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Ice cold bingu 빙수 at The Ice Lab


Merry Christmas!

While we can’t experience snow in Singapore, Ice Lab Cafe can offer you the snowy feeling! Escape from the sweltering heat and enjoy ice cold bingu 빙수 at The Ice Lab, Somerset.

Spacious white simple décor and its signature snow bear with ‘snow falling’ in the middle!


When Ice Lab first open, it caught our attention when we walked past. Wow! This place is beautiful! However, it was usually crowded and packed so ended up giving it a miss! Today, we finally decided to try out ice lab! And surprisingly, it was quite empty! Perhaps the craze is dying down!

The most interesting experience here is not the food, but the ambience. It’s simple with minimalistic décor.

Stepping in Ice Lab feels like entering into another world, one that is happier, freer, and cooler!


The Menu Ice-lab-orchard-menu

So many types of bingsu from milo, green tea, yogurt, Oreo, strawberry, cheese and more!

How to choose! I wish I could have everything!


Alternatively, you can order pizza, toast, or a slice of cake. My assumption is that majority of the people here will go for the popular bingsoo that ice lab specialises in!

Here comes my Atas Ice Kachang – Korean Yogurt Bingsoo!

Since we didn’t have any flavour in mind, we decided to go with a neutral flavour.

Yogurt BingSoo serves with a mixture of strawberry slices, blueberries, frosties corn flakes, and a hidden scoop of berry ice cream in the middle.

Yogurt Bingsoo ($16.90)


So how different was Ice Lab from the usual bingsu?

The yogurt taste great, not too sour or sweet! The milky ice shaving was so fine! We found ice lab bingsoo to be more refined and milky than other shops like O’ma spoon and Nunsonyee. It was instantly refreshing when the soft fluffy shave ice melts in your mouth! When we were reaching the end, we discovered a scoop of berry flavoured ice cream hidden at the bottom! I felt that the cornflake doesn’t go well with the bingsu as it was a bit over contrasting such that you have to bite the cornflake while the shaved ice melts in your mouth. Didn’t really enjoy having this combination of corn flake with the finely shaved ice. We will try other flavours next time!

The Outside

The storefront is covered with transparent glass so every time we walked past, we will tend to feel that the people inside are very ‘atas’(high class/rich). Because one bowl of bingsoo is around $14 to $17 at Ice Lab, I can get almost get a decent bowl of ramen or chirashi bowl!

Overall, I love the bingsoo as well as the unique atmosphere at Ice Lab. Still, we cannot deny that it is overpriced for a bowl of shaved ice with basic ingredients (strawberry, blueberry, cornflake) at $16.90. Ouch that hurts! Not worth leh!


Cheap Trill!

For a cheaper alternative of Ice Lab BingSoo, you can go for the takeaway bingsoo at the Bugis OutletIce-Lab-Bugis-Singapore Ice-Lab-Bugis-Takeaway

Have yet to try the takeaway Bingsoo! Would try it next time!

How did you find the Bingsoo at Ice Lab?

Feel free to comment below!

Ice Lab
Address: Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road #01-01/02, Singapore 238866 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 1:30pm – 1am (Mon-Thu), 10am – 1am (Fri-Sun)

New Outlet – Bugis
Address: 164 Rochor Rd (8 mins walk from Bugis MRT)

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