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Soi 47 – Hidden in the Heartland of Toa Payoh’s HDB estate

Singapore Thai Soi47 ToaPayoh3

Thai Cuisine is something we can never get bored of.

Candyce and I concluded that we are boring people as we can’t stop eating Thai!

Non-stop hunt for Thai food! So do let us know if there are any good Thai restaurants to check out!

ToaPayoh Thai Food Soi47

Soi 47 name card

Just when I always ranted about not having an authentic Thai restaurant in my residential area (Toa Payoh), Soi 47 appeared! In the past, when we were in need of some Thai food, we will head to MATA THAI – A CASUAL THAI EATERY HIDDEN IN BISHAN as it is the most convenient for us! But now Soi 47 is even nearer! The name Soi makes it sounds Thai-ish right! Soi basically means the small streets in Thai. Thus, as the name suggest, Soi 47 is located at Blk 47 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh. Woohoo finally have easy access to Thai Cuisine! Not just near but super near!

✅ Location checked!

But more importantly, is the food good?

Ultimately, food matters most to me! If it’s not good, then super near also no use!😜

Singapore Thai Soi47 ToaPayoh Seating Arrangement

Still empty as we were the first customer of the day!

Soi 47 opens from Wednesday to Monday (Close on Tuesday), from 12 pm – 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm – 10 pm. When we arrive at 11:50 am, the staff was still preparing the ingredients and setting up the shop. We took a seat outside and browse through the menu while waiting for it to open!

As we sat down, the Thai staff said

Boss reservation blah blah blah and blah blah blah.


Soi 47 may be packed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! For big groups, you may want to call 6266 4747 for reservation.

And it is really run by Thai but the owner is a Singaporean la!

Thai Soi47 Toapayoh

And true enough, in no time, the tables in Soi 47 are all taken up!

The design of the restaurant is very simple and comfortable.

If my popo come here, she will say

AIYO the table and chair so old already! People donate one ah!

But rest assured, the furnitures are meant to look rustic and gives an antique feel but they are clean and sturdy!

Despite being tucked in the HDB area, the entire environment was very enjoyable! Singaporean always want aircon and to us, coffee shop = no aircon= very hot. HAHA I am guilty of always asking “Got aircon anot!” Even though we went in the noon, we did not feel very hot or stuffy as the place was well ventilated with fans.👍👍


ToaPayoh Soi47 Menu

The food is clearly categorised into soup, vegetables, omelette, seafood, chicken etc. Just 2 page, but plenty of variety! Therefore, one visit is not enough! The menu is extensive, authentic and affordable!👍👍

Singapore Thai Food Toa Payoh Soi47 HDB

Feed the camera with food before us! HAHA

Because we all wanted to try different food, we kept changing our mind. Too much choice but too little stomach space!😂😂

In the end, we ordered

  1. Tom Yam Soup Seafood (Cream Style)
  2. Claypot Tang Hoon with Seafood
  3. Deep Fried Squid with Thai Sauce
  4. Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce (👍MUST TRY!👍)
  5. Deep Fried Pork Collar with Thai Sauce
  6. Mango Sticky Rice
  7. Thai Milk Tea
Singapore Thai Soi47 ToaPayoh3

Let’s eat!!

Tom Yam Soup Seafood (Cream Style)

Soi47 Thai Tom Yam Soup Seafood Cream Style2

Soi47 Thai Tom Yam Soup Seafood Cream Style

Packed with so much seafood for just $6.80!

The choices for Tom Yam Soup is special and unique. Most Thai restaurants only serve one kind of tom yam soup or for some you can to choose between clear or coconut cream soup. At Soi 47 you can choose from 3 different kinds – clear, cream and coconut cream!

Sounds like they know me man! Because I like the cream style but doesn’t like coconut. So, we ordered the Tom Yam Soup Seafood (Cream Style)!😊😊

The Tom Yam Soup Seafood ($6.80) was nicely presented in a clay pot with a generous portion of seafood. It was easy to split into 4 bowls for sharing as there is sufficient seafood for everyone! You can see from the colour the soup is really Thai style sia – Quite spicy for us but still it is nice! The more we had the more spicy it gets but the more you feel like having it! We had to mix it with rice to reduce the spiciness!

