Authentic Pakistani Briyani @ Peshawar Briyani House along Pasir Panjang Road

Peshawar Briyani House

Just like roti prata, sometimes I will have sudden craving for nasi briyani and thank goodness, there is one stall near my working place that sells nice briyani! Woohoo! 🎉🎉🎉

Peshawar Briyani House Stall

The first time I saw this stall, I immediately gained few insights!

  • There is actually pakistani version of briyani! 😱😱😱 I always thought briyani is purely an indian cuisine. 😵😵😵
  • Peshawar is the capital of Pakistan. Yeah, I am really bad in geography! 😅😅😅

Peshawar Briyani House Menu

They offer a variety of briyani dishes

  • prawn ($7.00)
  • chicken ($5.00)
  • mutton ($6.00)

As my lunch budget is only $4, so I went for the cheapest option, which is the chicken briyani! LOL! 😆😆😆 Yes, I am a cheapo.

Peshawar Briyani House

The briyani rice, in my opinion, was very well done because it was more on the softer side and I like soft rice a lot (我喜欢吃软饭). Therefore, if you prefer your rice to be harder, this briyani might not suit you.

Another thing I like about this briyani was it’s nice rice fragrant smell with just the right amount of spices. It was not overpowered with spices which is more suitable to my taste. Therefore, this place is a good start if you want to get use to indian cuisine.

Personally, I think the rice portion was too huge for me and I could not finish them. For ladies, you might want to share this dish.

Peshawar Briyani House Curry

Their curry was my number 1 reason why I like their briyani. They served my favourite mutton curry. It was so nice that I needed at least two bowls in order to fully satisfied me. Plus, I ordered chicken briyani and I got mutton curry, definitely worth it! bwahaaahahaha! 😆😆😆

Peshawar Briyani House Chicken

Pardon this ugly photo as my RX100m3 is not with me during lunch with colleagues! LOL!

Regarding the chicken, some of my colleagues feedback that it did not have enough curry flavour. On the other hand, I argued that the chicken was very well marinated with salt that the natural chicken taste were bought out, thus making it fully curry-flavoured is not necessary. In fact, I was then able to taste the freshness of the chicken and it was really fresh!

Like briyani rice, the yogurt do not have strong indian spices so I was able to finished it too. Needless to say but still have to say is the crispy papadam to complete the whole briyani set! Awesome!

In conclusion, this chicken briyani is worth a try especially when you are working at Mapletree Business City area and you want nice lunch that is worth your penny & calories! 😄

NOTCHBAD Rating: 3.75 / 5 Good enough to satisfy your briyani craving!

Peshawar Briyani House

83 Pasir Panjang Rd Singapore 118508

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