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House of AnLi – Hidden Gem in Tanglin Mall • European Home Decor Furniture and Bistro

House Of Anli Tanglin

House Of Anli European Furniture

You won’t be able to recognize this cafe from the outside.



Running out of choices on what to eat, I decided to leave it to the Eatsy guy Nicholas Lim on our next dining location. FYI, Eatsy is a dining app that allows you to order and split the bill with your friends. More importantly, you get instant cash back every time you order through the app!

Sushiro Thomson Plaza Tabao

We were about to settle down for Sushiro – bara chirashi, very typical of him, Japanese cuisine, one that will hardly go wrong! But then, I wasn’t really convinced to go there as I wanted to try something new. And so he suggested House of AnLi, so my first question was

Who is AnLi?

I followed him into this European furniture store in Tanglin Mall.

House Of Anli Furniture

What is going on?

Nic: I don’t know where is the shop
Me: huh?
Nic: Oh here!
Me: you serious? Furniture?

House Of Anli Beautiful Interior

Monochromatic European Interior

And he wasn’t playing around, there is really a beautiful bistro within. The decor, furniture and ambience of the bistro were impressive. The bistro has cozy, stylish interior design and the furniture. My first impression of this place was that it was so classy. With the natural light shining in through the window, the dining space is sleek, bright and vibrant! The concept is to provide a fresh dining experience, overlooking lush greenery, away from the mall’s hustle and bustle. Indeed, I felt like I was overseas.

House Of Anli Decor

House of AnLi Menu

House Of Anli Dinner Menu

House of AnLi Dinner Menu

House Of Anli Menu

AnLi’s Family Recipes

They serve up home-style Belgium food based on her family’s original recipes. To answer myself the question who is AnLi, she is Belgian designer Anne-Jean Liétaer (thus the name AnLi).

House Of Anli Breakfast Brunch

House of AnLi All Day Dining

Personally, I feel that the price wise is on the steeper side. Located at Tanglin Mall, many cafes and restaurants are targeted for people with relatively higher-spending-power.

House Of Anli Set Lunch Menu

The menu is written entirely in words, which makes it hard deciding on what to order. I started to google and decided to order from the sea which I thought was a safe choice. And nic opted for the default choice – the 2-course set lunch.

House Of Anli Brunch From The Sea Set Lunch Beef

House Of Anli Brunch Breakfast Lunch Town Singapore

what do you think his face means?

The food looks kinda small.

House Of Anli Brunch Tanglin Orchard

when can I eat?

Since it’s so pricey, I should take more photos but this old man cannot wait for one.

2-course Set Lunch – $24

House Of Anli Daily Soup Beetroot

Beetroot Soup

The set lunch of the day includes beetroot soup and baby burger steak with potato. Somehow it felt like kids meal served in the fine dining style. No offence, but deep crimson red from the beetroot resembles the colour of the blood and we were joking around that we drank blood. The soup tasted a bit weird initially, maybe it was the colour that made us a little bit hesitant. I don’t really know how to describe this unique taste, it was slightly sweet.

House Of Anli Set Lunch Baby Burger Steak With Potato1

For the main, the baby burger steak looks normal but it tasted good – juicy and tender. The salad was surprisingly good, freshly prepared greens with flavourful salad dressing.

From the sea- $26

House Of Anli Brunch From The Sea1

It was hard to decide on what to order since there was only words description on the menu. I decided to choose one from the brunch which brings me down to from the sea, from the farm and from the garden.

from the sea – smoked eel, avocado, asparagus, avruga, caviar

from the farm – lamb tenderloin, potato, brussel sprouts

from the garden – endive, mixed mushrooms, vine tomato, black truffle (seasonal)

Quite interesting name, the name suggests where the food is from.

House Of Anli Brunch

The smoked eel brunch plate with avocado, poached egg, grilled asparagus, and caviar served on sourdough toast was nicely presented. This dish is simple, light and healthy.

House Of Anli From The Sea Brunch1

House of AnLi is a simple yet unique. The restaurant was quite crowded, which is good but Nic and I had a hard time talking to each other. We felt that it would have been a much better environment to relax and unwind if it was quieter. I wish that they had photos for the menu too!

House of AnLi

03-17 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road
MRT: Orchard
OPEN: 9am to 9pm daily
TEL: 6235-3851
INFO: houseofanli. com/the-bistro/

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