Tori-paitan Style Ramen Preview by Kuro-Obi x IPPUDO @ MBS

kuro obi ramen

There will be another makan option in Marina Bay Sands real soon! IPPUDO is going to open not 1 but 2 stores near the ice-skating rink area of MBS. Other than IPPUDO’s new outlet, they are going to open a new concept stall which is a quick-service takeaway ramen bar Kuro-Obi.

Kuro-Obi uses tori-paitan in their signature ramen and we are fortunate enough to have a taste of this ramen before it opens in MBS this coming 13th Jan 2017. So is it worth your calories? Let’s check it out!

kuro obi ippudo

We have a taste of Kuro-Obi at our favourite IPPUDO outlet @ Mandarin Gallery. Lucky! 🍀🍀🍀

Chicken Soup Base

kuro obi ramen

Tori-paitan is a ramen style which uses chicken soup base and have chicken chashu. It is different from the more common tonkotsu style which uses pork instead.

LOL! Tori-paitan sounds really like tori hard to earn in hokkien! 😂

Just the Right Texture

kuro obi ramen noodle

As usual like IPPUDO, you can choose the noodle texture. The ramen is just nice, not too soft and not too hard. The springy ramen texture goes well with the chicken soup which has smooth rich chicken flavor. The soup tastes almost like the soup in beauty collagen hot pot ‘BIJIN NABE’.

Chicken Chashu


kuro obi ramen chashu

The chicken chashu tastes almost like pork chashu but less chewy! For me, I still prefer pork chashu!

Flowy Tamago

kuro obi ramen egg

Next up is the must-have tamago! Nice well-flavored soft egg white with flowing egg york! Shiok!


kuro obi ippudo bowl

Since Kuro-Obi is a takeaway ramen concept, it will be served in takeaway containers. However, I do really like the bowl they used for this ramen in IPPUDO!


The ramen in Obi-Wan, opps too much star wars. 😜

This ramen in Kuro-Obi @ MBS will be selling from $8 onwards and that is pretty decent price consider the location and type of food! Therefore, if you have too much tonkotsu style ramen and craving for a twist, then you should try out Kuro-Obi! Hopefully, this outlet will maintain the quality like I ate here in IPPUDO. 🙏🙏🙏

Which side do you choose? chicken or pork based ramen? Comment below now! 😊


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