bali Warung Mak Oni Banana Fritters Warung Mak Oni Banana Fritters With Cheese ChocolateBanana Fritters – IDR 18,000

For desserts, you can try the banana fritters for sharing! It comes in quite a huge portion and it’s better to share! The banana fritters is yummy and delicious! The banana was fried perfectly to golden brown – crispy but not overly fried! And the batter was not too thick as well! The grated chocolate and cheese topping made a perfect combination to the fried bananas!😋😋

Initially, we thought the prices were slightly high but when the food is served we realised it was actually worth the price. All the dishes are made with effort and it’s really not easy. Overall, food was great, clean and cosy, and most importantly the people here are genuinely nice and warm!☺️☺️

Visit Warung Mak Oni during your next Bali Trip!

Warung Mak Oni and Umah Cafe

Address: Jl. Mertanadi No.30, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 8 am to 11 pm
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