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Goodbye to Sumiya Orchard Central


Remember that time I talked about the super awesome Mixed Bara Kaisen Don at Sumiya? We are back again for more incredible lunch deal, hoping to share more yummy food with everyone!

orchard-sumiya-counter sumiya-fresh-fish-sashimiorchard-sumiya-interiorsumiya-seats

But little did we expect that the Mixed Bara Kaisen Don that we love is gone. 😭😭😭

Can you imagine just 2 months ago we found our new favourite! And it is so awesome! Now you realise that it is gone?

And it is so awesome! Now you realise that it is gone?

Sadly, Sumiya have changed their menu since January😱 We were really disappointed by the new menu 😔


Sumiya’s New MenuSumiya-new-menu

Sumiya’s Old Menusumiya-old-menu

Let’s just do a price comparison between the two menus.


The price seems pretty much similar on first sight. But after comparing, we found the new menu pricier. The Old Mixed Bara Kaisen Don Set cost $20.80 and the New Kaisen Bara Truffle Don ala carte is $20 and in a set meal cost $26.80.

The new menu is more expensive.

Old $20.80 VS New $26.80

This is pretty much expected, right? Everything is getting more and more expensive nowadays.

We ordered the food hoping that more expensive means better.

Typical Singaporean Mentality: Expensive = Better

So we proceed on with our order to try if it is worth our 💰! 


Hokkai Sashimi Mori Truffle Don – $24  (Alacarte)


Combination of sweet prawn sashimi, snow crab meat, chopped salmon sashimi and salmon roe on sushi rice topped with okaka bonito flakes, truffle paste

Pork Garlic Sauce Sumibi-yaki & Chicken Kara-age Don – $23 (Alacarte)


We were shocked when the food was served. The portion of the rice bowl was mini, it was so tiny that we didn’t know how to start eating it! 

Let’s says size doesn’t matter. How about the quality of the food?

The rice was different from the ordinary white Japanese rice. It was well marinated and tasty. The sashimi in Hokkai Sashimi Mori Truffle Don ($24) was all chopped into fine pieces which we didn’t really enjoy. Not shoik at all. This is really disappointing. The other food we tried was the Pork Garlic Sauce Sumibi-yaki & Chicken Kara-age Don($23). Okay no different in size of bowl from Hokkai Sashimi Mori Truffle Don. Probably slightly better with more ingredients. There are 4 slices of pork and 3 pieces of Chicken Kara-age. Again, the bowl was small but the ratio of rice to ingredient was more acceptable as the size of each piece of meat was decent.  The chicken tasted the smell as the CP chicken you get from NTUC, luckily the pork tasted better! It was juicy and well marinated with garlic sauce. The tender and savoury pork made this meal a little more comforting. 

Okay from the photo it may not look as small I sound. But trust me it’s a really different compared with the Old Mixed Bara Kaisen Don. Just look at the one below and you will feel our pain.



Old Mixed Bara Kaisen Don

We also ordered the Chawanmushi.


Super Mini Chawanmushi as well!


Fake Smile.  Not his real feeling.

The Chawanmushi seems to also have shrunk. It came in a small cup which was like 3 fingers in height. We wondered if we travelled into the dwarf world with everything served in such small portion.  

Super-duper sad la. Where is the affordable and delicious Mixed Bara Kaisen Don that we love? What happen to the Sumiya we love?

This is his real expression. Emo because of Sumiya’s New Menu

So, we went to Sumiya’s Facebook page and realise there’s many people that were disappointed with the new menu just like us.

Super sad boy. Nicholas also expressed his disappointment on Sumiya’s Facebook. 

Can we have the Old Mixed Bara Kaisen Don back? 😅


Another sad news for everyone would be Sumiya Orchard Central will be closing on 25 Feb.

“What? Close?! Why?”

No Business

We thought it was quite popular since it was quite busy and popular when i visit during lunch hour.

Possible Reason: High rental cost at orchard central💰

However don’t worry, you can still visit them at the other shop at:

Sumiya (Suntec City)
Address: #03-332 Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, 332 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Phone: 6235 1816
Hours: Open daily · 11:30AM–3PM, 5:30–10PM

We were really looking forward to our lunch at sumiya only to realise it was no longer the same. 😭

We hope that they can come out with another new menu with the old chirashi don!

Do set your expectation lower to avoid disappointment😂

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