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3 Places You Can Eat at Natra Binta aka Canopi Resort, Treasure Bay

Treasure Bay Bintan Electric Scooter

Note: The Canopi has renamed to Natra Bintan, A Tribute Portfolio Resort.

The Canopi Resort, Bintan is a wonderland with lots of fun, exciting, relaxing activities! Located just an hour away from Singapore, this resort is easily accessible and makes the perfect family getaway for all- regardless your age! Food is what makes us HAPPY! Before the trip, we were quite worried that there would be limited food choices or that it would be expensive! Don’t worry, there are different types of food that you can enjoy at Canopi Resort depending on your craving and your budget…🍜🍲🍕🍥

Here are 3 places to eat in The Canopi

  1. Cheap and Delicious Street Food @ Treasure Bay🍜
  2. Hook On Seafood @ Treasure Bay🍤🦀🦐
  3. The Palio Bar and Restaurant @ Canopi the Resort🍕🥘

1) Cheap and Delicious Street Food

Treasure Bay Bintan Street Food Stall

The first place we discovered was a food street with many food stalls! This just feels like a mini‘ Pasar Malam’ with a number of food stalls selling different local varieties of food.🌯 On first sight, it seems slightly daunting as there were not many people. But we decided to get it a try and it was way better than what we thought! 

There are 6 stalls, named in alphabetical order accordingly! We were attracted to Stall F, Stall F sells Indonesian food- Nasi Ayam, Beef/Chicken Kebab, Kebab Pisang, Mee Pizza, Sotong Nasi, Prawn Nasi…

So guess what caught our eyes???👀👀👀

Treasure Bay Bintan Street Food

Hmmm… Mie Pizza and Bakwan Seafood(Fried seafood)…🦐

Guess YOU must be wondering, what is Mie Pizza?🍕

At the point of ordering, we also had no idea how it will be like but it just sounds cool and unique so we decided to TRY!!!🤔🤔🤔

Treasure Bay Bintan Mie Pizza

Pizza Mie tastes delicious with some sausage, carrots, and egg.🍳While eating, we started discussing how to make this dish and we like it so much that we wanted to try making it ourselves! But obviously we have not tried but we got inspired at least! What makes it unique is that you will be able to taste the noodles in the pizza. It feels a little like mee goreng with carrot cake.🍽🍽🍽  Plus, it’s really crispy!

Interesting combination and indeed very creative to come out with this dish.😄👍

Damage: IDR RP25,000

Treasure Bay Bintan Ramy Burger Stall

Stall B sells Ramily Burger and Coconut.

As soon as we arrived, my mom got really excited with this shop.

Mum: Woah, coconut… faster order, weather very hot.

Me: Okay

Mum: Can quench thirst

Me: Okay

Mum: Donno if it is sweet

Me: Buying for Mum her coconut

And they started taking photos. So I had to hold my coconut while taking the photo!

Hahaha… Looking back at this photo, we indeed look weird with our coconut!!! Keke…😄😄😄

Treasure Bay Bintan Electric Scooter

LOL. Want to eat and play at the same time!

All smiling very broadly because “ We are on a HOLIDAY!!!”🤣🤣🤣

Treasure Bay Bintan Coconut Drink

After a sip of the coconut, we felt so… BLISS! It is so refreshing and sweet! The coconut fresh is also soft and smooth.👍👍👍

Treasure Bay Bintan Chilli Cove Burger

For burger lovers, Chill Cove Burger will be a good choice for a small bite as they are selling mini burger at IDR RP20,000(app $2.10). I would say it is a very decent price as the rest of the restaurant around are of Singapore prices.  🍔🍔🍔

Treasure Bay Bintan Mini Burger

Verdict: At the first look, it feels like a miniature gummy burger. On the first bite, wohooooo… it is so tasty and yummy!!! Notchbad Notchbad!👍👍

We all love it so much and till now, my mum still talk about how good the mini burger is. 

