Fish & Chicks – Salted Egg and Chilli Crab Fish at Orchard Cineleisure

Salted Egg Chilli Crab Fish At Fish & Chicks1

Ever since fish & chick open its outlet at Cineleisure I have been wanting to try it! Yes! It’s been super long! But there’s just too many delicious foods in Somerset that I have yet to try!😋

It’s like finally we are here!

Cheap Good Food At Orchard Cineleisure

Fish and Chips on my hands!

As many of you already know, fish and chick is most famous for one thing – Best of both worlds, which serves Fish and Chip with Salted Egg and Chili Crab Sauce!! Sounds just great!😍😍

Singapore Fish And Chips Salted Egg Chilli CrabFish & Chicks Best Of Both Worlds

Fish & Chicks Menu

Fish & Chicks Cheap Western Food Orchard

Surprisingly, the menu is quite extensive! Besides the famous fish and chips, they had chicken pasta and burgers. Fish & Chicks Menu

Comparing the prices, it’s much more worth it to order the best of both worlds as compared to the having just the salted egg or Chili crab fish and chip!

💸It cost $11.60 for one and $14.80 for both! If you can’t finish you can always tabao (takeaway) or if you’re brave enough ask someone if they would like to share with you Hahahah! I would be happy to share half of both if someone asks! HEHE!😊😊

Fish & Chicks – Best of Both Worlds

Chilli Crab And Salted Egg Fish And Chips

We ordered the best of both worlds which included both Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Sauce! We had the option of two sides, so we choose fries and cheese pasta! The sides probably aren’t that noteworthy as the fish is the main dish!😐😐

The fish was fried perfectly to golden and crisp not overly done! 👍 We all dislike fish and chip that wrapped with a thick layer of batter. But here, you can clearly see that the ratio of fish fillet to the batter was just the right level! The exterior of the fish and chip is crispy, followed by moist and soft fish fillet without being too oily! 😊

The dish is completed by drizzling the salted egg and chilli crab sauce over the fried fish. Thus, the flavor was not able to be fully infused into the fish but both sauces were pretty decent!🤔🤔

Chilli “Crab” Fish & Chips

Chilli Crab Fish And Chips

The Chilli Crab Sauce had a stronger flavor, sweeter than spicy. It isn’t really spicy so non-spicy eaters can try too! This is the first time eating Fish with Chilli Crab Sauce but the combination of battered fish fillet topped with aromatic Chilli Crab Sauce really surprise me!😋😋

Salted Egg Fish & Chips

Fish And Chicks Salted Egg Fish

The salted egg sauce was light – buttery with a bland taste of salted egg. It was more of creamy butter sauce than salted egg. Somehow lacking in the wow factor. It is nice but would be better if there was more salted egg!😅😅

Fish & Chicks Chilli Crab SauceBetween both sauces, we all agreed that the chilli crab takes the win even though I love salted egg! Haha contradicting but in this case, the Chilli crab is more flavourful!🏆

Fish & Chicks at Cineleisure Koufu

Fish & Chicks At Cineleisure Orchard

I was Glad to try it when the craze is over because we didn’t have to go through the long queue for our plate of fish and chips. It’s really crazy to see that some people queued an hour for their plate of fish and chips. This is why you should only try “hype” food during off-peak hours! We visited on a weekday lunch and there were many people eating fish and chick but don’t worry you have really need to queue. Just constantly having customers flowing in at a “good pace” for them to prepare the food. The food was prepared quickly and we didn’t have to wait very Long!☺️☺️

Overall quite a good experience and I don’t mind coming back if I have someone to share with! And if I go with more people, I would try the other dishes as well! 😋

Big Fish Small Fish 

For those of you looking for good fish and cheap, I will strongly recommend all of you to try big fish small fish! Big fish small fish is one of the container bistro opened in Punggol, Tebing lane!😛😛

Big Fish Small Fish Sign

What To Eat At Big Fish Small Fish

Choice of Fish: Seabass

This is one of the best fish and chip you can find in Singapore and I am still craving for more!! Get the sea bass! ✨✨You should really really try it!!

But of course during off-peak hour if possible!🕒🕘

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee (2 shops away from Fish & Chicks)

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee Orchard

Eating in Kopitiam means you have a variety of food to choose from. Just 2 stalls away from Fish & Chicks is the famous Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo!😄

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee Cineleisure

For $5.50 (usual price – $6.30), the Koo Kee Set Meal includes Koo Kee special noodle, Yong Tow Foo soup and a bowl of noodle!

If you are looking for cheap and good eats, Cineleisure basement Koufu foodcourt is definitely worth checking out!🤗🤗

And you should try Fish & Chick, provided if there is no queue! 


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