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Ichiran Ramen Taipei – Ramen Served From Window Blind


I have no idea who prepared my ramen Nor who served me.🤔

I came on this trip to Taiwan without planning where to go and where to eat for the fact that Taiwan is a place that you can tour anywhere and find delicious food literally everywhere. But on the first night in Taipei, during the hotpot dinner, someone asked if I would like to go to Ichiran? At the moment, I was like “so full already how to go Ichiran?” And then, on that night they really went Ichiran after partying at ATT4FUN. This is when I know, there is always space for good food. It must be really good that they still can go after the hot pot buffet dinner! I told myself that I must definitely go one day and there is no reason to skip this since they open 24 hours.

Taipei-Ichiran-Ramen-open-24-hourBut still, I still have to say, throughout my trip, there wasn’t a moment that I feel hungry. Thanks to all the street snacks haha! Even on the day of my trip to Ichiran, I was still quite full! But how can anyone not try the ‘best ramen’ in the world? Maybe if you say the ‘best chicken rice’ in the world, I might give it a miss but I am a noodle person! I love ramen!!


2 am, dark, cold, silent.

It was 2 am that we decided “let’s go ICHIRAN!” We took a cab there, that’s probably the only way to get there in the middle of the night. The driver asked if the ramen is good as he often sends tourist like us there but has yet to try it out as it is considered as one of the more pricey places, not for the locals.


Thankfully, there was no queue when we arrive! YAY! Ichiran Ramen had a continuous queue of 240 hours straight, which meant that there were customers standing outside for 10 days! I really can’t believe how people can queue so long! It took us less than 3 minutes to get seated!


There is a customer booth seating chart to show which seats are empty and taken. So you can go to the seat that is available! The waiter brought us to our seats politely!


They don’t have a menu with many different options for you to choose because they only offer its one and only signature dish – The Classic Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Broth) Ramen. The only option you have is your preference of the flavour, the richness of broth, texture of noodle, amount of garlic etc. You can circle according to your preference on the order sheet. Some people may think that they do not have a variety to choose. This helps me to solve the problem of my indecisiveness since I always want to order everything!


I followed the recommended options on the order sheet for the original classic Tonkotsu ramen. After circling on the order sheet, you pass it to the waitress through your own window. If it’s not enough, remember you can always add extra noodle, pork etc!Ichiran-ramen-ordering-system

After you are seated, you can fill up the sheet for additional order requests! You can always add for extra noodle, pork etc! But everything is done silently. The only reason you should open your mouth is to eat the ramen! Taipei Ichiran Individual Seat Booth Private

Since it’s my first Ichiran experience, I was really impressed by the seating arrangement. I think most of you would already know about the unique seating system such that customers sit in individual booth with side partition and food served through the reed blind. If I am alone this is definitely somewhere that I will come because everyone is alone and no one will know that I am alone! ichiran-ramen-magical-window

All we can see is a bamboo window blind in front and a water dispenser. You don’t even need to say “excuse me, can I have some water?” I don’t even see who served me. I find it a bit funny because I don’t see the face of who is serving me. All I see is the bamboo blind.


curious how it looks inside!


I can’t remember what drink it was because in my mind was just ramen ramen ramen!

The Classic Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Broth) Ramen


Here comes the legendary ramen from the window!!


So first, I take a picture of my ramen! Next, I try the broth! It’s light yet very robust in flavour! Love how it tastes so smooth and balanced. No wonder they can have one flavor to suit everyone! If you prefer the kind of broth that is extremely thick, you may like to try the strong seasoning stock!

Ichiran-Pork-Bone-Broth-ramen-thin-noodle-textureThe noodle was definitely to my liking! I love thin ramen as compared to the thick ones. It’s smooth and slightly chewy! I wish I could have this everyday!Ichiran-Pork-Bone-Broth-ramen-thin-noodle

The quantity was alright for me but many would Kae-dama (add more noodles)!


The pork char siew was a bit disappointing. It was harder than what I would like it to be. It is too chewy and tough for my preference.

Just FYI, the tissue is attached on the wall!


You must be thinking what is this?

You might think I am stating the obvious but I’m sure there would be someone like me that can’t find the tissue!


Is this a must eat in Taipei? I would say YES!

It was indeed an eye opener to dine here!!

And you can come anytime, you can even come the moment you arrive! Because it is open 24 hour a day. Even in the middle of the night, it was still busy! I doubt there is even any moment that they are empty!


Just bring your luggage along with you and have a warm bowl of comforting ramen before you start your holiday in Taipei! I would definitely do that if I arrive during midnight!

The philosophy is that removing distraction of interpersonal interactions allows you to better focus on the flavour of the food. You can truly enjoy your ramen without being disturbed or even you can eat freely without anyone looking at you! This allows you to shut away from your surroundings and concentrate on the ramen! You can slurp the soup and eat in any way you like! However, some people may prefer to eat together and feel that food taste better when you eat together! The individual sitting arrangement also meant that you can’t share. But for the world best ramen, I don’t mind being separated for it! Hehe! So if you are at Ichiran and can’t control to not to talk, please still try to keep your volume Low!

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