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Hub & Spoke Cafe @ Changi Airport T2 – Nice & Cosy!

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Signboard

If you are searching for this cafe, most likely you’re on your way to this place! If you are still deciding, I recommend you to check out this cafe! 

First of all, Hub & Spoke Cafe is located outside T2. Most of the time I will put the direction to the cafe at the end but I decided that getting to the cafe is the most important especially when the address for Hub & Spoke Cafe feels hideous, haha! The address shows – 60 Airport Boulevard #01-T2S-02, 819643. It made us wonder where this cafe was when we first saw the location. If you are getting there via car or taxi, here’s the exact route to the cafe with minimum walking distance.

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport T2 Carpark 2a

Once you are at Changi Airport, look for the entrance to Car Park 2A! If you missed this U-turn, you are all set to go round and round this area to get back to this entrance. LOL!

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport T2 South Car Park Sign

Once you enter the U-turn towards Car Park 2A, then you will see the sign with South Car Park! Oh geez, they should have put this in the previous direction sign. =_=||

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport T2 South Car Park

And there you are, the South Car Park of Changi Airport! Hub & Spoke Cafe is just right opposite this car park. Although it is a open-air car park, there is a sheltered way to the cafe! Nice!~~~

The nearest car park to Hub & Spoke Cafe is the South Car Park which is right beside the multi-storey Car Park 2A. It would be helpful to look out for signboards that directs you to either “Car Park 2A” or “South Car Park” because we had to do multiple turns around Changi Airport as Google map is not updated with the latest direction around this area. The signs for the South Car Park are not as prominent and it’s quite a small turn.

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport T2 Road Sign

Upon arriving at the south car park, you will see the ‘Hub & Spoke’ sign hidden in the greenery directly opposite. This is where we go “wow, never expect a cafe here!” And yes indeed this cafe feels like a new world, away from city life. The restaurant is set in a unique garden setting that looks like a glasshouse.

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Signboard

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Exterior

The outdoor area is lovely, it looks like a mini botanic garden connecting us with nature.

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Interior

Before even looking at the menu, I already fell in love with the cafe building! It has natural light shining through its full-length glass. I took some time to admire the place, enjoy the cozy ambience, before looking at the menu!

The menu features a wide array of food spanning from multiple cuisines from local delights to brunch classics. There were local classics such as Laksa ($5.50), Curry Chicken ($5.90), Nasi Lemak ($5.90). There were also breakfast sets like kaya butter toast set ($4.20) and egg benedict ($7.90). They also serve pasta and mains. I felt like they had a range of food suitable for the whole family, you don’t have to worry about what each person likes because they have so many different choices. The problem I have faced while looking at the menu is what should I try? But that is definitely a good problem to think about haha! 

You can take a look at their menu before heading down! (gives you more time to decide what to eat):

Hub And Spoke Cafe Fish Chip Steak Tea

Here are some dishes that we tried! (We actually went there two times to try out the different options!)

Overall, this is our verdict of the food that we have tried:

  • Salmon Benedict – Damn worth it for the generous amount of smoked salmon!
  • Ah Pui Laksa – Another style of Laksa, super duper creamy!
  • Fish and Chips – Nice & crispy!
  • Dirty Steak – Too tough to our likings! Dun really recommend. 

Apart from good food, drinks are also quite important for cafes! They serve Nanyang-style kopi and teh at a coffee shop price! They even have bubble tea! Hub & Spoke Cafe really appeals to everyone including bbt lovers! 

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Entrance

Hub And Spoke Cafe Changi Airport Night Time

Another interesting thing is that Hub and Spoke Cafe is opening a bicycle rental shop beside their cafe! I’m looking forward to a good cycling adventure in addition to good food/drinks at an affordable price plus a cozy laid back ambience.  I really like the entire idea of food, drinks, glasshouse and cycling. A good escape to good food, good ambience, good company.

This cafe is a nice alternative to Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe @ Seletar Airport.

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