Conclusion: This street food sells really cheap and delicious food that have many choices for guests to choose from and the prices are really reasonable. Food prices cost IDR40,000 (S$4.40) and below.😄😄😄

We were really surprised that the food was NOTCHBAD! Do check out and try the foods at the food stalls!

Do note that these stalls are only open on weekends.

Location: Treasure Bay Bintan, in front of activities centre

2) HOOK ON! ~For Seafood Lovers

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill

Our super happy faces when we saw the word “Seafood”!!!🦀🍤🦐

As soon as I saw this restaurant, I know that we need to come here for DINNER! After our bath, we took a stroll here!❤️❤️❤️

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill 3D Art

Before even getting a seat, there are wallpapers on the wall to make you immersed into the atmosphere. With a bit of 3-D wallpaper, we took some beautiful and lovely photos! Feels like we are in Japan, Mount Fuji.🤣🤣🤣

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill And Bar

Actually, to see empty restaurant is kind of doubtful… Doubtful as we are so used to having food with crowd or long queue.😂😂😂  Not always the case, Hook On exceeded our expectation! So…nobody? No need to worry la! Just Eat!

So…nobody? No need to worry la! Just Eat!

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Interior

Of course, I told them that we booked the whole are just for our private family dinner!!! Hahaha…😛😛😛

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Otak Otak

Bintan special seafood otak otak

This is a little different from the normal otah. In the usual otah that we eat, it is usually fish otah. For this Bintan special seafood otah, it is a combination of Indonesia tradition fish + squid cake with bread.🥘🥘🥘
It looks normal but upon trying it, it has a QQ Bouncy texture like fish cake with squid and We like it!👍👍👍

Damage: IDR Rp 70.000

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Vegetable

Baby Kailan with garlic

I always feel that we can never go wrong with Kailan. And yes, it is nice but just a little salty. Maybe when you guys order, you can ask for less oil and salt.🥗🥗🥗

Damage: IDR Rp 70.000

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Sotong

Grilled squid

It is very tasty and chewy and what is best about this is that it is grilled PERFECTLY!👏👏👏

With the drizzled BBQ sauce, this dish is just so fantastic!👍👍👍

Damage: IDR Rp110.000

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Oxtail Soup

Stir-fried oxtail with served with soup

A Dish that you cannot miss when you are in INDONESIA!🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

This is a famous Indonesia dish and indeed it didn’t disappoint us at all.😊😊😊

The fried oxtail so so well-seasoned and it tastes a little like ‘Gam Hiong’.

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Stirred Fried Oxtail

This is a Special dish as we usually have oxtail with soup instead of stir-fried oxtail.

The Meat is soft but very chewy and the portion is very super generous portion!

⚠️It is just so mouthwatering!😋😋😋

💯% must order if you like oxtail❗️

Damage:IDR Rp 120.000

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Clayfish

Slipper lobster salted egg

Considering the price, Rp50.000 per 100 grams. We asked the portion if we order 500g.

The waiter told is that it is recommended portions for 2…Hmm, sounds good as we have 4 pax and we ordered many other dishes…..

⚠️But it was a boom! The dish is Damn huge!! 14 pieces?

We can smell it before we start eating!😛😛😛

One giant wall of lobster..
it was Fried with salted egg after chopping into half. We can taste the very flavourful salted egg which is so so shiok!!!🤗🤗🤗

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Welfie

Time to tuck in…

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Avocado Drink

Avocado juice Rp 40.000
As we really are Avocado lovers, we immediately order when we see Avocado Juice in the menu. It is abit sweet but we still love it! Avocado juice with Chocolate is just so incredible!😍😍😍

Treasure Bay Bintan Hook On Seafood Grill Beer

TowkayNew ordered a Heineken at IDR Rp 50.000.00. It is pretty decent for the price.

Bill add up to IDR RP 814,000 due to 21% of tax(11% service charge and 10% local tax). I just came to know that their tax is actually so high.It is still very worth it in view of the portion we ordered.😇😇😇

I loved the Slipper lobster most and would like to go and eat again when I go back! Yummy Yummy!!!❤️❤️❤️

They do have set menu available for those who do not wish to think about what to order and eat. For us, we ordered Ala Carte as we have foods that we really want to try and is not in the set menu.

