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Tuk Tuk Cha – Authentic Thai Tea, Shibuya Toast and Boat Noodle


Tuk-Tuk! Tuk-tuk! Cha!

Bringing authentic Thai milk tea, Shibuya toast and Boat noodle to Singapore! 🇹🇭🇹🇭
Another favourite shop to visit for after-dinner dessert!

Tuk Tuk Cha Menu – Somerset

Tuk Tuk Cha offers a variety of food with their Thai milk tea as their Signature Drink!

By default, Thai Ice Milk Tea was our favourite beverage in Bang Kok or when we are eating in a Thai Restaurant! However, it’s hard to find good authentic ones in Singapore. Sometimes it is too sweet, too diluted, or just tasted too wrong.

How is the Thai Milk Tea in Tuk Tuk Cha?
The first time when we tried the Thai Milk Tea, it was overly sweet and sinful. We had difficulty finishing. Tuk Tuk Cha probably modified the taste to suit the Singaporean style.

Another signature drink you should try is the Thai Green Milk Tea.

Better than Thai Ice Milk Tea, Try Thai Green Milk Tea!

We preferred the Thai Green Milk Tea (reg-$3.00, large-$3.50, ice blend-$4.40), very smooth, fragrance, refreshing!

Thai Green Milk Tea is also a more unique choice of drink!

No. 1! Mango Tango Shibuya Toast

Crispy, soft, warm and fluffy on the inside!

Mango Tango Shibuya Toast ($11.50) is our favourite item in Tuk Tuk Cha!

Thick buttery toast topped with a scoop mango ice-cream, generous fresh mango cube with mango and chocolate syrup!  It was really good, beyond my expectation! The toast was crispy at all 360 degrees! Every bite was so crunchy! I am impressed with the toast and fell in love with this – crisp exterior and soft warm interior! The toast was prepared using Philips Air Fryer! Could this be the secret? Maybe we can try it too! HEHE

Available in 4 yummy flavours: Mango Tango, Chocolate Goodies, Tuk Tuk Match & Aloha Coconut

Magic food – Putting smiles on kid’s face! 😃😃

Photo Opportunities: There is a physical tuk-tuk car behind the stall! 

Even on our second visit, we couldn’t resist but to order it again!

Finish in less than 5 minutes! It’s sooooo good!! 

Tuk Tuk Cha expanded and opened many outlets – Nex, Jurong Point, Raffles City, Suntec City, Sun Plaza, Raffles City, Tampines 1, Junction 8, all in less a year in operation

And so… This time we visited Junction 8, Bishan Tuk Tuk Cha!

As usual, Thailand’s iconic transport vehicle, Tuk-Tuk car is parked right in front of the shop! 


Besides the famous Thai teas and Shibuya toast, Junction 8 outlet serves Thai boat noodle (beef, chicken and tom yum flavours) in 2 sizes! The mini bowl cost $1.90 and the original bowl cost between $7.80 to $9.80.

Here comes our food!

Thai Green Milk Tea,  Northern Tom Yam Noodle, Mini Beef Boat Noodle, Golden Toast + Thai Tea Kaya, Red Velvet + Chocolate waffle with Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream

Can’t wait to start eating!

When you had to take a nice photo of all the food…

The ice-cream starts melting!

The noodle start to absorb the soup!😅

MATULIAO!! Let’s eat!😊

DIY WAFFLE – Red Velvet + Chocolate Waffle + Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream


Red Velvet Waffle with Strawberry and Icing Sugar

The DIY Waffle ($9.80) allows you to customise the flavour of your waffle and ice cream.

You can choose 2 waffles: Match, Chocolate, Original, Red Velvet. Choose 1 ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Coconut, Thai Green Milk Tea. The more popular choices would be the Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea!

The waffles were decent, we like it but wouldn’t say that it was fantastic. It is not the kind of crispy waffle, more towards Belgium waffle that is fluffier.  It was moderately crispy on the side and not so crispy in the middle. As we cut the waffle into smaller bite size, it’s soft and flaky inside. If you prefer something crunchy, just order the toast! Not much of different in terms of the chocolate and red velvet waffles, the flavouring is quite faint. The chocolate waffle tasted more distinctive!