Claypot Tang Hoon with Seafood

Thai Toapayoh Soi47 ClaypotTang Hoon With SeafoodThai Toapayoh Soi47 ClaypotTang Hoon With Seafood0

For the choice of noodle, we choose the Clay pot Tang Hoon ($10) over Pad Thai! But somehow, I felt that Pad Thai may be a better choice. Reason being the tang hoon was slightly bland in taste, lacking the wok hei fragrance.😥😥 Perhaps, the frying pan is not hot enough to ‘smoke’ the tang hoon. I think it would be tastier if they stir fry the garlic more for better fragrance. But one thing for sure we know is that Soi 47 don’t use MSG as it is not salty! What we like about this is the ingredients served with the Tang Hoon, there is lots of straw mushroom, sotong, prawn and capsicum!

The Thai Lemon Sauce from the steam seabass complements the tang hoon! Maybe they can consider adding a bit of Thai Lemon Sauce to make it tastier. This will also make the tang hoon smoother as it was a bit dry!

How We Eat – Drizzle soup sizzling Thai lemon sauce from the steam seabass over the tang hoon!

Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce

Soi47 ToaPayoh Steam Seabass With Thai Lemon Sauce1

MUST TRY!! Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce!👍👍

It is really rare to find Steam Seabass in Thai restaurants nowadays because it’s not easy to steam it at the right heat and duration. Even our favourite Thai restaurant, Nakron, no longer have steam seabass. When we saw this on Soi 47, it went straight into our order list!

When the Steam Seabass with Thai Lemon Sauce ($19) was served, we could already smell the fragrance coming from the sauce! At an affordable price $19, the size of fish was definitely value for money! It was big, really damn worth it! Fish served on a fish plate! We joked about the metal fish shape plate because the fish must fit nicely into the plate cannot be too big or small. The fish is perfectly cooked, fresh and tender!  For the sauce, it was simply delicious!! It has a robust flavour – zesty, sour and slightly spicy! It was topped with lots of fresh lime and garlic! This is a must order!

👍👍This is our favourite item on the table and we recommend you to try!

Deep Fried Pork Collar with Thai Sauce

Soi47 Thai Deep Fried Squid With Thai Sauce Soi47 Thai Deep Fried Squid With Thai Sauce0

It was Towkaynew request to try the Deep-Fried Pork Collar ($7.50)! It was his favourite dish! Even in Thailand, when there is Towkaynew, there would be deep fried pork! HAHA! So when he saw this his eyes widened and goes “I WANT I WANT!”😂😂

The deep-fried pork collar was tasty but crispy enough for my liking! It was dry and also a bit tough. Would be better if the meat was more tender. But the good thing is, it isn’t oily! I think if you are not a fan of crispy pork, you can give this a miss!

Deep Fried Squid with Thai Sauce

Soi47 Thai Deep Fried Squid With Thai Sauce1

Like the deep-fried pork collar, the deep fried squid ($9.80) was also a bit tough. My reason was that they just started the day and the squid is not fully defrosted yet. Just guessing!🤔😅

Iced Thai Milk Tea

Soi47 Thai Milk Thai Toa PayohNOTCHBAD! (means good lah!) The Thai Milk Tea ($3) tasted just like the ones we had in BangKok except the ratio of milk to tea was a little too much! It would be better if the Thai Tea leave was more distinct!

Mango Sticky Rice

Soi47 Mango Sticky Rice

Lastly, we had Mango Sticky Rice ($5) which really disappoint me!😭😭 The rice simply had a weird taste and totally wrong texture. The glutinous rice was chunked together, hard and overly chewy. The coconut sauce doesn’t add flavour to the overall taste! Personally, I prefer the kind of creamy coconut milk drizzle that would infuse into the glutinous rice making it more flavourful! I hope they will improve the quality sticky rice because I really like mango sticky rice!

But, different people have different liking. Obviously, it was not to my taste but feel free to try it for yourself!

All in all, great food, great ambience, great value plus healthy – NO MSG!!

ขอขอบคุณ Kob Khun Ka!☺☺

Feel free to share with us your experience at Soi47 or if you have any good recommendations!

Soi 47 Thai Food

Block 47, Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #01-130
Singapore 310047

Opening hour:

Wednesday to Monday (Close on Tuesday)

From 12 pm – 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm – 10 pm

Reservation: 6266 4747



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