3) The Palio Bar and Restaurant @ Canopi Resort

The Palio Bar and Restaurant is located just beside the reception of Canopi Resort. This bar and restaurant is open all day with a selection of local and international favourites. In the evening, they do have barbecue dinner on selected evenings.

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi Crystal Lagoon

We are able to enjoy the stunning view of crystal lagoon while we are having our lunch.😋😋😋

This is a view that really impressed us and make us really relaxed at peace.👏👏👏

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi Oxtail Soup

Oxtail Soup

As we really love the oxtail soup here in Indonesia, we decided to order again.😊😊😊

We ordered clear oxtail soup with carrot, potato and tomatoes and it comes with rice and Keropok.

The soup is a little bit salty but is very tasty, so we had to eat it with rice. For the Keropok, it is not crispy at all, instead it is soft and we don’t really like it.  🙁🙁🙁

I felt that the price is on the steep side as this oxtail soup cost IDR 190,000 (Approximately S$20)

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

A regular Hawaiian Pizza with assorted ingredients- Turkey ham, pineapple, onion, Capsicum, tomato and mozzarella. Personally, I felt that the toppings were pretty xxx as in each mouth that we ate, there is always toppings.🍕🍕🍕

However, the dough base is not really to our liking even though it is thin. It just feels like the dough base is instant.🙁🙁🙁

For this Pizza, the price is still reasonable at IDR 180,000 (Approximately S$19).

Treasure Bay Bintan Canopi BBQ

Guests can also have the option for Barbeque dinner outside their Canopi where they will be able to cook the food that are prepared by The Palio Bar and Restaurant.😄😄😄

⚠️For the meal options, I enjoyed these three places as they all have their own merits.

Do try all of them if you are there. There are also other seafood kelong nearby for you to try.😄😄😄

How to book The Canopi

The Canopi Pickup From Bintan Ferry Terminal

Take a ferry to Bandar Bintan Telani (Lagoi) and friendly staff from The Canopi will be there to pick you!🛳

Bintan Resort Ferries Ferry Schedule TMFT BBT

You can book your suite through booking.com and ferry from Bintan Resort Ferries.

The Canopi Resort

Treasure Bay Bintan, Jln Raya Haji, (Right Beside Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

Lagoi, Riau, Indonesia 29152

Do share with us your experience when you’re there!

4 replies
  1. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Hi Ms Candyce, my family of 14 are going for a short holiday to Canopi Resort in May. We have 4 young children age between 5 years old and 9 years old. Hence, we would like to check on the food. You mention about the Street Food @Treasure Bay. Is it near the Canopi Resort? Or must we take a cab to reach there?
    And also the seafood restaurant ….
    Thank you for helping to answer my questions. From: Samantha

    • Candyce
      Candyce says:

      Hi Samantha, both the street food @ treasure bay and the seafood restaurant (Hook On Seafood) are within The Canopi Resort. It is located next to the activity centre. There’s no need to take a taxi, it is of walking distance from the accommodation. However, since you have kids, you may wish call the reception for a buggy to fetch your family to the activity where the restaurants are at! Hope this answers your questions! Happy holiday! ☺️

  2. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    Hello candyce, thanks for your informative blog! I would like to ask if all the food could be charged to the room? Or must you pay cash? Wondering if I need to change money or can just bring my credit card. Thanks!

    • TowkayNew
      TowkayNew says:

      Hi Alexis, thanks for visiting NOTCHBAD.com.
      We are not sure about the option to charge to the room as we have lots of spare Indonesia rupiah to spare (we travel Indonesia a lot! LOL!).
      My suggestion will be email them directly to check, they can be contacted at https://thecanopi.com/our-assistance.
      Sorry that we can’t help much! Have fun at the Canopi if you going there soon!


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