Golden Toast + Thai Tea Kaya

The Golden Toast + Thai Tea Kaya ($4.20) tasted similar to the Shibuya Toast except the toast was pre-cut to bite-sized cubes! Each cube was sweet, crispy and buttery! Quite addictive to snack on! It is Air fried in the same way as the Shibuya Toast. Nonetheless, I still prefer the Shibuya Toast over this for the overall Thai toast experience! I will buy this if I’m lazy to cut the toast! HAHA! The combination of Thai Tea with Kaya compliments each other perfectly, not too sweet as well!

How about the Noodles?

Preparing the Mini Beef Boat Noodle!

Additional toppings to add on!

The noodle comes in 2 sizes the mini bowl and regular bowl.

Mini Tom Yam Noodle, Beef Boat Noodle and Chicken Boat Noodle [$1.90]

For the regular bowl, Northern Tom Yam Noodle [$9.80], Beef Noodle Soup [$8.80], Chicken Noodle Soup [$7.80].

Northern Tom Yam Noodle  & Mini Beef Boat Noodle

Compare the portion for the regular(left) and mini(right)bowl!

Northern Tom Yam Noodle (Reg)

Mini Tom Yam Noodle

Northern Tom Yam Noodle ($9.80) is simply Tom Yam kuay tiao with a generous portion of seafood, including slice fish, sotong and prawns. The soup based was ordinary, nothing special. Just like how any other Tom Yam soup tasted, sweet, spicy, sour. We saw a carton of MAMA Tom Yam instant noodle in the store, not sure if the Tom Yam noodle comes from there. Sadly, the soup had a layer of oil and the prawns in the Tom Yam Noodle is not fresh. 😰😰

Mini Beef Boat Noodletuk-tuk-cha-mini-beef-boat-noodle

Though small in size, the mini beef boat noodle ($1.90) tasted great! We were very pleased with the soup and ingredients-beef slice, beef ball and tender chunky beef brisket.  All the noodles basically are glass noodle or some people would call it Kuay Teow.

Comparing the Tom Yam Noodle with Beef Boat Noodle, the Beef Boat Noodle would be our choice! 👍👍


Just while we thought our stomach was exploding, here comes the highlight of the meal!

Someone just ordered 4 bowls of mini beef boat noodle!

Okay not 4, but 10. Initially, we thought they have finished collecting the food. But no…

There is more! Guess how many bowls are there? 😱😱

They ordered 14 bowls! And check out the way they stack the bowls!

Professional Mini Beef Boat Noodle Couple! I think they could be the ambassador of Tuk Tuk Cha! 👍

While they were enjoying their noodle, we also enjoyed looking at them. They made the food look amazingly delicious, slurping down the noodles and all the soup in the bowl! Definitely attracting more people to order and try! 😬

After that, we did our math and realise this couple was really smart! The price of the large beef boat noodle ($8.80) was almost 5 times the cost of the mini beef boat noodle ($1.90)! I think the smaller bowls have better deals! More worth it to buy the mini beef boat noodle! Slurping down 14 bowls sounds more satisfying than eating 2 large bowls, isn’t it! HAHA! We could tell how yummy and delicious the noodle was!😛

LESSON LEARNT: So if you are a big eater, don’t jump straight into ordering the big bowl! It is more worth it to order multiple mini bowl! PLUS YOU CAN TRY DIFFERENT FLAVOUR!😆😆

Another unique factor in TUK TUK CHA is that the staff here are mostly from Thai and they are really friendly! TUK TUK CHA is definitely worth a try! Among all, I still love the Mango Tango Shibuya Toast even though it’s a bit troublesome to cut ourselves! If you love crispy food like me, you will like it too! Do head down and check it out yourself!☺😊


313@SOMERSET #B2-04/05
Coming out of the MRT station, take the escalator beside Temt and go down. Walk straight turn left.
Monday – Sunday : 10am – 10:30pm

JUNCTION 8 #02-20A/21
Take the escalator beside origins to the 2nd floor, take 2 lefts and 1 right. You’ll see Tuk Tuk Cha, diagonally opposite Regina Hair Removal Specialist.
Monday – Sunday : 10am – 10pm

Other Branches

SUNTEC #B1-173/174
SUN PLAZA #01-15
NEX #02-12


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