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Eat Like Jack Ma! Awesome Maggie Mee with Seafood Soup at Pasir Panjang!

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Maggie Mee Seafood Soup

Instant noodles, the simplest and most convenient food on earth. Even if you do not know how to cook when people ask, the best answer will be:

Yes, I know how to cook instant noodles. #OldJoke

Jack Ma Lunch Instant Noodles

Image: cnbeta.com

Well apparently, Jack Ma has been eating instant noodles everyday for lunch since he founded Alibaba. To me, I will definitely died of boredom if I follow his diet. However, with this hawker stall, I think my #EatLikeJackMa dream will be fulfilled! LOL! 😇

Just dun tell this to my mother, or she will say my hair is going to fall off soon! 😂 Do also check out my “Eat Like Barack Obama” food post yeah!

Ban Heng Restaurant Pasir Panjang

This hawker stall is located in a kopitiam along Pasir Panjang road which is quite out of the way unless you are working near there.

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Maggie Mee Seafood Soup Queue

As this place can get very crowded during office lunch hours (est. 1 hour waiting time), I strongly recommend to be there at 11.30am. Alternatively, brave through the storm and you shall be rewarded as crowd are significantly lesser during rainy days!

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Maggie Mee Seafood Soup Queue Bowls

Do always ask the uncle what is the waiting time else be prepared for a stomach-growling wait! LOL! 😂😂😂

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Maggie Mee Seafood Soup

Lo and behold! Even better than Jack Ma’s instant noodles lunch! 😂 Personally, I strongly recommend the ‘$4 maggie mee dry seafood soup’. For the dry maggie noodles, dark sauce is used so it tasted a bit like chinese-styled Indomie Mee Goreng.

Note: We normally call instant noodles as maggie mee in Singapore just like pampers as diapers, google as internet search etc. Okay you get it! 😂

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Seafood Soup

No. 1 reason why seafood soup is the best choice is because they will add shaoxing wine (a type of chinese cooking wine). With the shaoxing wine, it will add an extra fragrant to the already flavourful soup! Yummy! 😋

Another reason why seafood soup is my favourite choice is because it has wide variety of ingredients. It has prawn, fish & pork plus one bonus item which is beancurd skin wrapped with well-marinated minced meat! Nice! 😍

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Ee Fu Noodle Seafood Soup

If you do not like instant noodles, there are other common noodle options like beehoon or ee-fu noodles. For ee-fu noodles, only soup option is available.

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Chili

Oh yeah, I love their chili as it is not salty, only spicy and sour (my kind of chili sauce). 😊

Pasir Panjang Huang Ji Self Made Dried Ee Fu Noodle

The chili sauce is so good that I self converted my ee-noodles into a dry version by using this chili. I’m so smart yeah! 😆


Do check out this stall if you happen to be there yeah and when people ask you why you have maggie mee for lunch. Just tell them that you wanna eat like Jack Ma! LOL! 😂

NOTCHBAD Rating: 4.5 / 5 Atas Maggie Mee! Huat ah!

Do you have other stalls in Singapore that serve nice instant noodle dishes? Yes? Comment below now! 😍

黄记 Huang Ji @ Ban Heng Restaurant

97A Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118515

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday – Morning till 3pm
Closed on Sunday

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