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Big Fish Small Fish – Fresh Fish Served Out from Containers

What To Eat At Big Fish Small Fish

It has been a long time since I wanted to visit the new container-themed bistro park at Tebing lane. But it was always too far for us! Finally, we managed to make a trip down to explore this new place.

Big Fish Small Fish Tebing Lane

Big Fish Small Fish is one of the seven container eateries lined neatly in a row. Even though it was only 5 pm, it was already bustling with people. We quickly joined the queue before the crowd starts to flow in!Big Fish Small Fish Sign

Can you spot the small fish in the big fish from the signal above?🐠🐟🐠🐟

Big Fish Small Fish Menu

Big fish small fish serves a variety of fish and chip from dory ($6.90), sea bass ($9.90), salmon ($12.90) etc. I must admit my suakuness, it was my first time selecting the type of fish for my fish and chip! Usually when we go western food stall, just need to tell uncle “Uncle! I want Fish & Chip!”

Which one should I choose! Our choice was SEA BASS! If you don’t know which one to order, try the sea bass! Because it was sooo GOOD!!👍👍 I will not recommend Dory even though it’s the cheapest as it is frozen and processed battered fish.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down to see the sea bass lor!

Big Fish Small Fish Self Ordering

Self-ordering system!

Big Fish Small Fish Container Bistro Indoor Seats

Indoor seating area at Big Fish Small Fish.

After ordering, we found a table in the indoor seating area. The indoor seating was right beside the kitchen and food pop out from this hole. It was kinda small, probably fitting about 16 people. Small in size, this indoor dining area was well designed and ventilated. Despite being next to the kitchen where all the frying takes place, it is free of smoky oily smell! It was fitted with an air conditioner so you don’t have to worry about being warm and stuffy. Well Ventilated! So no worries about leaving this place smelly (the fried oily disgusting smell) from hair to toe!😅😅

If you visit during the day, sit inside (super hot outside)! At night, the atmosphere outside is better!

Big Fish Small Fish Food Collection Kitchen

Collect your food from this hole!

Do expect some waiting time especially during meal time. My friend here came yesterday told me that she waited for an hour! Thank Goodness, we went early and the queue was not that bad! PHEW! We waited for about 15 minutes!

Does it remind you of the childhood game “big fish small fish” HAHA!

You can play while waiting for your food!

Big Fish Small Fish Chip Sauce Calamari

Finally, our food is here!

We ordered the Seabass ($9.90) and Salted Egg Fried Calamari with Dried Bonito Flakes ($7.90)!

Big Fish Small Fish Way To Eat

❓The dining tables are designed with holes! Can you guess what is this for❓

Big Fish Small Fish Cone In Table

This is how you should eat the fish and chip!

The fishes are served in a cone and practice here at Big Fish Small Fish is to eat it from the cone! Thus, the holes in the table are for you to put the fish and chip.

But sorry, we still prefer the traditional way of pouring them out!😂😂

What To Eat At Big Fish Small Fish

Tadaa! We poured out our fish and chips on the tray and opened all the different dips!

Punggol Big Fish Small Fish Chips Xo SauceFood At Big Fish Small Fish Sea Bass

Seabass, chips, salted egg calamari and dips!Big Fish Small Fish SeabassChoice of fish: Sea Bass

Initially, we thought it was just another fish and chip stall or something like Long John Silver but it proved us wrong. The sea bass melts in your mouth, how can fish and chip melt in your mouth? The crust was thin and crispy and the flesh was juicing sweet, fresh and tender! It was perfect, so heavenly! Unlike the usual fries, the meal comes with sliced thin potato chips! Personally, I really love the chips! It light, thin, crispy and freshly made! Now that I’m writing about it I wish it can have it now! 😛😛

Big Fish Small Fish Dips Sauce

Despite having different types of fish to suit your taste bud, Big Fish Smal Fish differentiate itself by having a variety of sauces!Big Fish Small Fish Mozarella Cheese Xo Sauce Tartar Salted Egg

Unlimited Sauces!!

In the past, the sauce was packed in individual small containers. But now, there is a self-serving sauce dispenser station beside the counter for you to take your own sauce. Hopefully, this will help to prevent wastage! Please only take what you need before they decide to limit the amount of sauce each serving can have! 

Big Fish Small Fish Sauce

 The are 5 different sauces for you to dip your fish and chips! The dips are rather unique and noteworthy! The best is currently there is no limit as to the number of sauce you can have!! ☺️☺️

  1. Mozzarella Cheese 
  2. Original Cheese
  3. XO Mayo
  4. Tartar
  5. Salted Egg

The flavor of the dips was mild and light. We took some time to distinguish what sauce it was. The mozzarella cheese was more flavorful as compared to the original cheese and had a slightly sour finishing. 

Our favourite: Mozzarella Cheese and XO sauce!

Big Fish Small Fish Salted Egg Calamari Bonito Flakes

The salted egg calamari ($7.90) was decent, nice but nothing to go crazy about! In fact I was expecting it to be better, there isn’t much of salted egg in the sauce. It’s disappointing to see everywhere selling food with salted egg but lacks quality.

Big Fish Small Fish Punggol

All I can say is Big Fish Small Fish isn’t popular just because it is newly open or because it is a new concept eatery. It is the freshest and quality of fish and chip! Being beside the Punggol park, the environment was also pretty enjoyable, with trees and lakes!

It can be a motivation to get some exercise! 🏃🏃Go for a jog at Punggol park and enjoy the sinful fish and chip at Big Fish Small Fish to replenish your calories!

NOTCHBAD Tip: Go during off-peak hours if possible. expect long waiting time during peak hours(at least 40 mins)!

Sounds like a good plan! Doesn’t it!

Big Fish Small Fish
50 Punggol East, #01-K35, 828826
Open Daily 12 – 10 pm

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