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Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe – Hidden Cafe in Seletar Airport

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Signboard

Thinking of a relaxing place to watch the take-off and landing of planes in the North?
Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle cafe is a unique experience where you can see take off and landing at a close distance from the runway.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Outdoor

As we are staying in the North, we wanted to explore this area a bit and found this super ulu place in Seletar airbase. We decided to check it out during our dinner on Saturday night.
This cafe is located inside the MAJ Aviation building. It is hidden at the back which I initially thought that the cafe is not open as it was quite dark and quiet.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Interior

We were impressed by the cool bicycle art that is hanging in the cafe as well as some spray paint cars and artworks.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Owner

We were lucky to meet the owner who was drawing on the wall. He is very nice and friendly. He told us that this place has been here for around a year plus. Most of his customers are cyclist where this is one of the cycling routes for training. Nowadays, he noticed that there are more families with kids hanging out this place too.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Wall Art

His passion is in the collection of bicycle art gallery and sculpture. This artwork on the chalkboard wall is drawn by him. He will re-draw from time to time as they are drawn using chalks.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Seletar Airport View

In this cafe, we can choose to sit outdoor or indoor. Since the weather was nice that day, we decided to take the outside seating.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Welfie

However, when the food was served, we realized that the outside is a little bit hot and humid.
In addition, I got bitten by mosquitoes. Retreat retreat, we then walked into the air con indoor seating for a nice cozy and relaxing dinner! Indoor seating is still the best in the Singapore context. Keke…

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Menu

There are many different types of food that we can choose from at an affordable price. After some consideration, we decided to choose Ayam Panggang (chicken) and Unatamadon (fish). There is also a drinks menu starting $2 for soft drinks.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Ayam Panggang

Ayam Panggang ($10.80)
The food here is served pretty fast and at a reasonable price.
This dish is served with rice, achar and keropok.

Verdict: I am not really a rice person but I really enjoyed the drumstick as it is tasty and crispy. I would definitely come back for more!

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Unatamadon

Unatamadon ($8.80)
Japanese rice topped with unagi in teriyaki sauce in a hotpot.

Verdict: I like it that the food is in the hotpot so that the food will always be warm and nice. This dish is nice as a whole and I would recommend it if you like Japanese don. It would be fantastic if there is more sauce.

As we had not try enough on our first time, we decided to visit this place again!

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Vespa

A Christmas theme drawn this time round!

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Bicycle Pump

Bicycle pump available for the cyclists.

This is my second time here and the first time for my sister. Hence, we are still excited to take photos and explore the artworks around the cafe.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Trishaw

More photo taking as we take from different views and angles.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Desserts

As we had our dinner, we decided to order some desserts. We ordered Earl Grey cheesecake, Royal Black Forest and a cup of coffee.

Verdict: The black forest cake is very moist and tasty while the Earl Grey cheese cake is slightly sweet.

Hence, it would depends on your mood to try either a moist or sweeter cake.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Family Shot

Us chilling and enjoying our night at this peaceful Bicycle cafe.

It is definitely a good place for a cup of drink and a slice of cake while waiting for the plane to take off and landing.

Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe Art Gallery

If you have more time, you may also take a look at the artwork which is located in the aisle of the cafe. All of these art pieces are associated with their theme of bicycle cafe. This is a mini bicycle art gallery.

Not been here before, this is one place that you should consider. It is a fantastic place for gathering, dating and family outing. I am pretty sure many will be impressed by this hidden cafe in Seletar airbase.

Address: 80 Maj Aviation Building, Seletar Aerospace view #01-01

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