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Brando’s Pizzeria Cafe – Award Winning Pizzeria in Victoria Park since 1993.

Prosciutto Pizza Seafood Basket At Brando's Pizzeria Perth

Our last meal in Perth.😐

10 days in Perth. So enjoyable and extraordinarily. We lived in huge apartments, carefree and nothing to think about except what’s on the next day. But as we are approaching the end of our holiday, we felt reluctant and restless, not wanting to return home.😔

Why Are Holidays Over So Quickly

New going crazy

Coming to the final day in Perth, we were looking for a place to end the trip on a good note. We were looking for somewhere not too far from Perth Airport so it would be easier for us to make our way to the Airport at night. Most malls and shops in Perth close at 5 pm. After checking with our best friend, Google, we made our way to Victoria Park as it seems to have many late-night restaurants. This is a good place to check out if you have no plans at night! From Fast Food, Tapas Bar, Indian Food, Mexican Cuisine, and even Asian Food, there were so many restaurants for us to choose! We were stuck as to which restaurant to try!😝😝

Brando's Pizzeria Cafe Perth Victoria ParkAs we approach the end of the street, we entered Brando’s Pizzeria Café to check out what they have. A huge variety of pizzas, pastas, salads and other seafood items great for sharing! Pizzas are always great, filled with goodness! 🍕🍕This place is huge, great for big groups. Pretty chill environment, we decided to have our dinner here!😋

Brando's Pizzeria Cafe Chill Ambience

Checking out what to eat.

Brando's Pizzeria Menu Pizzas

Brando’s Pizzeria Menu

The menu small in size but huge in variety, fitting all the items and description. The pizzas are clearly classified according to traditional pizzas, vegetarian pizzas, chicken pizza, meat pizza and seafood pizzas which makes choosing much simpler! But still, so many to choose from, we had difficulty in deciding which one!🌀

Brando's Pizzeria Cafe Pizzas Pastas Perth

Easier to see from the blackboard behind the counter.

The pizzas here come in 3 different size: S: small – 23cm/9” (5 slices), L: large – 33 cm/13” (8 slices), F: family – 38 cm/ 15” (12 slices).

We ordered a large Prosciutto Pizza and Seafood basket.

Prosciutto Pizza Seafood Basket At Brando's Pizzeria Perth

Here comes our pizza and seafood bucket! 🤗When the pizza was served, it was massive. Maybe we are not used to the Aussie portion of food and it was sufficient to fill 4 of our stomach. Initially, we still thought of ordering more! Luckily, we managed to control ourselves from ordering more food! Besides the Prosciutto Pizza and Seafood Bucket that we ordered, we were really tempted to try the Fettuccine Carbonara pasta and Chilli Mussels!😬

Prosciutto Pizza

Prosciutto Pizza Brando's Pizzeria Cafe Vic Park Perth

Thinly sliced prosciutto, fresh tomato, and garlic on a tomato base, garnished with shaved parmesan and wild rocket

It is the first time eating at Brando’s, and first time trying out Prosciutto Pizza as well! ✨The first thing to look out in pizza is the dough itself! The pizza had a thin, crisp but solid base. The tomato base sauce was nicely flavored, not too sour or sweet! I love the way the cheese was melted evenly over the entire pizza covering the Prosciutto. It was perfect and melts in the mouth! It has generous toppings as well, plenty of prosciutto, making it slightly salty. Overall, Brando’s Pizza was great to our liking!👍

Seafood Board

Seafood Bucket Brando's Pizzeria Victoria Park Perth

Fritto misto mare with prawns, calamari, fish goujons, chilli and lime dip, lemon, side salad, giardiniera and toasted ciabatta

The seafood basket comes with prawns, squid, fish, and a coleslaw. Well, I guess this dish was pretty much normal, nothing positive or negative. Most of the wow factor came from the pizza, so you know what you have to try!

Great Food At Brando's Pizzeria Cafe Perth Victoria Park

Brando’s has a really nice atmosphere. We had a table beside the window and it was really relaxing and enjoyable! Service was great and the food was served speedily! Even though ordering was self-service, whereby you order and make payment at the counter. The staffs are still there to serve you whenever you need.🙋🙋‍♂️

Brando’s would be a great place for pizza lovers. And they really have a huge variety of pizzas so you’re sure to find something you like! When we were leaving, the crowd started flowing in! We were pleasantly surprised to find this cafe! Seeing it so popular with the locals means we didn’t enter the wrong restaurant!☺️

After having our dinner at Brando’s Pizzeria Cafe, we crossed the road to Decanter for dessert. It was wasn’t in our itinerary but decided to check it out as the review seems good! We only ordered one dessert for 4 of us, but it’s worth sharing with all of you! We love this place, the people, and their food! 😍


Brando’s Pizzeria Cafe
252, Albany Highway
Victoria Park, WA 6100
Tel: (08) 9470 3811

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday from 5:00pm
Friday from 11:30am
Sat-Sun from 7:30am

Brando’s Pizzeria Cafe – Proudly 100% WA owned & operated & supporting local producers, growers & suppliers since 1993.

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